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  1. Dacron

    My Song fell off a cargo?!

    AIS shows the Paris tug entering Palma now. Already inside the main breakwater?
  2. Whats going on with that genoa foot? Looks like a lot of unsupported foot round, but for the rigidity of the reinforcement patches. Why not just lower the clew a little?
  3. Dacron

    Bowsprit Retro-fit (in-hull)

    GMT Composites (advertiser on this site) say that they make thru-hull sprit kits. http://www.gmtcomposites.com/files/Asymmetric-Sprits Brochure.pdf
  4. Dacron

    Yeah he did it

    All the VOR boats used two mains this time around. Brunel retired their first mainsail after the HK stopover, and most of the others in Itajai.
  5. I have a broken TH43 speed paddlewheel sensor. Its shorting and blowing the fuse for the server. Fault is isolated to this one sensor. It doesn't appear to be serviceable, so looking to just replace it and it seems the Garmin GST 43 is the exact same part. Can this community confirm that its an identical swap out? I don't suppose any vendors the CT/NY Tristate area has one in stock, do they? Several online vendors - none appear to be local to me. PM me if you know different!
  6. Dacron

    How does IRC treat leech length?

    I fail to see how that is possible. Simple geometry.
  7. Dacron

    How does IRC treat leech length?

    If LP is the same but luff and leech are longer, then you have a taller higher aspect sail - and almost certainly a bigger sail too unless there is some wierd leech hollows or something. Bottom line yes, i expect IRC will penalize that. I think most rules would.
  8. Lewmar opening portlight seals need to be replaced. The seal has a “P” shaped edge that pushes into a slot in the aluminum frame and the new rubber seal locks snugly in place. Except from the factory they inject the slot with silicone sealant which is almost impossible to remove from the oh-so-tiny groove. I have tried various methods to remove the old silicone, none of which have worked very well. Does anyone have a trick or a chemical that will help (without destroying the aluminium)?
  9. Dacron

    VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    In the daily show today Abby announces Brunel are going south in stealth mode after the afterguard had a long discussion about the merits of a northerly and southerly route... south was less risk. They hope to make a break and that no-one will go with them. Why is she telling us this? Surely there are ways for this to get to the other boats and largely negate the benefit of going stealthy?
  10. Dacron

    Spinnaker cloth Airx v Superkote

    Yes. Here's another reference. Says broadly but not exactly the same thing. http://www.uksailmakers.com/sails-overview-racing-spinnakers/s2-racing-spinnakers/ But remember, these design ideals assume you have all the sails to choose from. If the boat(s) in question don't have a S1 or S1.5 - and very few do have those sails - then the working range for the S2 has to come down to zero since there is no lighter sail to put up. If we accept a diet of 3 chutes then an Olsen 29 inventory should be a lt/med VMG runner made of half oz, an s3 reacher made of 3/4 oz, and an s4/chicken chute made of something bulletproof. Either way. I am 100% with A2A - A600 or Sk60 is the right stuff for the OP's sail. Whatever we choose to call it.
  11. Dacron

    Spinnaker cloth Airx v Superkote

    An S2 is a light running sym spinnaker. Traditionally thats 1/2oz territory. A500 is half oz cloth. A heavy runner would be an S4 and thats traditionally 3/4oz territory. A700 is a robust example of this style. If you or the OP are going to use this for medium breeze reaching then you need to ask for an S3 or some sort of hybrid because you are right - reaching loads will be much higher than running loads. An S3 is a medium AP/reaching chute. An S3 will be a flatter shape and made of one step heavier cloth than an S2 probably. But A700 is a full on 3/4oz cloth. It would be used for a heavy running chute (S4) on 35-40footers weighing 3-4times what this olsen weighs. There are two weights between A500 and A700 - A600 and A650. A650 was explicitly designed to meet the minimum specified by some OD classes as their only or heavy chute minimum... so as a light-med chute on a fairly small light sporty keelboat even A650 would be overkill for an S2 imho. And A700 is heavier still. Its an inappropriate recommendation. As for what difference it will make - It'll be heavy, it won't float or fill quite as easily, thats all. It'll hurt badly in 10kts breeze when you turn downwind and only have 5 apparent.
  12. Dacron

    Spinnaker cloth Airx v Superkote

    Airx700 is way too heavy for an S2 on your boat. Whoever recommended this is inept. Airx500 is a good recommendation. Its a proper 1/2oz cloth. I wouldn't suggest any lighter, and I could see a sailmaker suggesting Airx600 legitimately too as it'll have a bit more range and probably an extra year or two of usable life compared to a 500 sail other things being equal. But 600 is a wee bit heavier. That depends on what you want and what you asked for. SK60 is closest to Airx600. There is a SuperLite50 in the same range which is used for S2 chutes on much bigger boats than yours... Summary: SL50 & Airx500 are basically equivalent. As are SK60 and Airx600. Superlite/kote is probably $150 more in materials cost relative to Airx, and worth it imho. If you like the rest of their proposal, I'd go with the SK60 suggestion as a very good medium s2 proposal.
  13. Dacron

    Pettit Vivid removal options

    Wet sand. Its not a hard paint at all but it gums up dry paper.
  14. Dacron

    phrf handicap J105

    The rating might end up the same... but it should definitely be declared. If the boat is using that sail and sailing under an ODR rating then it’s out of compliance. The other boat should use the J/105 non-ODR rating and request/declare adjustments to match the sail configuration it uses when racing PHRF.
  15. Dacron

    ORR in Long Island

    So of those boats who used to race under IRC but are no more (hopefully a reasonable description of "dead"), what rule are the boats/owners racing under this year? Give us some examples. And if there was a way to get them back to a common rule, and attract interest from the next group down - the 32-40footers - which rule do you think would best achieve that?