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  1. Well, there might be some amusement in the fact that fitting the templates to well is probably a sign of cheating...
  2. lasers cost alot less
  3. I can't seem to find a template in the rules for a definition of a "legal" j/70 keel?
  4. Asking for proof of the nonsense BS posted is now bullying. Perhaps you should go read the threads BS was in/created at boatdesign.net. See how well he reacted when asked for proof for his claims. Or is that all BP's fault as well?
  5. Brent, is that you?
  6. Err, yeah. How about we go to Steve's (BS boat "Silas Crosby") blog? http://silascrosby.com/sail/?p=1332 (for sale) http://silascrosby.com/sail/?p=1340 (sold) http://silascrosby.com/sail/?p=1346 (bought a F27 trimaran) You do realize the whole "Steve sold his BS boat and bought a trimaran" wasn't brought up by BS, right?
  7. Yes LB, the story of the guy who sold his BS boat to buy a trimaran really didn't come up several times in this or one of the other BS threads in CA.
  8. FKT - How many years of island living did it take before you started counting yourself as a native? Or, put another way, how many years was it before the "native" locals stopped considering you a "mainland blow-in"?
  9. Well, Brent has shown some confusion about geography lately.
  10. Maybe you missed the question before, Brent. Were there plans for the Pipedream 37 in ferrocement, or was your hull built to the plans intended for wood? Was your rig actually built using materials called for in the plans? Were your sails actually intended for that design, or were you using whatever stretched out sails you could find? Where in New York is the Davidson Lab? The one I've heard about is at Stevens, which is in Hoboken... Which isn't in New York
  11. Yeah, saving that $2 and 30 minutes of time by not at least making a straightish line for your bottom paint really screams "I care about my boat"
  12. The best line in that interview is that it took 2 years 4 months to build. That sounds alot longer then what Brent claims.
  13. Brent? Are you talking about the town Valdivia in Chile? Which is on a river? A few miles inland from the coast? Oh, was that the "gale" in the video?
  14. From ybw.com: " Race participants have said they were facing 15-metre waves and 60-knot winds as a result of the area of low depression, which hit some of the OSTAR and TWOSTAR fleet in the early hours of yesterday (6 June). " Everyday conditions for your cruising, right Brent?
  15. "proven"? Show your math. Try to do it without mentioning the tensile strength of steel. Try to do it without anecdotes about gale survival or the amount of things you can (maybe) run into.