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  1. Morgan Crewed

    The 2020 Motorcycle Thread

    Hello Dorado, Yes, got more than I expected when I put it on eBay – went to a guy in London, Ontario. Tuning a CBX takes a special talent to get all 6 carbs sync’ed and 24 valves adjusted properly. Once that done correctly the engine really sings. Otherwise it is flat. Lucky for me my younger brother is a freaking WIZARD with vintage Honda CBs and specializes in the CBX. Check out the YouTube link below. My bike sounded the first bike in the video. Meanwhile I’ve attached a few of his CBX builds over the years. For 1979 and 1980 the CBX had a twin-shock rear swing arm and were naked. For 1981 and 1982 the CBX had a ProLink (mono-shock) rear suspension, gained a touring fairing and detachable saddle bags. The bike evolved into a “fast bagger” touring bike.
  2. Morgan Crewed

    The 2020 Motorcycle Thread

    Comstar wheels were OEM on my 1982 Honda CBX - inline 6 cylinder. Sold it just a few years ago with 32K miles on the clock.
  3. Morgan Crewed

    65- by 32-foot catamaran 3200sqft of living space

    Damn, has it been almost five years since the sinking? Time flys.
  4. Morgan Crewed


    Hello Ed: I truly appreciate that - very sincere on your part. Best to you and your family.
  5. Morgan Crewed


    You must be easily "offended." You being in Poland explains a lot. BTW, I never said I liked the design by Buehig or the car - because I don't. I was only trying to explain the genesis of the car - no more, no less. And as SJB says Buehrig had an incredible career with not only Auburn and Cord, but also at Duesenburg. Dick Kughn was a personal friend, brought much to the car hobby, and brought jobs to Detroit, but I guess that doesn't mean much to you. And yes, I like living in my suburban Detroit home. Merry Christmas
  6. Morgan Crewed


    No, it is a tribute “neo-classic” car designed by the legendary Gordon Buehrig and financed by Richard Kughn. At one time his classic car collection was about 250 cars. Styled by the legendary Auburn, Cord Duesenberg designer Gordon Buehrig and built in collaboration with Richard Kughn of the Car Rail Museum in Detroit. Research indicates only 3 examples were produced although plans were to build 50 units at a retail price of $130,000 each in 1980! One resides in the "Buehrig Room" at the ACD Museum in Auburn Indiana. Another is believed to still be owned by the Kughn family. The third is the car offered here which was Dick Kughn's personal car and the only one ever sold. We acquired this car directly from the Kughn estate. Built from a new Corvette in 1980. The VIN therefore decodes to a 1980 Corvette and the drivetrain is stock Corvette. Only 1,800 miles since new and stored in a climate controlled garage. It remains all original and in near showroom condition today. The build quality is remarkable! Dick Kughn is also known as the guy who bought Lionel Trains from General Mills. Moved manufacturing from Mexico to Michigan and saved the company. Dick passed away in June at 89. Wonderful man.
  7. Morgan Crewed

    Random PicThread

    Cool retro design, but at U$75,000 it is 3 times the price one would expect.
  8. Morgan Crewed

    Vintage Warren Miller - Hot Yachts Cold Water

    Met my wife because of Warren Miller's ski films. Was a member of my college ski club and so was my (to be) wife and her girlfriends. Warren Miller produced feature length movies, but also produced "shorts" sponsored by Old Crow Bourbon. These shorts contained an advert in the middle of the 20 minute reel for Old Crow Bourbon and a recipe to make a Broken Leg drink using OCB and hot apple cider. I had a 16mm projector and signed up for the free shorts from Miller Films and took it to club meetings where they were a hit. Amoung the people asking about where I took my movies was my wife. Later met Warren when he was the ski ambassador for Deer Valley and my wife and I told him the story of how we met. Before his death he was the ski ambassador for The Yellowstone Club in Wyoming. Coincidentally, the daughter of a buddy of mine was a concierge there and became good friends with him and his wife.
  9. Morgan Crewed

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Miki Garcia was born on February 17, 1947 - she'll be 73 in a couple of months.
  10. Morgan Crewed

    Subaru Advice

    Yep, is the place to go. But I went for the Draw-Tite Installed one on my wife's 2010 Outback and when she got a 2017 Outback then I put another one on that car. Easy DIY - brother and I did it in about 0.5 hours, but then he has all the right tools. I use mine for a bicycle rack, but also opted to add the wiring kit in case I ever had to pull a trailer. Last item. Somewhere earlier up the thread someone mentioned they were not happy with the OEM tires. I will second that. When you need to replace then I would go with the highest-rated tire recommended by Tire Rack - the Perelli Cinturanto P7. Best of luck with your install.
  11. Morgan Crewed

