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  1. bpm57

    PA lefties...line up

    Did you really expect otherwise?
  2. bpm57


    If you want to start a thread about that, Joe, feel free to. You will note, however that: 1) This thread isn't about that. and 2) There is already a thread about your racist commentary.
  3. bpm57

    What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    And once again we see your focus is only on ~50% of suicides. Guess the others are not worth addressing...
  4. bpm57

    Paris is Burning!

    Was I talking to you, Jiblet? Be quiet for once and let BL answer messages on his own.
  5. bpm57

    Paris is Burning!

    I can't seem to find this complaint from you referring to the previous administration. Everything about ambassadors is only a problem during (R) administrations, I guess. As far as the current US ambassador to France goes specifically, I'm pretty sure her degree in French from Georgetown would of been pretty awkward is she didn't speak the language.
  6. bpm57

    Congressional Misconduct Database

    It is just coincidence that threads in here about elected officials behaving badly star an (R). Does he resign if the MN gov is (R) instead of (DFL)?
  7. bpm57

    The debate over assault weapons

    It is part 2 of a rather famous book, Joe. Have you really never heard of it? Google can help with that. Do you think Dr. Slutkin gives away cigarettes in his method?
  8. bpm57

    The debate over assault weapons

    Try google, Joe. You might learn something. I'm sure you saw the "?" on my response.
  9. bpm57


    I guess in those 10+ years the 3 branches of gov't have changed.
  10. bpm57

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    Show us the data for "15% each, two years in a row", Joe. The CDC website I have mentioned before even includes graphing tools, so you can visualize why going back 8 years was chosen.
  11. bpm57

    The debate over assault weapons

    The Ludovico Technique?
  12. bpm57

    The debate over assault weapons

    You might want to look into getting some help, Joe. You seem to be unable to distinguish between paper or clay and a person.
  13. bpm57

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    As opposed to leftwing shitposters that you cheer on. Go figure. Are you willing to suspend the BoR to accomplish your gun free utopia, jiblet? None of the other controllers seem to be willing to take that step.
  14. bpm57


    That is your answer to "nobody's forcing anything"? Its almost like National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius never happened in your world. Or you have some unique definition of "forced".
  15. bpm57