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  1. Tropical Madness

    Ben Ainslie

    He’s done well to maintain a top level and competitive team at the pinnacle of our sport. I think hell be back but he should hire NO to drive the boat.
  2. Tropical Madness

    Prada Cup

    They also copied the foil arms, mast and the TV/Umpire mast hanging off the back!
  3. Tropical Madness

    Prada Cup

    LR certainly had plenty of depth in both the main and jib. INEOS was overly flat and clearly short of power. I dont think we seen ETNZ lacking depth in the main...
  4. Tropical Madness

    Prada Cup

    Desperate start... crap timing. Lead for 2 minutes ... which will probably be the deficit in the end
  5. Tropical Madness

    Prada Cup

    1300m and they keep piling it on.
  6. Tropical Madness

    Prada Cup

    This is a hammering. Should be some presentations this afternoon...
  7. Tropical Madness

    Prada Cup

    If they start sat and sun... it’s game over
  8. Tropical Madness

    INEOS TO DO List if they want to start winning

    Well they need to avoid any racing this Friday!!
  9. Tropical Madness

    Prada Cup

    LR beating the shit out of them - 1 to 2kn faster consistently, building after tacks MUCH faster
  10. Tropical Madness

    Prada Cup

    After being the downwind rocketship... INEOS not making a dent in this leg; even lost a few metres
  11. Tropical Madness

    Prada Cup

    FFS again... queue 10,000m lead....
  12. Tropical Madness

    Prada Cup

    Wow down to 7.0kn...
  13. Tropical Madness

    Prada Cup

    Well there isn’t that stronger form line as we’ve seen very different conditions over a handful of race days. but AM were fast but also out of control and the 10 days missed time on a boat that could be damaged beyond what they were able to fix.... is making survival a difficult outcome and they have very little chance of winning either cup they’ve come to claim.
  14. Tropical Madness

    Team NYYC

  15. Tropical Madness

    Prada Cup

    Cripes they look like they're running round on a broken leg. Deano will need a long massagy after today - the wheel was close to vibrating itself to bits if not him!