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  1. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Never had a problem with fishermen. In Turkey had them come back from night fishing, tie up inside of us, secure our boat and not wake us up. In the Red Sea, they came alongside asking for food, cigarettes and whisky. Gave them food, no whisky coz we'd already drunk it, no ciggies coz we don't smoke. All offered help if we needed it and all offered us fish. Going from Dubai to India through Straits of Hormuz, we got frightened by an Iranian dhow. I was on watch, Rob was sleeping. They were interested in lone woman on small boat. They came close making drinking signs. I (Rob says I'm an idiot :-D ) shouted at them "That's really kind, but no thanks". They tried to get much closer so I woke Rob up, then a U.S. Navy helicopter over flew a tanker coming up behind us, which changed course towards us, the helicopter then flew straight at us, circled the dhow which headed behind us and back on course for Iran. We didn't see any guns, so don't think they were pirates. They were just curious about such a small boat and didn't realize they were a danger to us and could cause a lot of damage. Gave us a scare though. All this is my way of saying BS to the murderous fishermen story. Tricia
  2. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    The spirit lives on.
  3. Stove flame safety device

    You are all great! Thanks for taking the trouble, will let you all know what I decide and how it works out. Tricia xxx
  4. Stove flame safety device

    Thanks everyone for suggestions. Finally got around to taking photos (busy hauling boat, stepping mast etc.) If I take the top off it will involve drilling out corroded steel screws from weak aluminium to gain access to replace the couple, which I don't want to risk. As seen in the picture of the top with the big stainless screw, that is literally just plugging a hole to stop the gas blowing below the burner cap under the burner itself, where the piezo ignition corroded, split and fell out. So I don't think I would be able to certainly replace the couple at the burner anyway. The only way I can see of making the burner usable, is removing the front of the control valve (which I can do) poking the solenoid valve into the open position and jamming it. I do have a cut off valve next to the cooker and I have a very sensetive nose for anything petrolium based, so it's not an entirely stupid idea. I was just hoping someone could come up with something better. Tricia PS I am old enough to remember when stoves didn't have safety valves ☺
  5. Stove flame safety device

    Best part of 20yo Taylors 041, 1500US$ new. 20yo means where they had cast iron, aluminium and stainless steel - corrosion happens. It was top of the range at the time but not necessarily well designed. If I have to start drilling out iron or stainless steel from aluminium or blind rivets, things are gonna get fucked pretty soon. At the mo I've lost 1 burner if I fuck it up I've lost the whole cooker - grill, hot plate, burners or oven. I know I can stick a spacer through the front the valve that shuts off the gas. But I was hoping for a better solution from people like yourself. Cheers, Tricia PS Thanks Zonker and Moonduster tried the sandin etc. Didn't work :-( Will try dumpster diving next I think : -))
  6. Stove flame safety device

    Just re-read my original post and I didn't mention it's only one burner that's not working properly. Sorry! Light it, it stays on for a while then clonks shut. Cleaned everything as much as I could without risking damage, still the same. Heated thermocouple seperately same result. Stays alight anywhere from 10 secs to 3 mins. Bloody annoying as you think its working ok then goes off while you're not looking. Thermocouple pipe is screwed into back of (innacessable) control valve, no wire just copper tube into gas tight joint. Tricia
  7. Stove flame safety device

    Lights but goes out when you release the gas knob no matter how long it's pressed in for. Tricia
  8. Stove flame safety device

    I've got an old cooker (Taylors model 041). The burners have the usual push in and hold safety feature that doesn't work any more. Spares are hard to obtain, and we are in a country in Asia where it is difficult to get a cooker with this safety feature. The burners have the usual problems of stainless steel and ally. So, my question is, can the safety feature be bypassed so that the burners can still be used? And if so how? Tricia
  9. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I started to feel sorry for him a few weeks ago. Then I got cross with him. Now I hope, if he is dead, that he wasn't terrified for long and that it was over quickly for him. Tricia
  10. Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    Been offline for a while,but I want to thank you for your thoughtful and honest comments. Food for thought ! Rob
  11. Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    I've been following your thread since the start ,about your thought processes and reasons for your choices for the build. Now you have had some sea time and the novelty has veeery slightly worn off, I'm genuinely curious for your opinion of how you would rate this (style of ) boat for cruising. You posted some great vids of trying to crack 20 knots with 'damn the torpedoes' kind of attitude and the crew having loads of shits and giggles but my questions are; You and your partner are doing an offshore passage,say 1000miles,it's night and you are on your own. What sort of speed do you think would be comfortable regards to noise below and the accelerations involved. I remember an interview with Paul Cayard on a Volvo boat and he said something like ' it's comparable to being inside a 50 gallon drum being rolled down a cobble street'. You are not racing so you have dialed it down but still,upwind,reaching,whats the sweet spot ? I know the open 40's go round the Horn in their races but they try to go downhill most of the time. How do you think your boat would cope with Patagonia or the Aleutions / Alaska ? The Bass Straight ? And finally,how much speed do you think you would lose upgrading the rig and the storage to cope with these sort of situations ? regards Rob
  12. I'm in love. Sweet sailing vid

    Slow day for me? No slower than normal for a retired woman sitting on her boat in the SW monsoon in Malaysia. Anyway, i thought it was loverley and it made me happy. xxx Tricia
  13. I did do a search, but nothing came up so I'm sharing anyway. Presumably some local knowledge is required. Tricia
  14. The pure physical beauty of a Westerly Centaur

    Don't want to head down the twin keels are marvelous debate too far. For me as a shallow sailor they are great for bumping along the bottom with the incoming tide. You can take so many more risks with them and go up some great rivers. However, you are dead right - they do look a bit weird when you see them overwinterring along the foreshores of the Fal there is something slighly unnatural about that mass of boat hull being held two feet above the ground I know i'm biased but I much prefer the Sadler ! Rob
  15. CATARI comes along at Pacific Seacraft

    "Production started 2 years ago? 3?" Hey Rols I've heard there's a guy in Comox, BC who can knock one of these out in 2 or 3 months. Approximately 1 month to splash, then 1 month to fit out and it would be a real man's boat made of steel, not poncey plastic, cos real men don't care what the pussy pad on the push pit is called. Bish bosh to you, $25 grand. Rob