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  1. Jason AUS

    Australian Sailing

    If you google the story you still hit a paywall, but you can read the text behind the subscription invitation. The crux of the story is the decline in the number of actual multi sport coaches at the AIS from 20 to almost zero, and the subsequent increase in the number of bureaucrats and “consultants,” along with the AIS paying $2 million a year for office space in acknowledged sporting locations - like in the heart of Melbourne CBD? Apparently Ian “Fresh” Burns as Deputy Director of something Technical is rarely in Canberra as he commutes from San Fransisco to Sydney... and Peter Conde is actually a resident of Queensland, but has a Canberra rental paid out of his $426,000 salary. So the AIS travel budget is said to be substantial, as only 2 of the top 6 execs are Canberra based.
  2. Jason AUS

    Showtime capsize on return trip

  3. Jason AUS

    Australian Sailing

    That’s a name from the vaults.... what’s next? The return of Jacko?
  4. Jason AUS

    Australian Sailing

    I like red wine, walks on the beach and foreign films...
  5. Jason AUS

    Australian Sailing

    I think my favourite bit is “the remaining $600,000 was conditional on the sport hitting performance targets, which it missed.” So the person responsible for the creation of pathways towards those performance targets leaves... and then gets to penalise the organisation when the targets aren’t met?
  6. Jason AUS

    TP52 - Nat J For Sale

    What’s long, hard and has cum in it? A cuCUMber.
  7. Jason AUS

    TP52 - Nat J For Sale

    Cum... in? A dash of Orange juice is what I’d normally add to the egg and cinnamon. Just for a hint of citrus.
  8. Jason AUS

    TP52 - Nat J For Sale

    Respectfully, getting a blowjob is a joy. Heaving to in a long keel sloop is... making the best of a bad situation? Even if both of these things can involve beer and French toast. Do you put cinnamon in the egg wash?
  9. Jason AUS

    Australian Sailing

    https://www.smh.com.au/sport/sailing-boss-hits-out-over-pulled-600-000-as-olympic-funding-divides-sports-20181129-p50j6j.html Apologies if this was posted previously, but clearly AS has a funding shortfall to make up. But how? However can we make that shortfall up?
  10. Jason AUS

    Australian Sailing

    I’m buying you a beer... well said, that man.
  11. Jason AUS

    Australian Sailing

    So next year when I want to take my six year old on a twilight race to introduce her to the sport I love... she’ll need to be a club member? And when I travel to other Freo and SA members kindly offer to take myself and the missus for an afternoon race on the river (where is Poodle?) then my wife also has to have club membership? That’s officially fucked.
  12. Jason AUS

    Decent sci-fi or fantasy novels

    Beyond Lies the Wub...
  13. Jason AUS

    Rap/Hip Hop

    Scroll down to this gif while playing “I’m farming and I grow it.” It’s spooky how well that fits....
  14. Jason AUS

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    What’s the replacement going to be? Are there any Cookson’s left between the 12 and the 50? Julian does seem to have a “type.”
  15. Jason AUS

    Australian Sailing

    What happened?