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  1. Sad but true, based on everything I've read and observed.
  2. Bull City

    Mo Bettah Too

    What's the boat like down below?
  3. Bull City

    Minor hull damage?

    Amen, brother!
  4. Bull City

    Cleaning Sails

    I did.
  5. Bull City

    Cleaning Sails

    Just tried some Barman's Friend that I had on hand. It has oxalic acid. I wiped it on, scrubbed a bit, and then rinsed it off. It didn't do very much. Haven't called him. He's Oriental, NC, likely dealing with Florence aftermath. The sail is drying in the sun right now. It looks better than it did, and I'll probably stop at this point and put it back on the furler.
  6. Bull City

    Mo Bettah Too

    Shortage of pics.
  7. Bull City

    Cleaning Sails

    Oxy bleach or Oxalic acid?
  8. Bull City

    Cleaning Sails

    This thread was archived, so I'm starting a new one. I'm cleaning my dacron jib, and there are some dark gray streaks that seem to be from air pollution. I've tried dish soap with bleach, Shout, and Goo Gone. The stains are better, but not gone. Any suggestions on what to try?
  9. Bull City


    This just in from The Raleigh News & Observer: "Florence drowns 5,500 pigs and 3.4 million chickens. The numbers are expected to rise."
  10. Bull City

    Coolboats to admire

    Kris, I think you're onto something. Maybe it's been said, but the visibility of the wood planking distracts the eye from the shape of the hull (my eye, anyway). I knew someone who liked sculpted cars, and he always wanted them in silver, since he felt it drew your eye to, and showed the shape better than any other color. I wouldn't want a silver boat, but you get the point. On Paine's boat, to me, the deck house doesn't seem to have had very much thought.
  11. Bull City

    Coolboats to admire

    I'm an amateur painter, who has had a little commercial success. I completely agree with T-L as to approaching any creative project as something to enjoy. If I'm working on a painting, and I'm not enjoying it, it's almost always because it's not a good project for the way I paint. I scrape off the paint, and find something else. Of course commissions sometimes require a bit of pain and suffering. Now, where were we?
  12. Bull City

    Show your boat not sailing

    ^^ As the carpenter sayeth, "That ain't goin' no where."
  13. Bull City


    As mentioned, we were relatively unscathed by Florence here in Durham. My wife is active in an international exchange organization here, and we were expecting a group of students from the UK to visit for a few days for a series of planned events. They were to travel via bus from NYC this morning. We found out this morning that the bus line is not going south of Richmond VA, so everything had to be cancelled. I imagine it's because of flooding, and perhaps sketchy services along the way.
  14. Bull City

    The Zombie Fleet

    The owner should be fined for littering.
  15. Bull City


    Thanks for this post.