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  1. Hmm, the only 780 in my compound I don't know the owner of must be the Elliott? Is that your boat? From memory it looks like a fixed canting prod? With jumpers on the mast for mast head kites? Yea this guy isn't keen on going retractable because he doesn't want it in the way of weekending, fair enough..... So it will be on deck for sure. $600 for the prod seems ok to me, especially compared to what new sails for it would cost.
  2. My boat, the same length, has a 3.4m (3.8m overall tube) retractable prod. I have always thought the bigger the better, within reason, 3.4m being about the end of reason on a boat this size. I'm not sure that would even be an option with a deck mounted unit, as I hear people saying 50/50 length on deck/out the front. I'd say 2m would be about the limit? The fellow I know wants to go with a bob stay. He also is trying to figure out tube size and wall thickness. Would you go deck mounted of retractable in hull mick?
  3. Don't mean to hijack your thread Mick, but I have a y780 question and I see you have the experts here... Will also help to keep your thread going.... A friend has one here in NZ, he tells me it has a longer cabin and 2" more freeboard than 'normal' - what ever that might be... Maybe it's a mark 1? Any way, he wants to add an on deck prod and gennaker, any suggestions on prod length and kite size? He is thinking 1.5m prod, and I hope mast head. What do you all run? Or what would you if you had the choice now?
  4. I agree with Tokyo trash, I have a 3.8m 95mmOD tube that tapers to 94mm at the front. It runs through a tube rather than two bearings. It requires no lube. I'd like to put a bungee on it to make brining it in more auto when the pole out is released, but I'm afraid it wil get so much speed up it will injure the crew (it sticks right through into the cockpit over half a meter when right in - right at shin height). Why do you want lube? Wizards don't need lube to get their arm in their sleeve
  5. Hmmmm...... Nope.... Few incorrect assumptions there as I see it - ever seen a log float, might weigh a tone, still floats. And for home work, go down to the water, pick up a good size rock, walk into the water, hold the rock under water, see how the rock feels lighter? Yes it still wants to sink, but holding it up does not require the rocks full weight in lift. Think about that and get back to us. I like the idea, have flipped my sport boat over before, it filled with water but didn't sink. Made of cedar strip, bugger all lead, and had a small pocket of air trapped inside. Id like to make the air more reliably trapped. Thinking optimist air bags permanently inflated - there is plenty of empty space under the cockpit and in the bow. Always thought self inflating makes sense for a bigger boat though. Are the bags mounted inside boxes in that diagram? Could they then be permanently inflated? Would have to think about where to put them, no good if they are in the way during repair.
  6. The can is down about 2/3 of the 1.25 kg kit. It's called HPR25. Some of what was used was wiped off during coving and clean up of course. From memory it came as black or white, standard or anti sag (thicker), I went with anti sag because it seemed the better option for the application. You can mix in glue powder to thicken the standard stuff if required.
  7. Yip, tube. They could send tube, or tube with slot cut. I got tube. Cutting a straight slot required a clever plan - especially around the spreaders where the tool wouldn't fit straight past, but it was decided by the crew member who did the job (boat builder) that would be easier than getting the pre cut slot on straight. In hind sight, in my opinion, there wouldn't have been much in it. Was much cheaper to by without the slot so I was happy. To cut the slot we clamped a piece of wood to either side of the blade on the bottom of a skill saw as a guide, pulled the blade in to the right depth and away we went.
  8. Interesting thread. I just did the track on my sporty in nz, carbon mast. The old track was stuffed. Cut/ ground it off with a grinder. Got advise from C-tech, who would have to be considered experts by any standard. They sold me fibreglass tube, they don't use carbon tube as it splits / delaminates, from memory they don't use plastic track unless for dinghies, maybe small trailer boats? Can't remember, was certainly not an option from me- 7.5m boat. They put me on to another company (adhesive technologies?) who they get their glue off, they sold me a rubber toughened epoxy to attach it with, no rivets. Still have the tin if anyone wants more details. As for the rivets, I thought Monel rivets can have different shaft materials, which must be important if the ball is staying in there?
  9. The one in Picton NZ came from Aus about 6 months ago. It was named Stomp when it arrived but is now Titanium. Silver/grey hull. Has only sailed under a tiny delivery main and I think nothing bigger than a num 3 and occasionally a fractional geny so far, but damn you can see potential when it's going in a straight line up wind.