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  1. Palermo, Sicily. Any idea which boats these are. They look pretty lonely and forgotten.
  2. bait

    Sturgis Boat Works unreachable?

    To the best of my recollection Sturgis never sold any International 420’s. Sturgis sold the Club 420’s which are only sailed in North America.
  3. Standard operating procedure to put rubber cutlass bearings in the freezer overnight prior to installation. For other hard bearings such as vesconite, it is common to cool in dry ice prior to installation in the strut or stern tube. Shrinks them up enough to allow the material to be pressed into place.
  4. bait

    Tokyo 2020

    I appreciate the comments regarding the current state of the team under Malcolm. I did hear a few of those same comments and feel he was trying to make a difference and as a change from past years he really was very engaged with the teams in helping them through the quad. I also know that the overall thought process did not have much hope on 2020, and was definitely looking forwards 2024/ 2028 as was stated by some one earlier. in terms of coaching, it does not matter whether you are part of a Junior Opti team or a high school or college team. The top teams get the most attention. I do not know Luther personally, and from the teams I know who have interacted with him, I understand he wants to coach Olympiads. Once you are ready to perform at the level of fighting for a podium he will be there to support you. But you need to find your way up the ladder with other coaches and support groups. That can be basically said for US Sailing and who they support from my experience. That is unless you are one of the chosen ones and we are watching a bit of that now in some classes. I do not fault Luther’s approach, but with the current level of US Sailors on an international level, Luther may need to wait a while to get his next customer that meets his expectations. This overall discussion can go on for a long time and be very multi faceted as new classes and mixed gender designations get changed out for the next couple quads. interesting to see the results from the last two Oakcliff events this fall. Racing seems good with teams young and experienced mixing it up. At least it is awesome to see an incredible philanthropist support Olympic sailing with some incredible funding. You just need to come to Oyster Bay on his home waters to get the funding! Stu and Dave leading the 470’s over the three events will likely raise close to $50,000.00 for their efforts. Even the second place men’s 470 team doing all three events could score funding close to $40,000.00. Not a bad way for them to begin their 2024 campaign should they plan to start the next quad as a mixed team. Will be interesting to see.
  5. bait

    Tokyo 2020

    Back in a previous generation when I qualified and was a member of the US Sailing Team there was no sailor support from US Sailing. Over the years on the US Sailing Team I hardly remember even meeting an organizing person from US Sailing Team,. Although I got a couple jackets in the mail for the effort. Never made it to the Olympics but got about as close to going with out making the show. I guess they call that the first loser! I am good with that! Most every team I have known has been on their own and self reliant for all aspects of their campaign. US Sailing Team uses their budget to fund their own infrastructure, not sailors needs. Just the way it is. Yah there is some coaching provided at some point and Luther has found a niche there, but from an overall standpoint US Sailing does nothing for the sailors directly that actually makes a difference. That is part of why they have a hard time fundraising as people do not want to fund us sailing infrastructure as the money really does not go to the sailors. Unlike so many other other countries. there are some incredible philanthropist and supporters of Olympic sailors in the US. With out these incredible individuals, US sailors would be much worse off than it is currently. Even without a chance at winning a medal in 2020. It will be interesting to see how the recent little coupe a US Sailing Team plays out. Can Luther really step up and take over the lead role. And will the people he is surrounding himself with make a difference. We will just need to wait and see how the New England sailing mafia play their cards.
  6. bait

    Tokyo 2020

    Some great comments. Much appreciate such lucid thoughts. Not every day we get to have this level of objective discourse without some anarchy thrown in for good measure. And based on the site it should be expected! I do admire Malcolm for hanging in there and dealing with the US sailor outlook on Olympic sailing. Personally, I think he was misled by US Sailing when he took the position in terms of the youth pipeline and secured funding for the team that did not materialized on either level. I also agree that fundraising by far is a huge issue. But it can be overcome by those fully afflicted with the Olympic dream. The first one who come to mind is Robles and Shea on the 49fx. Huge respect for them and the total effort they have put in since before 2016. They not only raised the money, but brought a title sponsor to the US Sailing Team.
  7. bait

