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  1. Morgan Crewed

    Photo ID

    Kahn's website says the title of that image is, "Bow of the Idem".
  2. Or could contact the investigating officer, Lt. Daniel White of RI DEM here He is the fourth person listed. Has a link to his EM
  3. His father was a boat owner and loved fishing. When he was out boating and fishing with him didn't he learn anything? And how long has he been a boat owner and is still unknowledgeable about safe operation of a boat. In other words, stay stupid and get off. No penalty for killing someone. Look for more of this:
  4. Morgan Crewed


    Believe that to be a shingler's or roofing hammer. Framing hammers have a checked face, heavy - 20oz. and straight-back claw. But still a good question.
  5. Morgan Crewed

    Planned power outages this week?

    Part of an opinion piece from today’s Wall Street Journal Do California’s Blackouts Make Sense? "Some 90% of wildfires are not caused by power lines. How does cutting power help fight them? There’s no trigger the state can quickly pull to escape its now-commitment to cut power to large swaths of the public every time the fire-warning “red flag” is raised. Gov. Gavin Newsom played to the confused Thursday, even letting global warming off the hook for a change. The blackouts, he explained, are not a “climate-change story so much as a story of greed and neglect.” He’s partly right. Weather is variable. California is prone to dry spells, Santa Ana winds and fires. The restless expansion of housing into areas the state designates as “very high fire risk” is a bigger factor by far than climate change. But blaming the utilities, even the widely reviled and now bankrupt Pacific Gas & Electric, is a bit of a dodge. Public utilities are largely socialist enterprises, and California particularly socializes development in fire-prone areas by making its utilities responsible for fires related to their equipment even if they weren’t negligent. The state did so, it’s now apparent, without setting rates high enough to cover these risks or reduce them. Though PG&E’s estimates might be taken with a grain of salt, it told its bankruptcy judge that eliminating trees and vegetation from around its power lines would cost up to $150 billion and require 650,000 employees. PG&E’s customers already pay twice the national average for electricity. An alternative plan would be to radically decentralize its system so power cutoffs could be more “surgical.” This would also be expensive and, in PG&E’s sprawling territory, would still mean widespread blackouts. More equitable solutions are easy to envision, if only they were politically acceptable. · Utilities could be relieved of their blanket fire liability, transferring the risk to homeowners and insurance markets. · Utilities could be allowed to charge higher rates for customers in fire-prone districts. · They could be allowed to refuse to extend their networks into such areas. But the least rational outcome is also the most likely. Households will continue to be sheltered from the financial consequences of building in wildfire areas. The costs will be opaquely divided between ratepayers and the state’s taxpayers, amid much rhetoric about the evils of climate change and corporate greed. Here’s the kicker: The imposed blackouts then will be able to stop even though the fire risk remains unchanged. In fact, missing is any data showing that today’s blackouts meaningfully or cost effectively reduce the public’s risks. After all, 90% of fires, according to the California Public Utilities Commission, are caused by something other than power lines."
  6. Morgan Crewed


    Hmmm. First the hair sniffing, then the shoulder grab for a neck massage. Could be Joe or Hunter Biden - I don't know. But, weren't they both in China back in 2016? Yeah, I know - take it to PA.
  7. Morgan Crewed

    Planned power outages this week?

    (Nearly) wiping out the stockholders has already happened. Since the beginning of the year the stock price went from $49.42 to $10.98 - a loss of 78%. Also the stock dividend (4% return) was eliminated in December 2017. Yeah, those stockholders were really making out. Wonder how many investment advisors touted this utility as a "safe bet" for their pension plan or 401K?
  8. Yes, going back to JAS's post #190 and KC375's post #215 (where he printed out the report) you see Frank Teixeira checked off the boxes for "Owner" and "Operator." A couple of mouse clicks gets you the following.
  9. Morgan Crewed

    B-17 Crash in CT

    Drops the "airworthy" count to only 9. Depressing.
  10. Morgan Crewed

    More than 30 killed off santa cruz island

    Fastyacht posted the paragraph 177.500 Means of Escape. Section (f) requires the escape hatch to, "... be not less than 810 millimeters (32 inches) in width." Looking at the photo below, does anyone think that hatch opening (top bunk) is 32 inches wide? I don't think so.
  11. Morgan Crewed

