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  1. Morgan Crewed

    Still Sailing?

    Yes, on a friend's boat. Couple of Friday night sunset cruises and looking for Neowise. That and the Wednesday night races in PHRF A.
  2. Morgan Crewed


    Storm blew apart before it got to Detroit area. Forecast was for mph winds and inches of rain - neither appeared. The mid part of that bow evaporated, north part headed NNE and the south part went SSE and left nothing in the middle. Not a drop of rain here.
  3. Morgan Crewed

    Video editing & "quick cuts"

    SF Woody, I too am a square peg in a round whole world. I am a scuba diver and drifted away from underwater, still photography and now into video. Been taking webinars to learn video editing and all I see are a series of 3 second to 5 second clips spliced together to match the beat of the music. No story telling or explaining what you are seeing. Guess I am a documentary type guy.
  4. Morgan Crewed

    Video editing & "quick cuts"

    You are now a square peg in a round world. Want to win a video award? Get clicks? Get money and swag? Then bow to the masses and produce video clips like this one. These are clips of the GoPro Million Dollar Challenge.
  5. Morgan Crewed

    West Michigan Thread

    [Governor] Whitmer issued an executive order Wednesday night that reimposes restrictions starting at 12:01 a.m. Friday for Regions 6 and 8 — which include the Upper Peninsula and 17 counties in northern Michigan — that cap indoor gatherings at 10 people and close indoor bars where alcohol accounts for 70% of sales. Outdoor gatherings in Regions 6 and 8 remain limited to 250 people.
  6. Morgan Crewed

    The rise of the KAREN

    Not exactly the case. In UK and other countries with "loser pays" rules there is robust litigation insurance industry to repay the loser. Contingency attorney buys an insurance policy and underwriters evaluate the cost of the policy for the client. I assume (could be wrong) that the cost of the policy is paid by the attorney. Therefore, Karen still can file a lawsuit and the insurance company pays instead of her. Also assume that if the policy premuim is too high, then that is a proxy telling the Karen's of the world that their claim is frivilous.
  7. Morgan Crewed

    LONQR 2

    Just happened to me. Buddy sent me an e-mail with a link to an article about a marina fire. I clicked onto the link and embedded in the article is a video of the fire. Clicked onto the video and then pops up one of those annoying ads. This ad was about grilling Angus beef. And the voiceover began, “A hint of smoke and the kiss of fire….” Article and video have next to no details.
  8. Morgan Crewed

    What's in your arsenal??

    Yeah that's it, must be the rug. sarc/
  9. Morgan Crewed

    "National Cleavage Day"

    A man wakes up from a coma. His doctor asks him what he remembers. All I remember is getting on an elevator with a gorgeous woman and her husband. She had a beautiful cleavage and I couldn't stop staring at it. She then looked at me and told me... "Can you please press one?".
  10. Morgan Crewed

    Random PicThread

    Fixed it for you.
  11. Morgan Crewed

    Random PicThread

    Yeah, no. Goggle photo search is not always right. Actually 1973 AMC Hornet GT concept car.
  12. Morgan Crewed

    US Boats Transiting Canadian Waters

    Probably the non-essential nature and indirect route betwwen ports was the reason BYC cancelled the Cove Island course this year.
  13. Morgan Crewed

    Random PicThread

    Sylvania at the Superior, Wisc. ore docks.
  14. Morgan Crewed

    2020 Hook Race

    At 21:00 CDT the Leaderboard lists 83 yachts, 31 have finished, 21 are still racing and 31 are DNF/DNS. A 37.3% DNF/DNS rate tells you it was a rough time. Hope the rest get in OK.
  15. Morgan Crewed

    2020 Hook Race

    And a nice-sized thunder storm rolled over the northern part of the lake at 04:00 today.