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  1. Tropical Madness

    VOR Leg 9 Newport to Cardiff

    This is a massive troll right?
  2. Tropical Madness

    Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    prepare to dive? looks faster here
  3. Tropical Madness

    Olson 30 on FB

    Some good mods some weird mods. Go go down below and drop the jib!...
  4. Tropical Madness

    VOR Man Overboard

    I’ve been washed to the end of my tether in 50kn and 10ft seas. It woke me up for sure. Always sad to lose a sailing brother but ultimately it is he who decides whether to clip on and when. Maybe the systems need to be enhanced/made more purposeful for high risk passages and times.
  5. Tropical Madness


  6. Tropical Madness


    I see no reason why rowing machine type devices couldn’t be used. Power is tranmitted through the hands...
  7. Tropical Madness


    So will an AC68 be as quick as a 50?
  8. Tropical Madness

    The 70th Brisbane to Gladstone race.

    dont think this race record will be broken for some time! Well done shaggy... ideal conditions
  9. Tropical Madness


    " There shall be eleven crew members, unless reduced by accident, who shall all be human beings. "
  10. Tropical Madness

    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

  11. Tropical Madness

    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    now is the time. In 36hrs SHKS will own all... or they wont.
  12. Tropical Madness

    Old One Ton

    Back to OP - this thing should be pretty indestructible! 400nm offshore, no worries - hike bitches!
  13. Tropical Madness

    VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    leaders will stretch away, brunel will be f***ed. There could be more action as they round Cape Reinga... rather close i expect
  14. Tropical Madness

    Foiling the Caribbean 600

    dont see that... 2.5hrs off the record, not bad at all! 7% faster..