    Tokyo 2020

    There are a lot of incredibly talented sailors involved in college sailing. It is arguably the highest level of pure sailing currently in the US. That being said the successful Olympic sailor requires more than showing up for a weekend event on pre-set boats, within a basic parameter only to rotate to ensure no one is disadvantaged by having the slow boat in the fleet. No one even needs to think about the boat. Just get in and make sure it works and go sail. About as dumbed down sailing from a technical standpoint as you could get. But also about as pure a sailing competition as you will get. It really does come down to those who excel at short course dinghy racing. from a boat handling standpoint, I feel the better college sailors can step into an Olympic boat with some time on the water and very effectively handle the boat and get it around the course in the varied wind conditions and sea states. Certainly on a laser, maybe not quite as quickly on a 49er or Nacra, but it would come together. No one in the US even bothers with a windsurfer any more. But how many college sailors know how to check the bend characteristics of their mast and how this relates to the mainsail you choose the way you need to understand this on a 470. How about know how to set up the rig for the different gear settings based on wind and sea state. I guess that is why the women’s 470 teams have yet to qualify our country for the games and are basically relegated to fleet filler positions. They are basically slow in comparison to the world 470 women’s fleet. But in relation to many of the other teams the US women’s 470 teams only started sailing in basically the last two years, so it is hard to expect them to reach podium positions agains the other world teams who have a lot more experience. And these are supposedly the best women’s sailors in our country based on their junior or collegiate results. This would be great groundwork if they look forward to 2024, but will need to shift to a mixed crew for the 470 in 2024. The 470 men’s team are on their fourth Quad with the same skipper and still searching for a medal. Roger Penske had a great response for this when it related to one of his driver who crashed out of a race. And no other US male team has even shown up to challenge or compete against them for a couple years as it related to attempting to qualify for the games. How many college sailors can look at a fin or 470 and grasp the concept of how to make the constant adjustments needed to keep the boat sailing at optimum speed by adjusting all the strings at the skippers fingertips. It appears by participation levels that it is just easier for the college sailor to pass on the opportunity. That and lack of US fleets, but that is another topic. How many collage sailors fully grasp the VMG speed and angles for a spinnaker, planing boat for the varied wind speeds. This is a huge challenge from sailing wing and wing on basically a displacement scholastic boat on a w/l course. This has been one of the biggest challenges I have faced working with these sailors. Just pointing the bow at the downwind gate is a sure way to get passed on a planing hulled Olympic boat. how many collegiate sailors understands how to properly drive a skiff under the mast at speed. These boats are not forgiving, and keeping the hull under the mast challenges many. Now try and move forward to be competitive on an Olympic level. The US Sailors have yet to accomplish this at an Olympic level. At least there are a solid group of very talented sailors attempting to learn this art, but it will take another miracle like 1980 in Lake Placid to pull off a medal in 2020. But never say never! how many are willing to make the commitment to a multi quad program to put themselves in a medal position. Basically a commitment of training in Europe for the summer months. Dollars always come up as the excuse, but I am not buying that completely based on what I see parents spending on the their junior sailor programs. It comes down to outright commitment. How many teams are looking forward and willing to move and make Marseille their new home base for the next four years leading up to 2024. Those looking to actually medal will! so when I say that college sailing is backtracking when comparing to rising to the level of Olympic sailing this is just a very broad attempt at opening the discussion. It actually goes way beyond these few comments. This is not meant to diminish the abilities of incredibly talented college sailors, but college sailing just does not build successful Olympic medalists in my humble opinion. It will take incredibly committed college sailors to move beyond what collage sailing offers and learn a whole new aspect of sailing. Primarily on the technical aspect. i am sure there will be sharp opinions on this, and great to hear all angles and perspectives. These are just some of my perspective having been very close to this for a number of years.
  8. bait

    Tokyo 2020

    USST: Greg Fisher (USA) resigns as chief operating/business officer of the US Sailing Team; another blow to American Olympic hopes in 2020 and beyond? bummer hearing the news. Have a huge respect for Greg Fisher and was hoping he could be a key figure to get U.S. Olympic Sailing going in the right direction. everyone knew a couple years ago that 2020 was basically a write off for medal considerations and it looks like this summers events have cemented these thoughts. To turn this around it was going to need to be be a multi quad effort with the ultimate goal to get the team back in medal form for LA in 2028 on our home waters. Wondering if this is really possible! We are missing a lot of talent that has come up through the junior programs, but just back tracked into college sailing and never advanced into performance sailing.
  9. bait

    Tokyo 2020

    Well said, and when the talent does not align with the check book then those talented sailors with out funding find other things to do like going on with life.
  10. bait

