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  1. Priscilla

    A big project!

    Eeyore here boys. If sitting on your tuffets watching Leo and the parrot for the next ten years rocks your armchair I wish you all well. Nothing to learn here apart from many years from now he may or may not have a yacht that floats. He in reality is not doing anything unique that has not been seen before. Tally Ho chaps.
  2. Priscilla

    A big project!

    True and agree totally. Why sqaunder your life chasing perfection which in my view is the hardest mistress of all. Leo has a full scale completely fucked model of what Tally Ho was once on his hands and the lofting process I am afraid is just the start of a very lengthy endeavour. I don’t want to rain on his parade but boat building on this scale is the male equivalent of giving birth and it can eat you up pretty quick smart. Was at the slip the other day and came across a yacht that a Australian couple built 700 kilometres from the coast out of steel many moons ago. He and his wife successfully completed the build and they had one hell Tasman crossing before settling in Auckland. As their family grew he decided he needed a larger craft so chose to quarter the yacht and lengthen and widen her. Many decades passed and the marriage failed bitterly. The husband latterly died and the yacht in now very poor condition passed to his son who completed her and now offers charters on the harbour. Not exactly sure that any of that tale applies to Leo but life is far too short to be landlocked with a parrot and a yacht that does not sail.
  3. Priscilla

    AC36 Auckland NZ

  4. Priscilla

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    Just more unnecessary structures/obstacles in the harbour. Here is the joke.
  5. Priscilla

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    Bit of a joke really. Wynyard wharf is plenty long enough to berth the largest of cruise liners as it is.
  6. Priscilla

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Laura’s Guppy was a ketch rigged Gin Fizz. Certainly did the job for her.
  7. Priscilla

    'Poo jogger' exposed......YCMTSU....

    Andrew Douglas Macintosh the national quality manager of Aveo was doing his job brilliantly, poohing on the streets and poohing on their customers.
  8. Priscilla

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    If you got it for a dollar I would still be convinced that you have paid too much for her. Timber yachts have a alluring aura about them especially ones that are pretty to the eye but why take on someones neglected decaying obviously unloved burden. Life is short and there are plenty of yachts out there that are ready to rock and roll.
  9. Priscilla

    Sterling Hayden

    There is a documentary about Sterling called the Pharos of Chaos but I cannot source a link and apparently it is all hash and booze talk although the web the throw this up.
  10. Priscilla

    Anchor chain

    10mm Chain Crosby Connecting Link Made in USA Meets or exceeds the performance requirements of Federal Specifications RRC-27lD, Type II Forged Steel Quenched and Tempered Integral rivets join the two halves. After making connections, rivets must be peened Once fitted they come off using boltcutters or haksaw. You can not take them on and off whenever you like Designed to go through anchor winches, which they do with no problems Made by Crosby Group Made in USA Finish Hot Dip Galv Working Load 1250kg Break Load 5000kg A 10.4mm B 28.7mm C 14.2mm D 14.2mm E 52.5mm F 25.1mm G 11.9mm Not to be used in overhead lifting
  11. Priscilla

    Sterling Hayden

  12. Priscilla

    Japs kill pregnant whales

    Wish I was. IB thanks for clearing up the historical food myth I like many have laboured under a misunderstanding there and considered obstinate whale slaughter just cultural arrogance.
  13. Priscilla

    Aus lifts minimum wage to $18 an hour

    Hah this place is awash with comedians. Try living on $18ph. Here we have been battling to establish a living wage $20ph no joy though apparently the 1% that own everything disagrees with the concept that the slaves are allowed to live sustainably.
  14. Priscilla

    Quitting smoking (almost) 1 year in.

    You are still a slave to a product. Get totally clean and enjoy being so. Believe me there comes a time when you are free from fags or vape and it is simply a fantastic feeling of freedom and health not to mention wealth.
  15. Priscilla


    He is no dullard and at that stage of ones life living the dream is fairy dust.