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  1. triciarob

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Worrying about their outboard, eating cheese grits, accidentaly dropping stuff overboard and chasing it with the trolling motor on their dink, finding anchorages, being interviewed by some radio prog, struggling against the current in Elliot Cut. That's pretty much it. For the record I (Tricia) think they are sweet, Rob hates them. Tricia xxx
  2. triciarob

    First (and hopefully last). Pan. Pan

    Sailing down the Red Sea, cruising chute up. Rob decides to run the engine so we can get the water maker going. We decide to take the cruising chute down. I'm pulling in the sheets, Rob yells at me to let the halyard go, I start to say I'm pulling the sheets in, but he yells louder. I let the halyard go. Engine stops. Lovely, got c/c sheets round the prop. No pan pan or mayday in the Red Sea. Rob goes over the side but refuses a knife, as he doesn't want to cut the sheets. Eventually, with bursts of reverse we get the sheets unwrapped. It was hair raising because all I could think of was Rob getting his fingers caught in the prop and it would be my fault coz I was in charge of the short bursts of reverse. We spent a year in Dubai and Oman, there is so much crap in the Persian Gulf every time we went sailing we got something round the prop.
  3. triciarob


    Hey Zenan Thanks for the reply. We are in lockdown in NZ and have delayed our plans at the moment. Still, any info you can give us would be pretty great. Tricia
  4. triciarob

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    This is the latest that I could find.
  5. Hi. Some thoughts-: Get a bimini, you'll be outside a lot of the time either sailing or at anchor in a hot(ter) climate, it makes a big difference. We spent many years with only an icebox but converted with an Engel kit a few years back. SO much more civilised We don't have a windlass and run 40m 8mm chain, 60m 8 strand rope and a 20kg s/s spade anchor. You need a chain pawl so you can rest if needed and if you have 2 chain claws you have 1 as a bridle and a spare, the spare has enough rope attached to reach a winch from the bow roller so you can break it out if necessary. The fridge only works because nowadays you can get 250w in a single panel (we are on a small boat with only an outboard, no inboard.) This can run the fridge and lights/fans at anchor or the tiller pilot, nav gear and watermaker during passage so long as the fridge is turned off at night. This might be different if you are running a radar with a big chartplotter screen and whatever electronics are considered essential these days Currently have a 3.1m airfloor zodiac but spent many years with a sevylor pvc inflatable no prob. If you intend to go tropic recomend welded seams not glued. Have fun Rob
  6. triciarob


    Cisco you are a star! That is exactly what I was looking for. Now you are my most favourite person ever. Tricia xxx
  7. triciarob


    You all are great. Thank you. Have spent centuries (possible exaggeration, but not by much), looking for info on taking the cat in. I believe I need an import permit and a vet certificate, however I have looked and googled, but obviously not in the correct places. A few months ago I DID find a form, in Spanish, but can't for the life of me find it now. I have no memory of where/how I found it, so will just keep searching till it pops up again. The forum did have a long to but that comes up as 'Página no encontrada'. I'll keep trying. Thanks again for the info. Tricia xxx
  8. triciarob


    Oh wow Cisco, that's fab! Thank you sooo much. Loads of useful info, here. Tricia xxx
  9. triciarob


    Anyone here got any knowledge on Chile? Am looking for visa info for Brits, marina prices around Puert Montt, regulations on pet imports and any general info on Puert Montt. Thanks geysers n ladies. Tricia xxx
  10. triciarob

    come say hello

    Any of you anarchists in Nouméa, New Caledonia come on by and say hello. If you bring cake I'll make you a cuppa. Boat's Bluet, Sadler 25.
  11. triciarob

    Brexit, WTF

    I've not read every post in this thread, but it seems that everyone has forgotten that the original referendum was not suppose to be binding. It was suppose to be advisory only and only 36% of the UK voted. Hardly a 'people's vote'. That dickhead Farage said that if the vote was 48 to 52 in favour of staying in the EU, he would call for a second referendum, 'it's not over' were his words. He has now ensured that his children have German citizenship (his wife is German but the children were British until Brexit). The same goes for Aaron Banks, also a hard-line Brexiteer, has ensured his family have EU citizenship by paying Malta over £630,000. A lot of the million/billionaires in the UK have moved their money into other countries to mitigate the effects of a poor economy in post Brexit UK. Let's also not forget the lies and deliberately misleading statements made by the leave contingent, which alone should render the referendum null and void.
  12. triciarob

    Blimey! Awful. Tricia
  13. triciarob

    Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    Well spotted! Had to fix it a couple of years back using s/s sub-frame after the original frame rotted
  14. triciarob

    Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    Hi there,looking good so far ☺ Built a trim tab to the dimensions recommended by John S Letcher jr in his book 'Self steering for sailing craft'. This is on a 25ft boat 2000kg and has been dragged around for far too long while i work out the control system so I might be very interested in buying a set of your printed parts if you were to run off another set. A few questions if I may; The materials used(not the carbon) are they repairable with epoxy if damaged or is it more like a poly plastic? How brittle is it as a material? Any bearing material in the vane axis? I must be thick but your drawing of the rudder fitting looks like it just provides differential (gearing) from the vane to the tab and not feedback,more details? Take care Rob
  15. triciarob

    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Never had a problem with fishermen. In Turkey had them come back from night fishing, tie up inside of us, secure our boat and not wake us up. In the Red Sea, they came alongside asking for food, cigarettes and whisky. Gave them food, no whisky coz we'd already drunk it, no ciggies coz we don't smoke. All offered help if we needed it and all offered us fish. Going from Dubai to India through Straits of Hormuz, we got frightened by an Iranian dhow. I was on watch, Rob was sleeping. They were interested in lone woman on small boat. They came close making drinking signs. I (Rob says I'm an idiot :-D ) shouted at them "That's really kind, but no thanks". They tried to get much closer so I woke Rob up, then a U.S. Navy helicopter over flew a tanker coming up behind us, which changed course towards us, the helicopter then flew straight at us, circled the dhow which headed behind us and back on course for Iran. We didn't see any guns, so don't think they were pirates. They were just curious about such a small boat and didn't realize they were a danger to us and could cause a lot of damage. Gave us a scare though. All this is my way of saying BS to the murderous fishermen story. Tricia