    Tokyo 2020

    For US sailors and the national organization governing our sport, I feel they have never made the transition from being an amateur sport to a full professional sport. Europe and developing countries made this change effectively over a couple quads and the US sailors could no longer compete effectively in the Olympic Classes on a world level overall. Sure there have been the exception, but just attending the Olympics became the ultimate goal. Some countries targeted sailing as a way to break into the medal count by targeting this sport and did so very effectively. in terms of wealthy sailing families having financial resources to support Olympic campaigns. This is absolutely the truth. I think if the general sailing public knew what the high end sailing families were spending on their child’s youth sailing program in the Club420, i420, Opti, or other youth boat, they would be astounded, and in a number of cases it certainly rivals many current US Olympic campaigns on a yearly average. Could these families push forward and support their kids going to the Olympics- absolutely! College gets in the way, but also it is a cultural thing. These families bought their way to the top of youth sailing in the US. Mostly to get their kid into a top college. Moving up into an Olympic class is really tough for the psyche of many kids who have had everything given to them their whole life. For those who can rise above these issues, the family money still does not guarantee a medal. One current US Olympiad is headed to his fourth Olympics to try and get his first medal. Family money has gone a long way and even have their name on a prominent NE College sailing building for their donations. Similar thing for some other Olympic hopeful that fell by the wayside a couple years ago. Money is not the issue, but in the awesome words of Roger Penske when his driver crashed out of a race- they just ran out of talent! Will see how that works out for Tokyo 2020. Winning an Olympic medal does take a big checkbook, but right there alongside that checkbook, it takes a burning desire within the athlete that nothing else matters except winning that medal when pushing the Olympic Quad. This idea is hard with kids who grew up with everyone winning a trophy. The story of the 2020 Olympic Quad is more than half written. It will be interesting to see how the pressure builds and the true Olympic desire from the athletes comes through. Any bets on a medal at these games for the USA! Who do you think has a chance? best thing is that no matter how much World Sailing screws up the boats chosen for competition, Olympic Sailing is still the pinnacle of our sport in terms of the level of competition. Hence why so many Olympiads succeed at the other major events such as AC and around the world races. Just too bad the recent US sailors have not been up to the task or had that burning desire deep in their soul. Or maybe they just ran out of talent! US Sailing will continue to be helpless to solve this problem as it is beyond their control in their current operational platform.
  11. bait

    Tokyo 2020

    Good Point regarding national fleets. Maybe these current Olympic classes are just traveling road shows. The major events bring out the numbers and the countries, but to your point there are not really any large national fleets. Interesting. looks like a couple of us sailors have punched up into single digits after day three of racing. At least a chance at the medal round is a step forward. Even if out of medal contention. Year to go and it will be fun to see who can step up their game on a world level. It was great to see Charlotte Rose at the laser radial worlds produce results. Consistency will be the key.
  12. bait

    Tokyo 2020 one year out from the 2020 Olympics in Japan and the top US Sailing Team members are competing at the Olympic test event.. Anyone see any improvement over Rio? As the Olympic classes really have no fleets competing in the US, the initial results after only two days of sailing are predictable. Hopefully the rest of the event will go better. Lot of races left. Hard to watch the US sailors be relegated to fleet fillers in a few classes. And in a few of the classes the US has not even qualified to compete as a country yet. While the 2020 Olympics will be what they will be, we will have 8 years to build programs to be competitive for the LA Olympics in 2028. Probably a waste of effort thinking about it as Olympic sailing in the US seems to be forgotten. Personally I still enjoy the event.
  13. bait

    Ladies FIFA

    I was enjoying watching the games right up until the US team made it a political statement. Lost all interest, stopped watching the games. Not supporting who they are against. Just do not want politics involved in my sports entertainment. Same reason I gave up on football a few years ago. I never watch games anymore. Not even on thanksgiving. I get enough politics in day to day life without having athletes providing their opinions during sporting events. Same reason I only enjoy old movies from before actors decided they needed to be political activists. Great part about our country is these athletes and actors have the freedom to express their opinions due to everything our country stands for. And I have my right to ignore the shit out of them when they choose to push their personal agendas on the public.
  14. bait

    Skip Whyte retires

    All the best to Skip in his next career. Whatever that may be. He has been the catalyst and inspired a couple of generations of world level sailors without consideration to the politics between petty groups. I admire his style and dedication to not only the sport but the next generation of sailing competitors and I only hope my son can get the chance to learn from his coaching in the near future. A true gentleman and an icon in my eyes. Those will be some big shoes to fill at URI.
  15. bait

    Static Electricity or Lightning Charge

    I work at a number of shipyards/ boatyards and yesterday a huge lightening storm was rolling through the area. Lightening all around , but it had not started to rain yet. I look out from the shop and see a guy working on the running gear under a sailboat. Basically connecting the dot between the mast and the ground. Electricity was all in the air. We got him to get away from the boat before something tragic happened, but for a few minutes I thought I was going to see something truly horrific. It is summer here in North America. Please use some common sense!