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    Misogyny in sailing?

    Yes, of course there's misogyny in sailing, and yes, there's plenty of it here too. It seems the most sensitive snowflakes are those out to defend the sport and the site against any improvement on that front, lead by the editor who had a remarkably defensive reaction (complete with straw man argument) to what was a pretty mild OP. To whoever said this was one of the most sexist places on the web, I'm sorry to say it certainly gets worse. However, many of us would hope that SA could be a positive force on this front (both in the sport and on the web), rather than defend sexism with some silly nonsense about free speech. As has also been said, there's some good stuff in here -- in spite of the bad, not because of the bad. I used to come here daily, but now I rarely dip into the forum, and sophomoric crap on this thread is a reminder of why I don't bother. "Boys will be boys" -- maybe, but when they grow up, my boys better not think it's ok to speak about women the way some people do around here. I hope when some of you grow up, you'll think better of it, too.