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  1. No Bargers

    Random PicThread

  2. No Bargers

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    These are totally impractical, but I think I'd have a big smile on my face every time I drove one down the boat ramp.
  3. No Bargers

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    I've always liked the 50's Detroit iron before the fins thing really took off.
  4. No Bargers

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Is the Ponce de Leon hotel still there. I loved that old elevator, the rooms not so much.
  5. No Bargers

    Country Music

  6. No Bargers

    Country Music

  7. No Bargers

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Tom what were you thinking admiring in the mocking thread?
  8. No Bargers

    Quicken Alternative

    I looked when I had to upgrade to keep the downloads working but didn't find anything. If anybody has something better for less than the $50/year I'm paying I'm interested as well.
  9. No Bargers

    NFL 2019
  10. No Bargers


    According to the owners manual it needs a US octane rating of 91 AKI (96 ROC) or better. If that's what the car was designed to run on that's what I'd use.
  11. Our 5 year old granddaughter loves that damn elf. It's hard not to smile at her excitement.
  12. No Bargers

    Nothing Like a Cottage on a Lake

    Since we're on the Finger Lakes. Wife is the 4th generation of her family to have the cottage on Skaneateles Lake. No that's not my wife.
  13. No Bargers

    Home Brewing
  14. No Bargers

    NFL 2019

    Someone still believing the Browns hype.
  15. No Bargers

    rant: driving fuckery

    Cell phones should not work if you're in a moving car.