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  1. AC36 - The Venue

    That’s the race course.
  2. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Juan K interview," Which of the great races Volvo, America’s Cup, Sydney to Hobart, Vendee Globe or any other you can think of is the proving ground for the latest in racing yacht design? Well it used to be the America’s Cup, but clearly it is not anymore. Foiling or flying catamarans or monohulls do not influence the larger world of boat design. They will not trickle down. For sure there is something there that will evolve into the future. There is however another side to this. One should not think this is the only way of yachting. There are plenty of sailors who want to be in contact with the water, who want to relate to the water and the ocean. If you look at the most watched, most in demand videos or even still photographs, they are always about boats off-shore sailing through waves and in touch with a wet environment. The pinnacle of our sport should never be about avoiding the water. So, to the extent that the America’s Cup with its “fly time” clock celebrates the opposite, it limits the overall appeal. The Volvo, when it went to one design, basically killed off any possibility to innovate or improve the engineering. So, basically you’re left with the Vendee Globe. As of now it is the primary place for monohull development. There is no other race that pushes the limits of design like the Vendee." Now that we have invisible Volvo yacht racing , what is next.
  3. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Wow ,what a exciting non spectacle of a race this has turned into. Half the fleet has disappeared with less than 400 miles to the finish. Hope that the AC will include this incredibly innovative feature. Buy a Volvo and Stealth mode comes free. Now you see it now you don’t.
  4. Favorite Era

    95, Mighty Mary girls nearly got up to defend, Cayard and Conner “anyone got any ideas” , Dicko and Tag, NZL 32 , TNZ smashed em bro.
  5. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Don’t fret, pretty soon some tasty young busty lass in a minimal bikini will soon be along with a fifteen part vlog dedicated solely to demystifying electro propulsion installations and maintenance. Yup ,the motor will go in and out endlessly whilst she is filmed from every available angle whilst confined in a tight space.
  6. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Looked at electric as a option when repowering recently for all of about 10 minutes. Oceanvolt for 35ft 22000 plus 6kw generator 12000. Loved this , “as long as you have fuel for the generator you have range”
  7. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Christ that electric motor has been in and out of the boat that many times they could have rebuilt the existing diesel and spent the time and money saved to actually go sailing.
  8. AC36 - The Venue

    Whoops https://nzinitiative.org.nz/reports-and-media/media/media-release-hosting-americas-cup-barely-worth-it-new-figures-show/
  9. AC36 - The Venue

    Surely the most prudent way to control the amount of money the public will have to stump up with is to simply bring forward the challenger notice of intent to compete time frame and adjust the required infrastructure to suit the exact known amount of contenders. ETNZ have gone about the whole process backwards and still refuse to commit to Auckland lock stock and barrell so how in the hell did they expect the public to react to the starry eyed Halsley vision and the hosting fee demands. I now understand why Tindal and Shoobridge rolled over at the council hearing. The hosting fee according to Goff was a latter inclusion to negotiations. Farmer is bringing a pragmatic and rational view to this ever growing fiasco. Stop Stealing the Harbour are correct in highlighting the flaws in the design being mooted which effectively locks out and blocks the public harbour views from the viaduct.
  10. caption contest

    The perils of having a offset companionway.
  11. Team NYYC

    How long.
  12. So you have finally purchased a cock and it’s a golden one . Did it come with instructions.
  13. Hey Clean , your sailing alone with a crew of women Try attempting a female rendition of the scrotum rash cream application . Women have more class and the dickhead bloke walked the plank for one reason . This is not about a sense of humour gone awry take a look at the female crew members reaction to the dickhead. Leave your personal opinions about Dawn out of it. Maybe you need to give Weinstein a call and get his therapists contact details. Go with Witt and you may receive a discount.
  14. Coolboats to admire

    Add me to the list as well, what a little cutie, Humdinger looks like a joy to sail. http://biekerboats.com/project/trinado/ http://smalltrimarans.com/blog/trinado-trimaran-molds-for-sale/
  15. AC36 - The Venue

    Russell Green says all up ETNZ Bermuda costs washed out at $78 mil. That sum included the buy in costs to come and play. Dalts publically barfs on about cost reduction but as Big Den and Farmer point out that this next cycle is going to be exhaustively costly for any potential participants. From my perspective if the "hosting fee" was being solely allotted to defraying ETNZ costs incurred to defend then that is a dead rat we will have to swallow. However I am never going to accept that the main players within the ETNZ organization are the recipients of some sort of massive public donation. Lets clear the decks and seek some clarity from ETNZ as to exactly what is the destination of the hosting fee. This whole matter has deglossed the event in my view and requires a large dose of public sunshine before we commit to further expenditure.