    Arete' tri going for Chicago to Mac record again

    Forecast for the middle third of Lake Michigan STURGEON BAY WI TO POINT BETSIE MI SOUTH TO TWO RIVERS WI TO MANISTEE MI... GALE WARNING IN EFFECT UNTIL 1 PM CDT THIS AFTERNOON REST OF TODAY South gales to 35 kt becoming southwest to 30 kt. Slight chance of showers through mid morning. Waves 5 to 8 ft occasionally to 10 ft subsiding to 4 to 6 ft occasionally to 8 ft. TONIGHT West winds to 30 kt diminishing to 15 to 25 kt. Waves 4 to 6 ft occasionally to 8 ft. SATURDAY West winds 15 to 25 kt becoming southwest 10 to 20 kt. Waves 3 to 5 ft subsiding to 2 to 4 ft. SATURDAY NIGHT Southwest winds 10 to 20 kt increasing to 15 to 25 kt. Chance of showers and thunderstorms in the evening, then showers likely with a chance of thunderstorms overnight. Waves 1 to 3 ft.
  12. Morgan Crewed

    More than 30 killed off santa cruz island

    Conception boat safety video – now on YouTube. I get a very bad feeling every time I see that emergency exit (at 0.20). How in the hell did that ever get approved? Once you climb up to the 3rd bunk on a wood ladder, then you must do the following: (1) lay on the bunk (2) sit upright to open the hatch (3) stand up on the bunk and (4) crawl out of 3-sided box under at table. Then the unsupported hatch slams shut behind you and the next person must repeat the process all over again. At the very least, during the safety briefing they should have made every passenger practice an emergency exit through that escape hatch.
  13. Actually, Perdock did become mayor of Clearlake for 2 years and now is a councilman of the town and seems highly qualified and regarded in that position. “According to Mayor Russ Cremer, ‘While we had excellent candidates, the Council voted unanimously to appoint Russ Perdock due to his previous experience and leadership on the Council. We have many projects to complete as City Council and Mr. Perdock was chosen for his ability to hit the ground running.’” Or hit a sailboat, run away and then try and blame it on the sailboat skipper.
  14. Morgan Crewed

    Want to own a ferrari?

    Want more boats with a car theme? Try Gar Wood's Miss America X powered by four, supercharged V-12 Packard engines. Built in 1931 it was the first boat to hit 120 mph and in 1932 set a worlds speed record of 124.9 mph. Depending on boost and fuel mix used the each engine can put out between 1600 and 2000 HP. It is the 38' long of some of the nicest mahogany you'll ever see.
  15. Morgan Crewed

    Silver Spitfire - round the world trip

    Have to love the sound of a supercharged, 1650 cid V-12 at take off. The Spitfire, Mosquito, Hurricane and P-51 were some of the planes powered by the Rolls-Royce designed Merlin engine. England entered WWII on September 1, 1939 after Germany invaded Poland. In June 1940, and before the USA entered WWII, the Packard Motor Car Co. agreed to manufacture the Merlin engine under license from RR at their plant in Detroit, Mich. One of the biggest problems Packard had to solve was sourcing nuts and bolts for assembly. RR used 4 different thread designs – BA, BSF, BSW and BSP. Since no one made these items in the US Packard went about making the dies and tooling to build these parts. Packard, in cooperation with RR, made significant advancements in the design of the engine. This was done to speed the manufacture and assembly of the engine, but more importantly to increase reliability and performance in the air. In the four years from 1940 to 1944 the engine had evolved from the 1260 HP variant Merlin 20 (XX) to the 2280 HP Merlin V-1650-9 and its variants. Every Merlin was run-in for 12 ½ hours, then torn down, inspected and re-assembled. Then in was put on a testbed again for 1 ½ hours and run-in again before shipping. The 40 test-beds at the PMCC plant were running 24/7 and burned through 74,800 gallons of av gas each day just in testing.