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  1. No Bargers

    NFL 2020

    This kinda sums up the whole NFC East.
  2. No Bargers

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    According to the Covid Act Now website Florida is doing better than than quite a few other states including Illinois. Florida Illinois
  3. No Bargers

    BMW 5-Series wagon

    My wife has an S90 with adaptive cruise and loves it. I do find that when I drive her car on longer trips I forget its on and then end up tooling along at 60 MPH in right hand lane behind some white hair wondering why everyone is passing me.
  4. No Bargers

    Looking for a toy convertible

    Even looks a little like a toy.
  5. No Bargers

    Home town webcam?

    Skaneateles Lake - NY Finger Lakes
  6. No Bargers

    NFL 2020

    First game is Thursday. I'm getting more hopeful we might have a season.
  7. No Bargers

    Geriatric Tablet Setup. . .

    in addition you might want to get her something like this. The whole family can load photos via the internet. Get the biggest one you can find, makes the photos easier to see with those old eyes.
  8. No Bargers


    Baby steps, but still good news.
  9. No Bargers


    It seems wearing a mask does help prevent spread. To bad it become a political symbol.
  10. No Bargers

    Used Car Anarchy

    The older generation V8 were known for their issues. From what I understand the current version is much better. Still eat a lot of oil though. Friend that owns a independent repair shop that specializes in BMW's suggested I stay away from the V8 when I was last looking.
  11. No Bargers

    Used Car Anarchy

    I've got a 2015 X5 that's got close to 60,000 miles on it. Bought it new and haven't done anything but change the oil and put on one set of tires. I know there were a lot of problems with the older ones, but the 6 cylinder engine that came out in 2014 is pretty solid. Now I've probably jinxed myself.
  12. No Bargers

    The rise of the KAREN

    GrandKaren - That Kid needs a drivers license.
  13. No Bargers

    Point Break

    This was from early May but Dr. Gottlieb is not sold on antibody tests. Former head of FDA and a reasonable guy.
  14. No Bargers

    NFL 2020