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  1. Pepito, Buy a 20' something now... Heck go buy a Corsair Mk2 or older Sprint for a few thousand for the spring and sail the piss out of it for two years. You will run into things, you will bounce off the dock, and fixing a boat worth a couple grand is cheap, bouncing a $1m yacht on the rocks is a seriously bad day. As for internet, most cruisers just buy a SIM card every where they go and gripe about the complexity. Its adds up, but nothing like the cost of satellite. Its why even mega-yachts tend to have massive onboard movie libraries. Even at $10,000 a day charter fees for the boats satellite internet is a massive cost. And it really isn't necessary. Sat phones for sure, even being able to receive and send e-mail is fine, but accessing real data just has to wait until you are within sight of land.
  2. You have gotten some good advice, but I think you need to be very clear about your internet data requirements. Regional high speed service with high data limits can cost thousands a month, but thats per service, if you really need high speed data world wide expect to be paying tens of thousands a month. There is also a question of speed. Offshore data speeds are a fraction the speed you would expect from even a 3g connection. 100kbps is on the high end for off shore service, and expect to spend 4-6 thousand a month for those speeds. Plus the cost of the equipment to provide it can be costly. Add in the power requirements and space needed for the antenna and it can be pretty unaffordable to transfer large files. The alternative is just to assume you will be out of contact for a few weeks every year doing major transits and relying on local 3g connectivity once you get where you are going.
  3. Rob, There is no reason a female couldn't have been a driver or trimmer on any of the boats last cycle except that there is no good route for them to get there. Until that changes and there is a pathway to the top teams will always take the conservative choice and just promote from within, or from a TP-52 program, etc. I don't think anyone would expect a female to really match up as a grinder, but until they are invited to the party somehow they will never get the training needed to crack the top of the sport.
  4. StumbleNola

    tp 52 crop 2018

    I really thought if they went to monohulls it would be a 70ish foot TP52. I agree with you the new idea is just stupid.
  5. I don't know if a 20ish woman can beat a 40ish man in physical endurance, but the 40 year old guys aren't doing their first race. They are there after a few decades of proven ability and more important training in how to handle the boats. The problem with introducing women is they have as much experience as the first time men, and the same physical endurance as the 40 year old men. They really are hosed coming and going. For the Volvo I thought the system was overly complicated but made sense. For the AC I just would like to see a legitimate path. Which is why I suggested mandating them on the team but not the boat. Once they are there the smart teams will find a way to make good use of them, even if its on the second boat.
  6. I would really like to see a rule requiring at least one female on the crew team. They don't have to put them on the boat, but they would have to go out and find the best female sailor they could and get her trained. Part of the issue right now is that we don't know how good the top female sailors are because none of the teams are even looking in that direction. Sure a female may not have as much stamina or strength as a grinder, but there is no reason they couldn't have been the driver or main trimmer in the last cycle. But by failing to even make a place at the table for them the current system ensures they will never get the training necessary to compete.
  7. They are going to be even worse. The giant foil sticking out horizontally 30' from centerline is going to make close in sailing impossible, and the loss from slowing down to mess around is going to be even worse with more wetted surface, and more weight. My guess is that touching down will hurt at least twice as much on these as in the 50's making staying out of the water even more critical. Best case is a luffing duel right at the start, but I think we could see the re-emergence of the Vanderbuilt start. Because nothing will matter as much as being out of the water at the start.
  8. Inside the hull. Even the RM generated by the foils, the RM of the crew is negligible. This thing will sail just like a trimaran, the leeward ama (er foil) will counteract the heeling motion and lift the hull, and the windward ama (er foil) will pull down thanks to gravity. The center hull just needs enough structural strength to prevent wracking and hold the mess of it together. This of course assumes that the operative dimensions are the total width of the boat. If the rules instead specify the maximum length of the individual foils then I would expect to see projections out from the mast. Say the inboard side of a folding ama arm from a Corsair, just fixed in place. Basically this thin operationaly can be thought of like a goofy trimaran that replaced its floats with foils.
  9. Without the rules who really knows, but why bother with a hull at all? All you need is a centerline to attach the foils too, after than everything else is just aerodrag. If the rules spec a max length of the foils then it will be necessary, if they spec a maximum span of the boat I can't see any reason not to have a 1' wide hull with very long foils. You could use an AC72 hull (just one) with very long foil spans. The more I think about this rule the less I like it. It is going to be so twisted by the design rules there will be nothing meaningful developed here.
  10. StumbleNola

    Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    Crash, If they can't keep from running into merchant ships how well do you think they are going to do employing the weapons they have? If you can't drive the boat well enough to not hit slow moving, AIS broadcasting, in a TSS large ships, what possible chance do you have of doing the complicated things like combat maneuvers? Do I think all Navy Captains are incompetent? No absolutely not. But they are at best middling mariners, with a constantly rotating deck and bridge crew, no unit cohesion, and absolutely no ability to build any over time. Partly because enlisted are constantly being discharged, partly because people are constantly rotating on and off the ship, and patly because officers are forced to be either promoted or leave. There is no place in todays Navy for an absolutely amazing mechanic that just wants to stay in engineering. Or a fantastic pilot that just wants to fly without the administrative headache of being in command. My uncle was an XO on a boomer and retired because he didn't want to be a CO, my brother retired last year because his option was retire or take command of a hospital (he's a forensic psychologist), me, I got out after four and went to college with no plans to return to the military.
  11. StumbleNola

    Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    I bow to your more direct knowledge, but it doesn't really undercut my point. Wether the average tour is 12 or 18 months the fact remains that Navy Captains have fuck all experience in their job. A good friend of mine has been running a jack up rig for the last 20 years, plus about 15 years working on it. Not just jack up rigs in general, the same one. The rest of his senior bridge has basically stayed the same for the last 10 years or so. When his company recently built a new larger jack up, another more experienced crew was tasked with it. Find me one ship in the Navy with a serving Captain with even 20 years in command of that specific vessel or even class. How about 5... In the civilian world a new ships captain is often shadowed for a year or more by the old ship captain to provide on site experience... Or most of the length of an entire Navy command tour. Brian, I am not trying to call out individual Captains, they are just following orders and the playing the system. But when the system is broken it is a concern. You cannot train a mariner in 18 months, you cannot learn a complicated ship in 18 months, and you certainly cannot become an expert in ships operations in 3 years. In the civilian side 3 years experience with a 18,000 ton ship would probably get you promoted to a very junior mate position.
  12. StumbleNola

    Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    The fundamental problem with all the Navy's nonsense it that the things they are fixing have fuck all to do with the root problem. When a military pilot gets out and starts looking for work there is a laundry list of companies begging them to come fly planes for them. From FedEx to airlines there is a bidding war for every military trained pilot as they leave the service. Do you know who bids for former CO's to come captain their ships? No one, because they don't have the sea time, the command experience, or the knowledge to even be licenses as a watch stander in the civilian world. You want to know the root of the problem... The average USN Captain has SIX MONTHS on the job. Thats it, six months is the average length of duty assignment, and no one has more than a year. Because the entire Navy has moved to a 12 month billet for Captains in order to rotate them thru fast enough to punch everyones command ticket so they can be promoted.
  13. StumbleNola

    My newest project

    Wait, I thought pink shorts were mandatory.
  14. StumbleNola

    My newest project

    It might not be a bad idea to add a grab rail just inside of the NKE's. Its never a bad idea to have extra grab rails, they would do double duty to shield the buttons, and third duty as somewhere to rest a foot when heeled. Fiddles would also work, but I like the added bonus of actually using them as a grab rail.
  15. StumbleNola

    Something different for CA

    Bah double post