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  1. SV Resolute

    Sailcloth: All things unequal..

    I have 78ha on my 32 foot boat and seems fine. Sail is from 2004. And still looks good except where PO left it hanging out of the cover. You would probably get all slip slides and fancier batten boxes on a sail that big.
  2. SV Resolute

    ClubSwan 36

    Looks like the crew should be farther back. I dont think anyone should be sitting anywhere near the shrouds never mind in front of them in those conditions
  3. SV Resolute

    opinions on mainsail trim

    I would also try that to the rope on the foot
  4. SV Resolute

    Show your boat not sailing

    From August
  5. SV Resolute

    Backstay Flicker Batten
  6. SV Resolute

    North 3Di vs Quantum Fusion M 9000

    It's raw in front and has exterior tapes on the back where it overlaps and hits the rig