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  1. That Team Scallywag are upgrading to Comanche. I'm not 100% convinced as the current Scallywag is in the shed prepping for a new keel. So why spend that money right before Hobart and then ditch the boat immediately afterwards? While spending money on the VOR at the same time? Further rumours I've heard are that Team Scallywag are actually looking to add a 60-70' trimaran to their fleet, which given that Phaedo has gone to another well known Asia Pacific owner makes more sense. They'd then at least have Phaedo and the Orma 60 in New Zealand to play with.
  2. I'm thinking this may be the best way to get to Southport next year... http://www.graysonline.com/lot/0001-2512032/motor-vehiclesmotor-cycles/gmx-hammer-150cc-dune-buggy-auto-orange?spr=true Along the beaches, camping, fire and few beers each night. Rest and repeat.
  3. Nope... I was a last minute scratching so I also picked a great one to sit out... :-)
  4. Blocker is retiring from ocean sailing, so Seb is now the sole owner of the 46 (which means he can change the name). "Handsome guys with big dicks" was suggested as the new name, but at least half our roster is female - and they're bloody good sailors. Smuggler was Seb's band from his younger days, and they happened to have a really cool logo. So there's now a Smuggler on the topsides. And on the transom. Down below in the nav station. On the inside of the coach roof. And the dock box... Sammy has basically spent next year's sail budget on new graphics!
  5. 41 all the way. It's one of my favourite boats. Nice interior. Good in a sea way, reasonably well mannered and a hoot down wind with the masthead chutes. Just check rudder bearings - the early models had some issues with install/alignment. LB has way more time in class than I do though. The 38... is one of my least favourite boats. Especially the condensation down below on long races.
  6. Yeah, our navigator on Smuggler is already making excuses by talking down the forecast....
  7. Maybe Poodle has traded in the keel on the world's best Sydney 36?
  8. Have much experience with that in your family, do you?
  9. 1.8m draft and 1.7 tonnes.... something 40' ish ? or Sydney 38 ish?
  10. Just add new keel? http://www.graysonline.com/lot/0095-3013728/boats-marine-and-aircraft/b-boat-keel-b?spr=true
  11. What's going on? The race is 2 weeks away, and there's been no smack talk? No wild bets? No... anything? At less than 60 boats it's not a huge fleet, but two supermaxis, a pair of Volvo 70's and 8 TP52's should have generated something by now.... If it helps - PIL, I bet 1x (1 only) 65+ year old Gold Coast cougar that Smuggler (Rodgers 46) is going to smash Maserati (Volvo 70). Not across the line. Maybe not even on handicap. Possibly into you on the start line. Either way... I'll owe you a "lady" with enough plastic in her body to build some shiny new fairings for your motorcycle.
  12. Has there been any update on the old Farr 65 "Infinity 3" ? IIRC she moved to Melbourne to be converted into a cruising boat about 6 months ago, but in that burnished gold surely she's hard to hide?
  13. After the latest weather up there is she still in the paddock? In one piece?
  14. When her Adelaide owner sold her the new owners in QLD did the cruising conversion. Some of her history is mentioned in the Aussie Pocket Maxi thread, but the owners in QLD did a bit of a story on the conversion. http://hopinaround.blogspot.com.au/
  15. I'd never normally put "B2G" and "lost souls" together... my memories of the race have been wet and fast (like Gladstone girls), but never life threatening (unlike Gladstone girls).