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  1. bpm57

    Florida Gun Ban Proposed

    Must be the fault of those terrorists at the NRA. And they say people never go to the mall anymore - look at that after hours sale!
  2. Go team (D)? I thought party line votes were bad? Or are they ok when (D) are in the majority?
  3. bpm57

    New York AG sues to dissolve the NRA

    "These terrorists at the NRA did all these criminal things, so we will charge them with civil crimes, instead of criminal ones"
  4. bpm57

    New York AG sues to dissolve the NRA

    When most people claim to of "posted the info above", they would mean an actual link to the NY statute, not a paper by the Urban Institute.
  5. Oh look, r'iblet comes along right on schedule to protect its good friend, racist Joe. Imagine. Since you are so concerned about him, r'iblet, why don't you help him offline with his reading comprehension?
  6. bpm57

    Florida Gun Ban Proposed

    Since you are the expert, Joe, why don't you tell us the requirements for attending a "Friends of the NRA" dinner?
  7. All these years in the US, yet understanding written English is still beyond you.
  8. bpm57

    New York AG sues to dissolve the NRA

    I guess you missed her political campaign for the office of AG. It is funny to watch the lefty echo chamber act outraged when your blackshirt group is referred to as "terrorists", yet you don't seem to have any issue with the same term when it comes from a (D) candidate. And by "coincidence" (totally not arranged I'm sure), the DC DA announces his case against the NRA Foundation. Imagine that...
  9. bpm57

    Really? Biden????

    When did the (D) party ever care about racism? It isn't like these are the first.... three or so examples of Joe having a "flub". The party showed such "concern" over his clean and articulate comment that they made him VP. Imagine.
  10. bpm57

    Really? Biden????

    Umm, yeah. Or did you miss CNN covering for Biden again? That was then, now we have Joe saying this: "No, I haven't taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test? C'mon man. That's like saying you, before you got in this program, if you take a test where you're taking cocaine or not, what do you think huh? Are you a junkie?" Now we have CNN's take on it: More of that "neutral" press in action. "clarifies".. Or maybe Joe just forgot about the tests.
  11. bpm57

    Really? Biden????

    I guess we will just have to rely on all the other major networks to never show or mention the "flubs". You do know that there are other channels that will never say anything bad about Biden, right?
  12. To difficult to look it up yourself?
  13. The echo chamber in here seems to feel that there is no barrier, that the judicial branch can act as the executive whenever they feel like it. Imagine.
  14. bpm57

    Mail in ballots, a test case.

    Is requesting a ballot the same thing as the state sending you, your dead neighbor, and a friend's dog a ballot for the primary? - as happened in NJ. "you", in this case doesn't have a registered party affiliation - so should not of received a ballot. "dead neighbor" has been dead for 10+ years now, and an unrelated person now owns the house. "friend's dog" has 4 legs and can't even sign it's name - so how did it get a party affiliation? Or become a registered voter? Or are you just following the (D) talking points, which is to pretend that sending everyone a ballot is the same as having the voter actually request one?
  15. Looks like your answer right there..