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  1. Surely wind shear affects us all reasonably equally - its not going to single LR out for extra-special-uber-shear. Sure, it varies like puffs and current eddies vary a little across the course but the numbers quoted are pretty large and were presumably repeatable to be worthy of the posting. Those saying this is all shear, please explain (a) why the boat wasn't obviously pinched on one tack and fat on the other (the telltale observations); and (b) why the other boats weren't equally affected. Or, LionessRacing, was it not relative to other boats, but only relative to sailing norms (AWA, windex, polars etc)?
  2. AYC sent a participant survey out to owners today. A nice touch and encouraging for the future.
  3. Its not free. It was paid for as part of the entry "package" - unwritten but come to be traditional. As a paying entrant, it was a nice touch... Did you pay an entry or are you an AYC member/volunteer?
  4. You keep making reference to this perceived disparity between you and the 36.7s in particular. So yeah - here we go: You're not dinged 3s/m for no apparent reason. To the contrary: The YRALIS base rating (69) is more favorable than either the PHRF-NE or ECSA rating (66), but both the latter bodies give you positive adjustments for no apparent reason: PHRF-NE +6 for a prop (what's not standard about a saildrive and a feathering prop on the C30-2?) and ECSA +7 for a jib size that is <110% LP even though the boat was never designed for a larger overlapper. Perhaps you'd care to defend these bizarre adjustments in PHRF NE and ECSA since you're happy to complain about the rather more transparent and logical YRALIS rating which says your boats a pretty normal C30-2. It is, isn't it? And the 36.7s aren't +6 or +9 s/m slower than the ones you race against in Mass Bay either. Agora seems to be the only one in your home district and it rates 75 because its base rating (78) is adjusted down -3 for an oversized spinnaker. YRALIS based 36.7s also have a 78 base rating for distance racing and an 81 base rating for W/L. So at BIRW - which will use the W/L rating I expect - they'll be a whole 3s/m slower than they would be in PHRF-NE when you factor in the standard (smaller) OD sized spinnakers that they all use. So of the 9 - 12s/m you claim, its actually 3, and thats including me just turning a blind eye to the whole prop +6 nonsense.
  5. There's another problem with ORC though... breaking below 40ft. I'd be tempted into ORC (as I would IRC) but around here I'd be by far the smallest slowest boat on the course which means that (a) no matter how well we start and sail we're gonna be eating dirty air for at least the for half of the first beat which makes it real hard to be competitive, and ( no-one else in the fleet is gonna thank us for being there waiting around while we slow the whole proceeding down... I commend Ryley... looks like he's gone for it at BIRW. Not sure how well he's gonna fair in that crowd though. But its an admirable attempt to kick start a move for smaller boat participation in that division. If a few more 30-36 footers would step up I'd try to persuade our fleet to leave PHRF and move into ORC.
  6. you forgotte kegg beere ist allwayes foamey And warmAnd empty Gee, thanks for complaining so loudly. The OA decided to forgo the keg altogether now bu the looks of things. On Sat we thought that might have been done to not compete with the Leukemia Cup promotional event, but then it was missing again on Sunday. What the...? Not sure how thats going to help participation? American YC - if you're reading this - bring back the Keg! Some of us aren't so unappreciative. Good job on RC this weekend too.
  7. Gull, It was protested and changed after event but only changed the results of races 1 and 5 so they probably didn't bother changing the scoring system It was an honest mistake by the owners who were told by sailmaker material didn't matter. So they sailed with smaller jibs and still kicked ass. They have been successful with that boat under every rating system around NE the past 5 summers CTD, are you saying their rating was changed just for BBR? Because their cert for 2016 stayed at 78, and they had 2 spins declared on that one as well. To your other point, they're good sailors, they run a multi-boat program, and 6 seconds isn't going to change much for them. That said, either PHRF-NE is gonna follow their bylaws or they won't. half the fun is guessing which and when Honest mistake? I struggle to buy that. Its a lame excuse. To sign the cert, and the owner clearly applied for and signed off on the cert when the clarifying language is right there next to the box to check for the adjustment. Trust a sailmaker? Well i guess that sailmaker is an idiot then - logos clearly visible in the pics - i hope they got a roasting from the owner. But anyone racing - and certainly the boats winning - have zero excuses for not being compliant. Changing the results/scoring afterwards is hardly the point - if they know they weren't compliant with their rating then the sporting thing to do is retire and make 100% certain that they are legal next time they show up to race. And it sounds like their rating didn't change and there is still some question over the number of spinnakers they have onboard. Is that several honest mistakes or an owner (who it sounds like is good enough to win without this nonsense) trying the game the system? You decide.
  8. BSI. Bsidk.com
  9. 800lbs total shared across 6 strands. The blocks need > 800lbs SWL but the rope isn't operating anywhere near its working load limit. I'm unfamiliar with Alpha and MLX, but VPC is probably too "stiff" for this application - there are better choices certainly. Endurabraid is lovely stuff but your paying 5x more for tech that you don't need in this application. I hear your nervousness around the single braids but they do twist/hockle less. I'd seriously consider rooster rope or Fse dinghy sheet for this... very good no-kink attributes, nice enough hand, run smooth, dirt cheap, plenty strong enough for this.
  10. Are they the same as 36.7 cockpit boxes? I've a set of those you can have if they are... pm me for a pic/dimensions conversation.
  11. google trans from http://lequipedarnaud.fr/probleme-de-grand-voile-a-bord-de-la-mie-caline-qui-continue-sa-route/ Track damage letting the balls escape?
  12. Not THE broken foil. But a broken foil. The 2nd gen foil? Anyway, give you an idea of what he's dealing with. http://www.modernwoodenboat.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/alex-thompson-broken-foil.jpg
  13. HB goes a lot faster cracked off a bit. Speed is the name of the game. And besides, going uphill is a real drag. Combination of best VMG and banking some lead to cover the competition. This. Good fleet race move. Bank your gains, put yourself between the fleet and the next mark...
  14. in europe i see chandlery's stocked with things called "carbon rivets". What alloy are they so that i can order them in the US? Is lanocote/duralac still the best insulator or is that different with carbon too? This is for use in a non-load bearing application on a forespar carbon spin pole. Thanks!
  15. Boatspeed, Heading, AWA, TWS, TWD + an analogue-style wind-direction graphic. We sometimes put VMG up as well... inshore. Offshore, the above plus COG/BTW in place of AWA unless beating or running on polars in which case we swap back to the inshore setup.