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  1. He's Flat Broke... Odd that building a 65'x32' catamaran for ocean crossings would cost a lot.
  2. I tried skimming the thread for this, but did the esteemed naval architect Hot Rod mention why he is selling this floating pig house rather than trying to get to Hawaii and dying in the process?
  3. I thought the rig was "sailboat rig".
  4. A real shame. I just saw this post on cruisersforum, some guy is giving away frames (for free) for a 60' catamaran. With the amount of time and energy "hot rod" and "viking" put into their FrankenBoat, they could have done it the right way and ended up with a well-enough vessel. Instead there's a floating pig house just waiting to get busted up when wave action cycles it.
  5. - When are you taking your 'boat' out of the bay? - Why do you have a motorcycle on the back?
  6. A big plus one to that. This boat is some crazy shit, but Mr. Rod has by his project's success thus far mandated that a signicant cohort of SA prognosticators dine on corvus brachyrhynchos. Romain The guy has managed to do what exactly, launch a floating platform, push it around, and keep it from sinking? He's expecting this thing to go offshore, or survive offshore.