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    The Zombie Fleet

    While in the village of Milatos, in Crete, I ran across this curvaceous, but worn-out fishing boat. I don't think the Vaitses method was used. The last photo is what it may have resembled in its early days.
  2. I spotted this in Milatos, a village in Crete. I'm not sure what you would call it. There was no one around to ask. I also spotted this mooring line, made off to some old rock.
  3. Bull City

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Sabre 34s are nice boats. That is really a shame. I wonder if it is storm related damage.
  4. Bull City

    Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    Back from Greece. I was out for a sail today, the wind stopped, and I motored back in glassy water. Here's what I found watt-wise. The H-Boat displaces 3,200 lbs., has a fin keel, a fairly narrow beam, pretty clean bottom, and a sleek, erotic underbody. The watt figures are the approximate. The watt usage moved in a range a range of about 20 watts, even though the speed was constant. The number is my estimate of the average. 4.0 knots 810w 3.5 knots 560w 3.0 knots 400w 2.0 knots 110w A question. Am I correct that a 900 wH battery will, in theory, provide 1.11 (900 ÷ 810) hours of operation at 4 knots and 8.2 (900 ÷ 110) hours at 2 knots?
  5. I’ve been stewing over this for a while. In 1985, when Mrs. Bull and I went to Bermuda. It was her first visit and my third. We stayed away from Hamilton but went in one day for a little shopping. There were four behemoths in port, and crowds were dreadful. I recall that the woman who helped us in one of the shops was very apologetic that she was so frazzled. A few year ago in Venice the phenomenon was even more evident. The locals told us that the economic benefits to Venice are little to none. The passengers don’t buy meals, only cheap souvenirs, and clog the streets, museums and cultural sites. As some of you may have read, Mrs. Bull and I are visiting Greece for three weeks. Right now we’re in Santorini, one of the Greek Islands. There is a lot to like (ancient archeological sites, family tavernas away from the crowds), but the impact of cruise ships is not one of them. It’s a conundrum. Tourism can “make” a place, and can ruin it. Cruise ships seem to bring all the bad and none of the good. What do you all think?
  6. Bull City

    Cruise Ships: blessing or curse?

    Another horror of the cruise boats on the Greek island of Santorini is that the young ones rent 4-wheelers and race around the island. They don't know what they are doing. An obnoxious menace. Of course the locals are complicit, in that they rent the 4-wheelers, although I don't know that they're truly local.
  7. Bull City

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Is that the proverbial Big Friggin' Wheel?
  8. Bull City

    Lusting on Yachtworld

  9. Bull City

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Do you think the stern overhang extends the WL in practice?
  10. Bull City

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    The underbody looks a little more modern (and voluptuous) to me. I'm loosing it, aren't I.
  11. Bull City

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Thank you, Cruisin'. We were mere children when we married. We met senior year of college (2nd semester), and had known each other for less than a year, most of which I spent at sea on a destroyer. I cannot imagine life with out her (except when she produces the honey-do list).
  12. Bull City

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    @Alan H We need some pics... of the boat!
  13. Bull City

    Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men...

    Lucky, you might want to check out this SA topic. Rogerball0 is/was re-fitting a Westerly. He is very talented. He's been quiet, but he's still lurking out there. B.C.
  14. Bull City

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    I like this Swan 36. It's even got a tiller. Been listed on Yachtworld for a while. It would be a bit much for the lake where I sail, and with 6 feet of draft, it wouldn't be great on the Pamlico Sound, so I'd have to move to New England. Mrs. Bull (we will have our 49th next month) would not be cool with that, nor would I, so I guess it's not going to happen. Unrequited Lust. Oh well. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1969/nautor-swan-36-3016028/?refSource=standard listing&refSource=standard listing&refSource=standard listing
  15. Bull City

    Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men...

    The Lucky One is lucky indeed! Although he sounds like a generous soul, which probably helps.
  16. I am flying back from Greece right now and have been reading “Heart of Glass” by Daniel Spurr. It has been a delight. It’s a history of the fiberglass boat business, mostly in the US, but also about Canada and Europe. Perhaps some of you have read it. Maybe one of you recommended it. It has a lot of interesting stuff for chemists, which I kind of “Uh huhed” through, and sections devoted to power boats, which I skipped, except for the parts about Ray Hunt and about the Newtons and Grand Banks trawlers. This and the Cheoy Lee discussion led into Asian boat builders, and a very well written memoir by our own Bobby Perry about his adventures in Taiwan, complete with photos of himself. Bob’s prose is always readable and immediate, and his experiences in what must have been the Wild West of boat building and intellectual property are amazing.
  17. Bull City

    “Heart of Glass” by Daniel Spurr

    I liked the parts about C&C and Tartan. It also mentioned Frauscher, an Austrian builder, and a one-time H-Boat builder.
  18. Bull City

    Cruise Ships: blessing or curse?

    With the possible exception of shopping outlets and billboards for personal injury lawyers, it looks like Myrtle Beach afloat.
  19. Bull City

    The Two Best Days...

    I should add that this fellow's only interest had to do with boat stability. He asked me if he would be able to "tip the boat over." I was a little cautious in my answer, and said well, if you want to, I guess you could. He was delighted, and gave me his check.
  20. In Greece, the ATMs give only 50 euro notes. Little shops don't take them for small purchases, and don't take plastic.
  21. Bull City

    Cruise Ships: blessing or curse?

    I was thinking about the carbon footprint comparison of a commercial air crossing vs. an ocean liner. Anybody done the math?