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  1. Thanks for these ideas. I will summarize and pass on to Sailing Buddy and Buddy #2. B.C.
  2. Fleet, thanks. I think he's going to run it for an hour and see how it does.
  3. I don't know shit about engines, but my buddy has a Tartan 34 (1988 vintage I think) with a Yanmar diesel. The last few times we've been out, it stops running after about 40 minutes. He's had a mechanic look at it. The mechanic thinks the problem was a crack in the fuel filter housing. I think the theory was that after a while it let air into the fuel system which caused it to stop. He replaced it, ran the engine at the dock for about 25 minutes and all was well. One of my buddy's other buddies, who is also one of my buddies, doesn't buy this. He thinks the problem is related to the engine temperature, i.e. after 30 minutes or so of running, it gets up to a certain temperature, and something cause it to stop. He doesn't think it could have been the fuel filter housing. Any suggestions as to what my buddy should look at or elimnate? He's getting pretty discouraged. Please keep it simple. Thanks, Sailing Buddy's Buddy #1
  4. Kind of reminds of Alfred Loomis's HOTSPUR.
  5. Pano, have a dish of beans and some prunes for dessert. Then get a life. Sheesh!
  6. I haven't met Bob in person, but I agree as to his generosity in opening up not only this design project, but the FRANCIS LEE project. This takes time, and time is his stock and trade. I am not putting him forward for canonization, but he has been a very positive, welcoming presence on this forum. He provided me with encouragement in my renovation project. He knows his stuff, has worked hard, is confident in his ability and was brave enough to pursue the career he loved. I respect the hell out of that. Pano and a few others seem to have a problem with that. They must live a constipated, petty existence. They should consume more fiber. Maybe Pano is "fighting for what he lacks most." Hmmm... Saint Robert Tulalip. Has a nice ring to it.
  7. IIRC, the Buccaneer was made by Chrysler. They also made a 15' Mutineer. I had one for a few months in the 1970s. Fast, but not very well made.
  8. My compliments too. BP 24 is a very pretty boat. Is yours FG or wood? Inboard or OB?
  9. Surf's up
  10. Should "we" report Rimas's probable demise to the Social Security Administration? Or to one of those local TV news consumer advocates?
  11. Champ: Me, for taking out the trash without having to be asked. Chump: Me, for taking out the trash without having to be asked.
  12. What's wrong with Spray? Wait, aren't you dead?
  13. ^^ Is the little wheel functional or just for a nautical atmosphere?
  14. When I watched the video on OCH, I thought, "Oh a Contessa 26."
  15. +1. The only photos are the boat under construction/ And only vague clues as to the rudder & keel. Overall, they seem to be hiding something.