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  1. From Reuters An hour passed before Japan authorities were notified of Fitzgerald collision Nearly an hour elapsed before a Philippine-flagged container ship reported a collision with a U.S. warship, the Japanese coastguard said on Monday, as investigations began into the accident in which seven U.S. sailors were killed. Shipping data in Thomson Reuters Eikon shows that the ACX Crystal, chartered by Japan's Nippon Yusen KK, made a complete U-turn between 12:58 a.m. and 2:46 a.m. on June 17. (11.58 a.m. ET and 1.46 p.m. ET). The collision happened at around 1:30 a.m. but it was not until 2:25 a.m. that the container ship informed the Japanese coastguard of the accident, said coastguard spokesman Takeshi Aikawa told Reuters. He declined to elaborate on why the ship took nearly an hour to report the accident but said it could take ships time to notify authorities as they dealt with more urgent matters. And from another source The [Japanese] coast guard initially said the collision occurred at 2:20 a.m. because the Philippine ship had reported it at 2:25 a.m. and said it just happened. After interviewing Filipino crewmembers, the coast guard has changed the collision time to 1:30 a.m. In my post above I speculated that the hit was at about point #7. Then, after RKoch’s confirmation of +9 UTC, I agreed that the hit could have been at about point #5 and because of the reported U-turn BEFORE the hit. Now the news of a 1 hour delay indicates the hit was at point #2. This would mean ACX Crystal made the U-turn AFTER the hit while on a constant heading of 68 degrees and going 18.5 kts. That would make for a significant strike. BTW, the number of crew on ACX was 20 – total.
  2. I should have added another Point - call it 7.1 as the first dot after Point 7. Speed was 3.8, Heading was 85* and UTC was 19:01 or about 25 minutes after Point 7.
  3. I think the “hit” occurred at/near Point #7 when the speed was the lowest. Let’s break this down along a timeline: Point Speed Heading Date UTC 1 18.5 68* 06.16 16:28 2 17.3 112* 16:30 3 14.6 95* 16:36 4 8.1 310* 17:05 5 8.5 237* 17:40 6 2.9 68* 17:52 7 1.0 40* 18:36 8 12.6 73* 19:28 I think UTC is +9? Seems like a lot of U-turns in the middle of the night.
  4. AIS Tracking of ACX Crystal. Guess where and when it happened.
  5. Anyone looking to install and new system should contact Tom here: http://www.custommarineproducts.com/ He carries SunPower and Bosch monocrystalline cells or Qcell polycrystalline high efficiency solar cells. Can hook you up with a solar-powered, hot water option too. All around good guy.
  6. I love a happy ending to a story, dated 2012. When she gets out in 2020 she'll be 75 yo. Attorney General Peter Kilmartin announced that Elizabeth Baldwin (DOB: 11-6-45), with a last known address of 34 Miller Road, Middletown, pled nolo contendere to 92 counts of obtaining money under false pretenses, computer fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, and bad checks in a Ponzi scheme in which Baldwin stole $7.9 million from 49 victims. In accordance to the plea agreement, Baldwin received a sentence of 30 years, with eight to serve and the remainder suspended with probation and has been ordered to pay $7.9 million in restitution to the victims. Baldwin was remanded to the ACI immediately upon entering her plea.
  7. In the closing credits of this 2-year old video they cite Alex Camet as being aboard for the day. Wonder if he was aboard when this happened? I don't know. Google search shows Alex as being with the North loft in San Diego. Also, he was wearing Camet shorts in that video. Curious if he is affiliated with Camet International, the sailing apparel company.
  8. Back in the 1980 there were a lot of Chance designed boats in the Detroit area. I was on a Chance 32/28 and we raced against PT-30s and a PT-32 on a Wednesday evening series on Lake St. Clair. Think the PT-32 was called "Menagerie." Never was aboard her to tell you it had the wood carvings.
  9. Wow. Is this what the Rescue Swimmers of the CCG and USCG have to put up with? First, the guy refuses to jump into the water for a helo rescue because the does’t think his inflatable PFD will support him. Then why did he buy it in the first place? So, with a helo rescue out of the question the guy has to wait for a sailboat-to-boat transfer. Problem is that he is too fat to get into a “gumby” survival suit. But when the rescue boat is alongside the sailboat the guy doesn’t jump, says, “…it’s too rough and too dangerous.” So, the next plan is to do a sailboat-to-liferaft-to-boat transfer. But the guy misses the liferaft and instead jumps into the water. Now he begins to sink as he could not zip up the gumby suit and it fills with water. Rescue Swimmer sees this and jumps in to save the guy who now panics and tries to drag the RS under. Eventually the RS overpowers the guy and they get him into the boat. All this for a guy who was out in weather he should not have been in AND would not even assist in his own rescue. CCG deserves a metric ton of praise here.
  10. Don Criner (89) passed away in Harbor Springs, MI on August 27, 2016. In 1975 he was the helmsman on the Golden Dazy that won the Canada's Cup. He was a member of the Bayview Yacht Club and Little Traverse Yacht Club. He sailed Moxie, a Crescent, at Bayview and an NM22 at LTYC. Don is survived by his wife of nearly 50 years, Audrey and three children. Golden Dazy is a 42′ IOR 2-ton designed by Ron Holland and built by the Gougeon Brothers.
  11. Agree with Sidmon - it drifted there. Take a look at this screen shot at 15:16 CDT and then compare to the nautical chart above. By my eye it was "sinking" just over that 235' mark on the chart. And Peacefrog said they saw 209' on their sounder.
  12. Yeah, depths to the west of Pyramid Point (44* 57.64N by 85* 58.41W according to the tracker at 15:21 CDT) are 150' to 175' deep.
  13. The tracker for WhoDo was still recording at 17:15 CDT - they must have taken it off the boat when they got into the raft. Heartbreaker took the WhoDo crew out of their raft and a number of boats came to assist: Triumverate, Blue Flash, St. Francis and Celestial and City Girl. Good on you for helping out.
  14. Aahhhhh... the finger pointing begins. According to the article the Canadians are not at fault. In a statement, Canada’s Great Lakes Pilotage Authority said there had been a misunderstanding related to the pilotage requirements because they are different in Canada than they are in the U.S. “Pilotage requirements for the U.S. Coast Guard are different than Canadian requirements in International waters, and as such, the Norwegian ship is required under American laws to avail themselves of a licensed pilot in all international and American waters of the Great Lakes,” the statement said. “Canada has no reciprocity agreement with the U.S. when it comes to pilotage exemptions on foreign flag vessels, therefore the American laws are in place and as such, the Great Lakes Pilotage Authority is not responsible for this matter.”
  15. More here: http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/michigan/2016/07/13/viking-ship/87040184/ A commenter on this newspaper article posted: “Seems to fail to mention how the USCG had recently raised the pilotage rate by 58% (yielding the $400/hour figure). Also, doesn't mention a lawsuit filed last month by several foreign shipping companies and some Great Lakes ports against the USCG, regarding the rate increase. And, almost seems suspicious that the Draken was able to actually reach Fairport Harbor, and then be notified - as if this were some sort of attempt to try strengthening the defendent's side of that lawsuit. And, apparently this has been an ongoing issue (classification of foreign-flag tall ships) which Great Lakes Tall Ship organizers have been at odds with for the past 15 years.”