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  1. Morgan Crewed

    Notre Dame is burning to the ground Article says France does not have trees large enough to replace the roof beams.
  2. Morgan Crewed

    Baby its cold outside

    CSL Assiniboine entering Duluth Harbor on January 1, 2019. It was -11F in the morning and got to a high of 4F in the afternoon.
  3. Morgan Crewed

    C&C 30 implosion?

    ^^^^^ This
  4. Morgan Crewed


    Henri Lloyd has its own reorganization issues since it’s bankruptcy. Their USA online sales website based in Georgia now says it is “Under Construction.” Just a month ago they were having a 50% off sale on nearly everything. Hope you got your gear back then. You can now expect prices to be 25% to 30% higher and with fewer approved HL retailers. “Sailing-inspired fashion brand Henri Lloyd is planning an upmarket relaunch under its new Swedish owners, Drapers can reveal. Established in Manchester in 1963, Henri Lloyd was bought in a pre-pack administration [bankruptcy] by Aligro UK, a subsidiary of Swedish firm Aligro Group, in June. [2018] Shortly afterwards, the former chief executive of Swedish sports fashion distributor Sportmanship, Magnus Liljeblad, was appointed CEO of Henri Lloyd, which is now headquartered in Gothenburg. Liljeblad is now moving the brand upmarket and imposing a renewed focus on quality and its sailing heritage. Although wholesale prices are yet to be finalised, they will rise by between 25% and 30% compared with its previous collections.”
  5. Morgan Crewed

    Why dogs are banned from national parks

    A domestic dog was brought onto Isle Royale National Park in the middle of Lake Superior and left off-leash. Dog was carrying the parvovirus. Result was a huge environmental problem. An island with 50+ wolves was decimated to only 2 - one male and one female. As the wolf population declined the breeding was between siblings. The last pair are also father - daughter and half siblings, having shared the same mother. So the breeding stock was severely inbred. This allowed the moose population to increase without any natural predators. The favorite food of the moose is the balsam fir and the predominate tree on the island. So now it is a race to see which wins, the slow growing fir or the unchecked population of moose. Finally, it took years for the NPS to make up its mind to allow additional wolves to be brought to the island. The plan is to introduce 20 or so over the next 5 years.
  6. Morgan Crewed

    UW photography with a GoPro Anarchy

    Hello Jeff: Couple of things about shooting macro with your GP. Get away from the WIDE viewpoint and move to MEDIUM or try NARROW - these settings will get you in closer Go to and get their wet 10+ closeup lens ($20) or, if has been a good Christmas add the 15+ macro lens ($100) Go to Backscatter and buy (or make) a camera tray to hold that 4500 lumen video lights - you gain a hand Now about the Olympus TG-5. It is a small, compact camera, but you CANNOT put it in your BCD pocket. I have mine on a Backscatter tray. Cost of the camera is on sale at $400 and a camera and housing is another $300. Check out this video BTW, I have a lanyard attached to my camera & tray and I clip it to my BCD so it does not get too far away. Now tell me about the Lembeh Straits.
  7. Morgan Crewed

    UW photography with a GoPro Anarchy

    You need more light. I have a Hero 4 Black that I've been using with two, 2300 lumen video lights. Checkout the pages on GoPro Accesssories and look at their FLIP filters and video lights. Also check out their turorials on GoPro You may also want to check out a new still camera that won't break the bank - try an Olympus TG-5 in a case. Has special macro mode. Used it for the first time in Bonaire last month. Samples below with video lights, no filters and no PS. You tell me. Heading to the Lembeh Straits in August 2019. Share your comments here about your experience.
  8. Morgan Crewed

    ORC Missed Opportunity?

    Rating system for the C+C 35s is ORR-EZ, same as CN as shown in my post #52 above. I screwed up and now taking an ORC thread off into ORR and ORR-EZ never-neverland. Maybe I should post on another thread and let this stop here.
  9. Morgan Crewed

    ORC Missed Opportunity?

    Yeah, sorry - I really fucked that up
  10. Morgan Crewed

    ORC Missed Opportunity?

    Yes, thanks, that is the area and race. Maybe I can explain my question better. Attached are screen grabs from the 2017 Bayview – can’t speak to 2018 ratings. Two yachts self-identify as Beneteau First 42 TM and went through the time and money for ORC ratings as follows: · Boat A: Liberty #25656 rates ORC at 0.845 – when racing PHRF she was rated 84 · Boat B: Mostly Harmless #25668 rates ORC at 0.852 – when racing PFRF she rated 84 A near sistership, a Beneteau First TM SD, wanted to leave the class that contained Liberty and MH and did NOT get an ORC cert, but instead filed for ORC-EZ rating to race in a different class. · Boat C: Comfortably Numb #25434 rates ORC-EZ at 0.791 – when racing PHRF she rated 87 When CN received her ORC-EZ of 0.791 I was trying to determine what that rating would equate to under PHRF. I happened to see that CN’s 0.791 rating was a little slower than your typical rating for a C+C 35 Mk1 at 0.799 for boats such as Regardless, Siochail, Contender or Underdog. Before, when the C+C 35s were racing under PHRF they rated 129. I an still wondering how CN went from the equivalent of PHRF 87 to 129 – a 42 second change – under ORC-EZ? What could you possibly do to “slow” that boat down that much?
  11. Morgan Crewed

    ORC Missed Opportunity?

    What I meant to say was "Another real-world example: PHRF vs. ORC-EZ Craziness Club." Basic question still stands: What would be the reasoning for a Bene First TM to rate slower than a C+C 35 Mk1?
  12. Morgan Crewed

    ORC Missed Opportunity?

    Another real-world example: PHRF vs. ORC-EZ Club. There are 3 Beneteau First 42 TM’s in our area – near sisterships. Back a couple of years ago when we raced under PHRF they rated: Boat A = 84, Boat B = 84 and Boat C = 87. Now the fleet races under both ORC and ORC-EZ. Both boats, A and B obtained ORC certs and now rate 0.845 and 0.852. Boat C (for whatever reasons) switched out the class with her sisterships and obtained an ORC-EZ rating. Because less data is required under ORC-EZ, Boat C was assigned a rating of 0.791. In comparison, C+C 35 Mk1 (designed 1971) have an ORC-EZ rating of 0.799. Therefore, Boat C is rated as slower than the C+C. Back in the PHRF era, the C+C had a rating of 129. So, Boat C’s PHRF delta went from 87 to 129, a difference of 42 seconds per mile. Bottomline: What would be the reasoning for a Bene First TM to rate slower than a C+C 35 Mk1?
  13. Morgan Crewed

    Fair winds Chief

    From his 2014 induction into the Greater Buffalo Hall of Fame:
  14. Morgan Crewed

    what was it?

    Sistership to Wingnuts of 2011 CYC Mack infamy.
  15. Morgan Crewed

    Ghost boat in the Gulf

    When weather permitted, the Coast Guard conducted another flyover and saw a person on board. “They saw someone on board the vessel waving to them, so there was no distress,” a Coast Guard watchstander said Friday. Seems as if the skipper must have been taking a nap the first time the USCG tried to hail him. Never mind.