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  1. OK -- make sure the shape/length is right -- then I'll do surgery.
  2. You deserve the weather and breeze your getting today and this weekend! One of many rewards for your patience and thoughtfulness bringing this masterpiece to fruition. Thanks for bringing us along for the ride. Enjoy!!!!!!!
  3. Beautiful- wood like that doesn't grow on trees! (at least not around here....) Looking forward to a nice meal
  4. I agree G Dane. Time for another mock up
  5. Fantastic!! though I'm not sure it's legal having a boat nearly twice as long as ones age. Kimb's Francis Lee is way more conservative in that regard.......
  6. Timing is everything. Evan sold his Cal 29 several days after arranging for the survey of Wings! much more fun to buy a boat when you don't have one!
  7. After years of wondering what that whooshing noise was now I know. Ok Kim, time to get tillerated.
  8. "Calendars are for careful people- not passionate ones." Chuck Sigar
  9. Well after seeing the sliver project yesterday, I can vouch for clean and neat workmanship--but what really impressed me was the clean and neat shop -- the clean And neat work we do makes our shop VERY messy-- maybe it's too late for me to reform my ways but I swear after my current deadline I am going to be a neatnik --- I know, it's fantasy.
  10. Thanks for the boat show offer for a show and tell, Kim. I'll be there with my gang. Looking forward to it. Tillerbill