    Pit Bulls Behaving Bad Again: Biggly Part III

    Happened again last week in Bay City, Michigan. Police are continuing to investigate what led to a Bay City woman being mauled to death by one or more dogs in her house. Police on Nov. 1 found 41-year-old Brandy Joy O’Dell deceased in her residence in the 3200 block of Westshore Drive in the Westshore Estates Mobile Home Park. In the home with her were two pit bull-type dogs and a Chihuahua, said Bay City Public Safety Capt. Caleb Rowell.
  12. Morgan Crewed

    Fucking parasites

    I never knew the “tradition” was for the owner to pay for everything – silly me. Started sailing as a kid on a homemade sunfish built by my buddy’s dad from Popular Mechanics plans. Later, we both bought catamarans and sailed against one another. Then he decided to buy a new Oday 27 and we began doing Wednesday night races. After a few years he outgrew the Oday and bought a used Chance 32/28. With that boat we were doing Wednesday races weekend races and BYC-Mackinac race. Finally, he moved up to a Morgan 42 and had that boat for 25+ years. My buddy was a schoolteacher and everything was done on budget. We never expected him t buy everything. It was understood, up front, that we shared in bringing food, beer, soda pop, whatever for the races. For the Mac race we all kicked in for the entry fee, dockage, food, fuel, etc. I always thought this was fair and cheap way for me to go sailing on a bigger boat. I sold my Hobie 16 when I realized I had done more sailing on his boat in two weeks than I sailed my own boat in a year. We even shared the cost of new sails - my buddy would put in 50% of the cost and each of the crew (8 or 9) would ante up the other 50%. Cannot recall anyone bitching about it and we never had a crewman backout. Every so often I (or someone else) would buy the boat a gift of some needed piece of equipment at Christmastime. In the fall, we came together as a crew to haul out the boat and winterize her. In the spring, we rubbed out, waxed the boat and got her ready for the season. Always had a fun time doing this. Maybe we had it all wrong, but I don’t regret a dollar or a minute of it. Good times.
  13. Morgan Crewed

    Pit Bulls Behaving Bad Again: Biggly Part III

    The mauling death I reported in post #172 and MikeR80 in post #180 are one in the same. The parents of the 4-year old were not the owners of the dog. FYI: "...It all happened inside the family's home on East Woodruff, which is just a few blocks from the police station. According to a family statement, they were watching the dog for some friends and were not made aware of any previous signs of aggression regarding the dog..."
  14. Morgan Crewed

    Dubai and Singapore - things to do and see?

    Was in Singapore the first five days of September – was very hot and muggy. November starts the rainy season when the temps are in the low 90s during the day and low 80s during the night. People dress up in Singapore – you can easily spot the western tourists wearing shorts. Ladies are very fashion astute. Raffles Long Bar harkens back to colonial Britain, but they are rather sweet and expensive, $20. And in no particular order: Do the Singapore Riverwalk, grab lunch there and then do the river boat ride. Visit the Asian Civilisation Museum and see the artifacts from an 830 AD shipwreck from the Java Sea. Hit the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, visit their trophy room and buy some swag. Get a drink at sunset at the top of the Fullerton Hotel and watch the laser light show from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Get a drink at sunset at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and watch the light show at the Botanical Gardens Go the Changi Airport and window shop at the "Jewel," a $1.3 billion mall with the world’s tallest indoor waterfall at 130’ and rain forest. Eat with the locals on the second basement level of terminals 4 and 2 at the airport – cash only. Buy some swag at the Singapore Cricket Club.
  15. Morgan Crewed

    Pit Bulls Behaving Bad Again: Biggly Part III

    Pit Bull mauls 4-year-old boy to death A 4-year-old boy was mauled to death in a dog attack Tuesday night in Hazel Park. (suburb immediately north of Detroit) police said. His 14-year-old sister called 911 at about 6:45 p.m. to report her mother was trying to stop a male pit bill from attacking him at their home on East Woodruff, authorities said in a statement. The family had been fostering the 60-pound canine, according to the release. Investigators learned the mother cut the animal with a knife to defend her son. When police officers responded to the scene with the Hazel Park Fire Department and saw the dog "actively attacking" the 4-year-old, they used Tasers to free him, authorities wrote. The pit bull ran out of the house. The boy, who sustained serious wounds to his neck and body, was rushed by ambulance to a hospital and pronounced dead. His 38-year-old mother also was hospitalized for treatment of dog bite injuries that were not believed to be life threatening. More: