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  1. Junkyard Dog


    Several plans have been put forward that would dryberth her in her existing slip, or immediately forward of that. Other not so good options include towing her to another Texas port, an undeveloped location on the Houston Ship Chanel, scrapping her in place (GOD FORBID) and some other schemes that are just too crazy to discuss on this forum. I've heard everything from coating the ship in Flex Seal to shipping her to a shipyard in a war zone because, "Hey, the labor rates are cheaper..."
  2. Junkyard Dog


    Thanks for posting that. It's one of my personal favs. The difference between New York and Texas, although sisters, is quite distinctive. Especially the configuration of the stacks and the structures on the fore and main masts after the late 20s refits. Nice comment above on the Constitution. Sad about New York. She was a test bed at Operation Crossroads to see what affect the H-bombs would have. As a result, she was nearby, but not at ground zero. When they went aboard after each test, and documented the results, they found damage to the hull in a lot of places that are giving us significant problems today. Of course, with us it's 107 years of sitting in salt water, not blast damage or radiation. Too bad for New York. At the end of the Bikini tests, she was towed to a spot offshore of Hawaii and sunk. I'm told it took over 70 aerial bombs and two torpedoes to bring her down. I only hope our old girl can withstand the ravages of time, and the indifference of those with the wherewithal to save her to a greater degree.
  3. Perhaps in your world. I work for a State Agency, and a signed MOU is a binding legal document, in other words, a contract. In our case, it is usually between the State and a third party that undertakes to act on behalf of the State in some capacity, be it operating a facility, raising funds or what have you. I could also be an agreement between States for whatever reason. Many people treat these as non binding to their peril. I suggest you consult an attorney who is well versed in govt. regulations before spouting such nonsense, or at least don't attempt to agree to an MOU with a governmental agency until you do. He steps off his soapbox, and agrees not to post on PA for another 6 months at least. What a cesspool this place has become.
  4. Junkyard Dog


    I know. I was referring to the first picture.
  5. Junkyard Dog


    The guy on the right looks a like Joe Pesci. Would that make those the three wise guys?
  6. Junkyard Dog

    jerry jone's new boat

    I was hoping for a Tiki Bar on the bridge.
  7. Junkyard Dog


    Thanks d. Last dry dock was in '89. Prior to that it was 1948, so yes we have some very troubling issues with parts of the hull and especially the anti-submarine blisters. The goal is to build a permanent dry-berth for her, so that she can be preserved out of the water forever. Encasing her in concrete wouldn't solve the corrosion issues, and would make it impossible to make future repairs to the hull. I know you live not too far away, so why don't you come by one day and I'll give you a first hand look at our issues and what we are doing. Send me a PM.
  8. Junkyard Dog


    LOL! True.
  9. Junkyard Dog


    It took me over 30 years, but I found the perfect job at last. I'm in charge of restoring this lovely lady: Unfortunately I spend way to much time just trying to keep her on top of the water.
  10. Junkyard Dog

    Car Flooded ??

    Sorry to hear about your car. We lost two in Hurricane Harvey last year, plus equipment and many tools that were stored in the garage. We also had two feet of water in the house. Our cars were under water for a week, (water up and over the center consoles) so it wasn't even a question. Yes, you can change the oil and clean it up enough to run, but unless you lie about the flooding, you won't get anything on a trade in. the car has no value, and I'd question the honesty of any garage that recommends a detail and trade in. Perhaps the guy is a good friend of yours and is trying to help you out, but that is some bad advice there.
  11. Junkyard Dog

    Visiting Bremerton next week

    The Hampton Inn. Thanks for the info. I have an obscenely early flight back on Saturday morning, so I think I'll just rent a car.
  12. Junkyard Dog

    Visiting Bremerton next week

    I'm flying up the PNW for the Historic Naval Ship's Association annual conference. It's being hosted by the USS Turner Joy in Bremerton. Anything cool to do in the area while I'm up there, and how the heck do I get there from the airport?
  13. Junkyard Dog

    Hate on my new that 70's boat...

    Ah sounds like good times. Definitely not the boat I was thinking of.
  14. Junkyard Dog

    Hate on my new that 70's boat...

    D. Did you sail W.P. or was it someone else?
  15. Junkyard Dog

    When Trump gets Impeached? An interesting thought exercise

    I see that not much has changed since I last dropped in.