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  1. Bull City

    Another haul out down

    Yes, I know about the mizzen forward or after the rudder post, and I suspected schooner, but then relative mast height is the decider.
  2. Bull City

    Another haul out down

    Very handsome. Schooner or ketch?
  3. Bull City

    Broken Harken furler drum

    FYI, something similar happened to my Harken furler. I think the plastic had become brittle from UV exposure. Rick to the rescue.
  4. Bull City

    new j/day

    Besides propulsion and sails, what would need to be added to the Basic J/9 to sail away? Do you think the self-tacking would involve a jib boom, like the Hoyt? Apropos of nothing, I bought a new J/22 in 1984, with main, jib & genoa, 5 HP OB, turn key about $14,000 IIRC.
  5. Bull City

    H-Boat vs. Hinckley Sou'wester 30

    True, but the H-Boat is much less dependent on crew weight - single handing in 10 to 12 knots with full sails is sweet.
  6. Bull City

    H-Boat vs. Hinckley Sou'wester 30

    I had a J/22 and it sailed like dream, however, when the wind got above 10 knots or so, it was a little too dependent on crew weight. I imagine the J/9 will be a very good sailer, but a little tamer. That is better than I thought. Presumably, a Torqeedo/ePropulsion pod would not add as much as a diesel.
  7. Bull City

    The Zombie Fleet

    We found this little guy (Eastern Red) on out front walk the other day. He was there for a couple of days. We carefully moved him to the top of a shrub, and the next day he was gone. Flew away I hope.
  8. Bull City

    The Zombie Fleet

    Hey, that's me!
  9. Bull City

    H-Boat vs. Hinckley Sou'wester 30

    I don't suppose you can do that underwater.
  10. Bull City

    H-Boat vs. Hinckley Sou'wester 30

    On the anti-fouling, ePropulsion says it comes with an "anti-corrosion" coating, which "Protects for years of saltwater use." I don't see anything about anti-fouling. Both Torqeedo and ePropulsion say you should have a professional do the installation. I am far from a professional. As you point out, if the Pod needs repair, you also need to get the boat to a facility where it can be hauled. That would be challenging without a motor. If by "shaft installation" you mean using the lazarette to mount the Torqeedo or other outboard motor where it will be out of sight, I've thought about it, but decided against it. It would mean a lot of work and expense, and would bring its own problems.
  11. Bull City

    H-Boat vs. Hinckley Sou'wester 30

    I agree on the sheets led aft. The swim platform actually has some appeal, especially considering my current swim-ladder arrangement. My wife would love it. You're probably right on displacement. I used to own a J/22, and the J/9's SA/DISP and DISP/LWL look a little better (27.3 vs 24.2 and 115.8 vs 116.5). The H-Boat is 19.1 and 161.0. I have looked at the Alerion 28's (17.62 and 214.70) quite a bit. There is a lot to like, however, I'm not sure I like the interior lay out. I do like the cockpit. On the auxiliary propulsion, the more I think about my use, etc., the more I am attracted to electric. If my venue were the coast, it would be diesel, but that's not on the radar.
  12. Bull City

    H-Boat vs. Hinckley Sou'wester 30

    Allweather, I've been thinking of a modern electric pod drive, like the Torqeedo or ePropulsion. The benefits would be (a) convenience, (b) better maneuverability, especially in reverse, (c) more power, and (d) aesthetics. There are some obstacles. (a) Cost. It is hard to justify it, other than just "I want it." But I have been known to rationalize or overcome obstacles that way. (b) The pod drive itself is fairly new technology. I don't know how durable the pod is, especially when submerged for months on end. Also, Torqeedo says that you must not apply any paint to it. What about anti-fouling? (c) Installation would be costly. I know of no one in the immediate area who could do it. The closest experienced boatwrights are a 3-4 hour drive. I've been pleased with the Torqeedo. It's easy to mount and dismount. I store it in the cabin. I have three 900 Watt-hour batteries, so range is never a worry.
  13. Bull City

    H-Boat vs. Hinckley Sou'wester 30

    TwoLegged, thank you very much for taking the time respond. I think you have a pretty good grasp of the situation. I'm very happy sailing the H-Boat, but a wee bit more room would be nice. I'm also contemplating the Torqeedo/ePropulsion pod "inboard." I'm a little familiar with the H-323, also a Groop design. As far as I know, none have made it to North America. To keep me off balance, J-Boats just announced the J/9, a 28-foot version of the J/100 (33-feet). It can be fitted with an inboard engine, diesel or electric, or an OB. Very interesting. Sail plan, lines, and interior layout are not available yet.
  14. Bull City

    Daysailer for old people

    I agree with your statement, Hannibal, but in the video, it's kinda pathetic to see a young man pushing a button to trim a jib. Also, it's a disgrace that they had to get up and handle lines when they got back to the dock.
  15. Bull City

    new j/day

    Some interesting tidbits here: https://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2020/11/21/j-9-seeks-to-reimagine-sailing/ Boats are supposed to be available Spring 2021; they have some orders