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  1. Been offline for a while,but I want to thank you for your thoughtful and honest comments. Food for thought ! Rob
  2. I've been following your thread since the start ,about your thought processes and reasons for your choices for the build. Now you have had some sea time and the novelty has veeery slightly worn off, I'm genuinely curious for your opinion of how you would rate this (style of ) boat for cruising. You posted some great vids of trying to crack 20 knots with 'damn the torpedoes' kind of attitude and the crew having loads of shits and giggles but my questions are; You and your partner are doing an offshore passage,say 1000miles,it's night and you are on your own. What sort of speed do you think would be comfortable regards to noise below and the accelerations involved. I remember an interview with Paul Cayard on a Volvo boat and he said something like ' it's comparable to being inside a 50 gallon drum being rolled down a cobble street'. You are not racing so you have dialed it down but still,upwind,reaching,whats the sweet spot ? I know the open 40's go round the Horn in their races but they try to go downhill most of the time. How do you think your boat would cope with Patagonia or the Aleutions / Alaska ? The Bass Straight ? And finally,how much speed do you think you would lose upgrading the rig and the storage to cope with these sort of situations ? regards Rob
  3. Slow day for me? No slower than normal for a retired woman sitting on her boat in the SW monsoon in Malaysia. Anyway, i thought it was loverley and it made me happy. xxx Tricia
  4. I did do a search, but nothing came up so I'm sharing anyway. Presumably some local knowledge is required. Tricia
  5. Don't want to head down the twin keels are marvelous debate too far. For me as a shallow sailor they are great for bumping along the bottom with the incoming tide. You can take so many more risks with them and go up some great rivers. However, you are dead right - they do look a bit weird when you see them overwinterring along the foreshores of the Fal there is something slighly unnatural about that mass of boat hull being held two feet above the ground I know i'm biased but I much prefer the Sadler ! Rob
  6. "Production started 2 years ago? 3?" Hey Rols I've heard there's a guy in Comox, BC who can knock one of these out in 2 or 3 months. Approximately 1 month to splash, then 1 month to fit out and it would be a real man's boat made of steel, not poncey plastic, cos real men don't care what the pussy pad on the push pit is called. Bish bosh to you, $25 grand. Rob
  7. Seemed appropriate https://www.facebook.com/1732960170323878/videos/1753231238296771/?fref=nf Tricia
  8. Now I'm going to have this in my head all day: TOW ME! ALRIGHT! YOU CAN TOW ME ALL DAMN DAY AND NIGHT! Thanks for that. Fuck you! I managed to avoid that, now it's stuck. Tricia
  9. With a stud like that, it's bound to increase the market appeal to female sailors. Tricia Tricia, you may be surprised what he may be hiding under all that baggy clothing Yurgh! I just sicked up in my mouth. Tricia
  10. With a stud like that, it's bound to increase the market appeal to female sailors. Tricia
  11. Big fleas grifters have little fleas grifters, Upon their backs to bite 'em, And little fleas grifters have lesser fleas grifters, and so, ad infinitum. With apologies to Jonathan Swift. Tricia
  12. Somebody slap me. I'm beginning to feel sorry for Rimas again. Tricia
  13. Has 'ol reamer' found another ride already ? rob
  14. We've been sailing Eastabout from the UK since 2001 (working our way around) and have always wanted to go to Ushuaia and are currently in Subic Bay in the Philippines. If someone wants to sponsor us for $5000, which will be spent on new sails, wind vane, food and repair to the watermaker. We will go two up (or three up if you include the cat) to Puerto Williams or Ushuaia non stop in our 25ft boat (Sadler) and we guarantee to send a photo of your name sprayed on the light house on the Cape, although we won't guarantee to round it or when this will happen. Tricia
  15. Can't find any more details (Bombay-late 19th C)or even a better pic but I think this would've been a cool ride. Rob