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  1. B&G H5000 Dynamic Boatspeed

    I telephoned B&G and was told the Dynamic Damping is integral in the Hercules & Performance processors. Therefore, it's not something that is On or Off.
  2. B&G H5000 Dynamic Boatspeed

    I can't find mention of Dynamic Boatspeed under any of the setup menus on our system. We have the performance processor so it should be there. Help.
  3. B&G H5000 VMG Targets

    The websocket definitely has two. A polar and and targets.
  4. B&G H5000 VMG Targets

    I uploaded my polar to the H5000 CPU. But how does the H5000's Target VMG websocket table get populated?
  5. TWA or AWA

    For every target TWA there is a corresponding AWA.
  6. TWA or AWA

    When giving targets to our helm, I use AWA and a boatspeed. But I think most people use TWA. Why is TWA better than AWA?
  7. GoPro Stabilization

    I'm on about keeping the horizon level.
  8. GoPro Stabilization

    I'm looking for a GoPro stabilizer that clamps onto the pushpit. Any recommendations?
  9. BSP help

  10. BSP help

    Can anyone cleverer than me tell by this Expedition Stripchart print whether my boatspeed is over reading or under reading? Its the Drift & Set 'wobble' that concerns me.
  11. Tactics book

    I've ordered Stuart's book.
  12. Tactics book

    Can anyone recommend a good tactics book?
  13. H5000 BSP cal percentage

    Whoa, good stuff. Thanks.
  14. H5000 BSP cal percentage

    We've got a Furuno PG700. My Drift figures look about 1 knot too high in fairish, cross tides.
  15. H5000 BSP cal percentage

    Will double-check my heading.