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  1. bpm57

    Who will Kamala Harris nominate as VP

    If a (D) is involved, it is "obvious russian propaganda". If it is an (R), the propaganda that is bought from russians by (D) operatives is always the whole truth. Imagine.
  2. bpm57

    Kelo v. City of New London,

    I thought "progressive" sorts were supposed to be understanding of other peoples views? Oh, who am I kidding - lefty "open mindedness" only applies to those who agree with them. Just look at the way minorities get treated if they dare to leave the (D) party.
  3. bpm57

    Kelo v. City of New London,

    You might try reading about Kelo on your own, rather then just relying on someone else to give you their take.
  4. bpm57

    Something is Wrong Around the Courts

    Aww, R'iblet comes running along on cue to answer for Joe. I guess Joe is unable to answer for himself these days, since PJ Charles hasn't given him any material to cut and paste. But do give us your theory on how a group that was founded as a "progressive" answer to the federalist society is not worthy of the same scrutiny? I'm not expecting you to answer, since that might require some thought, and you don't get paid for that.
  5. bpm57

    Something is Wrong Around the Courts

    Do you feel the same way about the American Constitution Society , Joe? Well, I can where a random aussie would think so. I guess I underestimated the ability of the echo chamber to swallow anything presented by anyone with a (D) after their name.
  6. Well, we all know how much the "neutral" press and other (D) worshipers care about anything Biden has done or said over his career.
  7. bpm57

    Mail in ballots, a test case.

    I guess I was imagining things when reading electronic ballot security discussions 20 years ago. But, yeah, I know, _everything_ is the fault of an (R).
  8. How cute, the "professor" getting his wrist slapped is enough to send him completely off the rails.
  9. Oh dear, now you care about topic drift caused by your ilk endlessly saying "wHy DoN't We TrEaT gUnS lIkE cArS????" Followed by your ilk ignoring many things about cars that are inconvenient to the argument. https://www.punkinchunkin.com/ Better get VPC and Giffords on the case. So you found out that the rules apply to everyone in GA, not just those that agree with the right person? You poor guy. Must of been a major shock to you.
  10. The echo chamber really doesn't like it when you use their words to suggest bans of anything else. I'm still waiting for them to list all those available in the US cars that were banned. The best they could do was finally read the car import rules, but that was not what they were claiming when the topic first came up.
  11. Are you confused again, Joe? You asked me to supply information that does not exist for any state in the UCR, while doing your normal whine about Florida. The FDLE has their information here: http://www.fdle.state.fl.us/FSAC/Documents/PDF/1971_fwd_murder_firearms.aspx It has only been given to you 20+ times by now. And just like the UCR, they don't have "AW" as a category. Will you follow up with your normal unsupported insinuation that the data Florida supplies at that link is a lie? But feel free to take Koper's work as a bible, Joe. After all, he has a PhD, and I'm sure it was peer reviewed. Those seem to be your only requirements, except in the case of P Charles.
  12. How about you show us UCR figures for AWs, Joe. I've given a link to the UCR for 2019, please show us all where to find the data you claim exists in it. Particularly rich coming from you, Joe.
  13. Pity that the data doesn't seem to back up his editorial content. Oh well, guess we will just have to cry PHD!!!!!1 or PEER REVIEWED!!!1 more.
  14. I guess we all saw it here first, the "professor" feels that the endless carnage on the road is completely unavoidable. Instead of "reasonable" restrictions, we should just do nothing.
  15. I guess a paper where the author quotes his own papers 7 times, along with VPC, giffords, etc is a better source then the UCR. The same UCR he consulted in 2015 for a paper published in late 2017. Guess they didn't have time to get more current info. But good job living up to your normal standards, Joe. When faced with raw data instead of editorial content, you ignore the data and run to your "it was peer reviewed" comfort zone.