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  1. Dusty Pages - Icehouse Whip it good - Devo Ghost of time (Burn you black) - Icehouse What a night - Elvis Do you really want to hurt me - Culture Club ) just because it would be so obscure. Relax - Frankie goes to Hollywood
  2. The subject of inappropriate Funeral songs came up recently with hilarious results and really should be looked into by some left field Record Company. Bon Jovi - I'll sleep when I'm dead. Stars Wars silly up beat bar music and have the funeral narrated by Darth Vader. Life of Brian - Always look on the bright side of life Over to you.
  3. Snoopy V's The Red Baron.....played it to death.
  4. Well done to all that participated in this years HCW, OLD, 12 hour and 24 hour. Ultimately we raised $38 k for the NSW Cancer Council and Marine Rescue. Awesome stufff....HCW.
  5. Definately a shock to hear of the passing of Roger.....a great man and a huge help to me over the years. Fair winds mate.......although he'll tell you the stronger the better. HCW
  6. Not sure yet TBA, however given the competition over the years you'll have a ball. The HCW was always aimed at the little boats that couldn't or don't get to race offshore. Ditto for Super 30"s being the best racing I've ever done period, especially the States and Nations with Gladiator (T980) and "The Cone".
  7. When we wrote the original SI's for the OLD (One Lap Dash) we asked participants to nominate whether Traps were to be used however they were outlawed for 24'hour competitors purely from a safety perspective, we have since included a 12 hour. When I first started the HCW Magic 25's were racing.
  8. If you want some O'night racing the HCW 24 hour is inshore and Cat 5N..... Just saying.
  9. So funny seeing that T920 vid again........it was a gusty day on Lake Macquarie and we hit 18's easily. Great boat... still maintain it's arguably one of the fastest 30'ers ever built.
  10. Great to hear from you Blake, just wasn't the same without your instantly recognizable Radio voice, Pete B, and many others sent their regards and made mention that you are firmly etched in the soul of the HCW forever. I'm most grateful that you're still good health and that we've both made 10 years Cancer Clear. The Outteridges sent their regards, I spent the HCW dinner with them and I believe Nathan was sailing in Florida also at the same time as you were there. Cheers for now Blake, we'll hopefully catch up soon. HCW.
  11. News that two yachts collided today killing one and another critical after almost losing a leg. Horrible news and our thoughts are with the families concerned tonight.
  12. Sorry Rumpig, it doesn't help when some of the boats have black sails and me being a few K's away, sorry. Honest....I'm not sure when X Rated was launched however when the big Sonata was first launched it was built by Sonata Yachts and called a Sonata 8. It wasn't until David Rose purchased the moulds did it become a Sonata 26. Same boat, just different builder. Like MASRM 720's, Sonatas were very few in a fixed keel version.
  13. Well folks the 2016 running HCW 24 hour has been run and won and we've reached some serious milestones this year being the 10 year anniversary of the race, ten years that I'm still walking this earth and $300 + K has been reached in donations for the Cancer Council and Marine Rescue. Awesome stuff from everyone concerned. HCW
  14. The start on Saturday was sensational, spinnaker start and blast down to Spears Point with upwards of 80 boats in this years HCW. I was on the Eastern Start boat launching the flags which unfortunately made getting pic's somewhat hazardous, anyway I believe Greg Dickens on the Western Start boat got some rippers. Wind was predominately South tending SW at times and gusting to 25/26 knots during Saturday afternoon and stayed with the fleet till quite late evening. First around the Spears Point mark was Stealthy, Toy story, Easy Tiger II then Two Tribes (Now a Tri), however once around the Toronto mark the Two Tribes took off. Stealthy broke a spinnaker Halyard, 2 beers then more terminally with rudder problems pulling out near home. The Mumm 30 - 2 Excess had a visit from the "Habibs" delivering hot KFC for dinner, which turned into cold for breakfast. Wallop parked up behind Fantastique, a huge Cat as the wind died, adding to insult in not being able to pass, Wallop was left to endure the tortuous smell of dinner wafting from the BBQ of the big Cat. Classic of the race was all of the crashes, broaches, round ups and mishaps were all caught by other boats having there own crashes. The wind dropped off early morning then filtered back in early to around 15 by race end. There were numerous sporties in this years OLD race with a Shaw 650 "Barely Legal", a tweeked VX "Reo Speedwagon", Elliot 7's, a Boatspeed 23, a JS9000 however after many years of trying "XRated", a Sonata 8 took home the overall prize for Division 2, "Austral" a Sydney 38 for Line Honors and Div 1. The funds raised were just shy of $40k, which again is an outstanding effort, kudos to all who made the effort to sail in this event and make the 10th edition awesome. HCW
  15. Best fun you can have sitting down.... I have to admit once the daytime traffic heads home, and you're the only ones out there, it's a special time and I'll never forget it. Enjoy ladies and Gents, The HCW and Lake Macquarie 2016 awaits.