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  1. Tropical Madness

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Looks good even on its ass
  2. Tropical Madness

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Boys are throwing it around so they can ditch it for B2
  3. Tropical Madness

    INEOS Team GB

    Good coverage of the voyage downunder
  4. Tropical Madness

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    They will pace all the foreigners with their B1... wont pull the trump card until needed!
  5. Tropical Madness

    What features will the winning boat have?

  6. Tropical Madness

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    looks pretty 2nd hand for an unused boat
  7. Tropical Madness

    Team NYYC

    Damn! we were a few degrees off getting a Video of what down the mine looks like.
  8. Tropical Madness

    Most fun on a Laser

    I bought an Aero 6 weeks ago - 3rd sail today (sold the laser recently). What can i say, went a helluva lost faster on a broad reach than ever in the laser - pacing a windsurfer (non foiler). Go buy an Aero people
  9. Tropical Madness

    Team NYYC

    appears to look absolutely nothing like B1.
  10. Tropical Madness

    Team NYYC
  11. Tropical Madness

    American Magic - NYYC

    No VMG, no win.
  12. Tropical Madness

    Team NYYC

    They look quick here... like a drunken footy player though
  13. Tropical Madness

    Team NYYC

    If you ain’t breaking stuff, you ain’t testing enough
  14. Tropical Madness

    Young and Full of Promise

    Damn! looking good. Cant wait to see the launch - how far away you think?
  15. Tropical Madness

    Hope the Melges 15 Holds Resale Better than Melges 14

    i just flipped a 2012 Laser and made a little bit on it. Partly funded the new Aero