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  1. Bull City


    Foreverslow, that is good news. I had the Awlrip job done in 2015, when I was 65 years old. If I get 25 years out of it, that will put me at 90. By then, I won't care. Cheers! My boat:
  2. Bull City


    E Even so, nice looking boat.
  3. Bull City

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    Alan, I like the blog. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the rudder. B.C.
  4. Bull City


    Can you post a photo of your boat?
  5. Bull City

    Dark side

    What's the Donald yachting on these days?
  6. Bull City

    What would you do?

    And an oral agreement is not worth the paper it's written on.
  7. Bull City

    What would you do?

    I seem to recall something about negligence, to the effect that you can't sign away your right (or your estate's right) to compensation for damage as a result of another party's negligence, and the converse, that you cannot escape liability for damage to another party as a result of your negligence.
  8. Bull City

    What would you do?

    A U.S. litigation attorney told me the same thing. Of course this was 40 years ago, and he was a personal injury plaintiff's attorney
  9. Bull City


    Awlgrip related: I’ve got a little touch up to do. My topsides are Carinthia Blue, which is one shade lighter than Flag Blue. I have a little of the topcoat, but no converter. I may have a source. As a Plan B, I ordered some Flag Blue Wet Edge polyurethane topside paint from Jamestown Dist., which really good stuff. I have some of their Oyster White. I wonder if a drop of it added to th Flag Blue would make Carinthia Blue?
  10. Bull City

    Soda blasting a hull

    Mach, you are a brave man. I had my boat blasted about 2 years ago (27 feet), and watched. I wouldn't never do it myself. But then I'm an older fart.
  11. Bull City


    I'm afraid I have drunk the Awlgrip Kool-Aid. After spending many boat bucks on it, I feel locked in to their washing and polymer products. If they sold Awlgrip sunglasses to wear while looking at it, I'd probably buy those too.
  12. Bull City

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    "1963 Mo Ski Tow boat, I have the pink slip for the boat and a bill of sale for the trailer. 12ft wooden boat, haven't tried to start the motor because I do not have a gas tank for it, it was suppose to run but hasn't in over 20 years. I wouldn't trust these tires on the road and I don't think the lights are hooked up, it would be best to put the whole thing on a trailer." ... and take it to the landfill.
  13. Bull City

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Is that a Brent Swain?
  14. Bull City

    What would you do?

    A strange end to the case. Acquitted because the law only applies to commercial vessels, not because of the facts of the case. It reminds me of a case where I was a juror. The defendant was accused of DUI. The undisputed facts were that a car he was driving crashed through the door of a Fedex facility, causing much damage, but no loss of life. Many witnesses saw that the car was driven by the defendant. The officer called to the scene testified that he was over the limit. At some point, the judge had the jury go to the jury room. When we got back, he told us we were excused because the charges had been dismissed. He then explained why. Because the NC DUI law only applied to operating a vehicle on state highways, byways, etc., and because no one had seen him driving drunk, except inside the facility. He could have become intoxicated in the Fedex parking lot, which is not a state highway, byway, etc., and then driven into the facility.
  15. Bull City

    When good designers produce ugly boats.

    It's always fun to see where a thread has gone after about ten pages. Cheese and farts?