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  1. Tropical Madness


    Talk about banging the design corners. We’ve got a real contender here... if it stays in the air... but shit all that cowling for the aero must weigh a lot.
  2. Tropical Madness

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Has to be fast...
  3. Tropical Madness

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    This is italia... we maka you waita..relax..
  4. Tropical Madness

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

  5. Tropical Madness

    Who goes over first?

    Timmy will send it down the mine first. It's a cycle!
  6. Tropical Madness

    Team NZ

    Goes fast bro. Winner winner chicken dinner
  7. Tropical Madness

    Team NZ

    Does seem ridiculously small for mini maxi size boats...travelling at motorbike speeds
  8. Tropical Madness

    Team NYYC

    Yeah what an average looking boat. At least it goes
  9. Tropical Madness

    Team NZ

    Haha when we see the boats the bullshit will go exponential! All the backyard designers will unite. Can’t wait...
  10. Tropical Madness

    Team NZ

    Its a cultural statement. you have to remember the warrior mentality of NZ. They've hung the best of the previous generation on the wall.. come beat us. They're pretty confident.
  11. Tropical Madness

    TP 52 Deal?

    Great specs... amazed theyre not sold already Dimensions LOA: 52 ft 0 in Beam: 14 ft 4 in Accommodations Number of heads: 1 Aussie boat is better Accommodations Number of heads: 1 Electronics Wind speed and direction Log-speedometer VHF Navigation center Compass GPS Repeater(s) Depthsounder Rigging Steering wheel
  12. Tropical Madness

    Six Or More Santa Cruz 70's For Sale- Is The Class Done?

    400k ... erm unless your LOVE SC70's... there's a lot more value out there, for faster and more competitive boats. I dont disrespect the nostalgia, i sailed on a Farr65 and would again any day... but the maintenance makes baby jesus cry against the overall performance and fun factor.
  13. Tropical Madness

    Team NZ

    guess i am delaying my aug trip to mid Sep lol