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  1. Morgan Crewed

    Road trip planning, New England fall colors. Advice?

    Just returned from MDI/Acadia National Park after being there 4 days. The foliage map from post #6 is accurate. Color at MDI was moderate and near Augusta it was near peak. Things on MDI were very busy, but that will start to slow down soon – their season pretty much ends on October 14. Went sea kayaking with the folks out of National Park Sea Kayak Tours in downtown Bar Harbor. Routes vary depending on wave and wind direction – we followed the coastline from Bartlett Cove north to Clark Cove. Wife was very skeptical at first, then loved it. Also did an afternoon charter on a 1899 friendship sloop with Sail Acadia in Southwest Harbor Kind of nice to get out on the water in a boat nearly 120 years old. Besides the lobster the haddock is good too. And get yourself a blueberry or strawberry popover at either Jordon Pond House or Asticou Inn.
  2. Morgan Crewed

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    +1 on this ^^^^^^^^
  3. Morgan Crewed

    New Meaning for "Cat Burglar"

    The perp was trying to steal the yacht Seaweed - it is a catamaran.
  4. Morgan Crewed

    New Meaning for "Cat Burglar"

    I was holding that in reserve to see who would make the connection first - you win the Internet for today!
  5. Morgan Crewed

    New Meaning for "Cat Burglar"

    A man was trying to steal a yacht that is listed for almost $2 million, but the owner's parents were aboard, shooting and killing the suspect. One person was killed after he attacked a man living on a yacht docked at the Pier 32 Marina in National City Tuesday, police said. A witness who lives on his yacht in the marina told NBC 7 he was awakened to gunshots and his neighbor's screams at about 4 a.m. According to the witness, the neighbor was shouting, "Help me, help me. I shot an intruder" after four gunshots rang out. National City Police Department officers had guns drawn as they arrived at the scene to investigate the reports of gunfire. Officers could be seen aboard the docked yacht, named SeaWeed, for hours. Video and more here:
  6. Morgan Crewed

    First boat at age 50

    There were a couple of others in the area. I was on Freeway - the one with the dark blue hull.
  7. Morgan Crewed

    First boat at age 50

    Wouldn't know about that. 30+ years ago on a Chance 32/28 it gave us an extra 0.3 knots and settled the boat down when running DDW.
  8. Morgan Crewed

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    A personal AIS – MOB transmitter is nice safety gear, but it will not solve the issue at hand. His vest did not inflate. The signal from the transmitter would be useless underwater – the antenna needs to be above water. And I still want to learn, specifically, why his vest did not inflate. Even if you have an automatic inflating vest, this incident points out that you still need the manual, pull-cord outside the cover of the vest and available for use. When seconds count you don’t want to be tugging at your vest to open it search for the hidden pull-cord. Just as Cal20sailer did, I retired my 1994 manual Sospenders that I bought through USYRU on a special discount for members. A friend, Larry Klein, had died while sailing an experimental monohull on San Francisco Bay and I decided to reevaluate my safety gear and take advantage of the group buy discount from USYRU. Four years ago, I replaced my Sospenders with a Kru Sport Pro – automatic, crotch strap and spray hood.
  9. Morgan Crewed

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    Meanwhile: Andorsky and a friend were on the sailboat, named the Levitation, while seven people were on the commercial charter powerboat, called The Hunter. No one was injured, according to the Coast Guard, which is still investigating the accident. Chet Clough, owner of Chesapeake Bay Charter Services, said he won’t comment on the crash during the investigation. “The Coast Guard will make the determination on who’s at fault,” he said. Andorsky, meanwhile, insists he isn’t to blame. Conditions were clear on Aug. 17 when he and his friend took out a J/105 sailboat that belongs to the Chesapeake Boating Club in Eastport, where Andorsky is a member. He said he saw the power boat “way off in the distance” and knew they were probably on a collision course. Motorboats typically give way to a sailboat, so Andorsky said he stayed his course. And then it was too late. “I’m waving at the guy, yelling, and all of a sudden, his boat was sitting on top of our boat,” Andorsky said. Andorsky was sitting in the back of the sailboat by the wheel and his friend was a couple feet in front of him on the port side. He said he believes he and his friend would have been killed if the powerboat struck much closer to the stern of his sailboat. And if the sailboat hadn’t been heeling to starboard, the powerboat could have broken it in half, he said. According to my BIL the boat is on the hard in a marina off the Chester River.
  10. Morgan Crewed

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    Checking the buoys #45007 S. Lake Michigan, #45774 Wilmette and # 45170 Michigan City for that afternoon shows water temps ranging from 71 degrees to 72.5 degrees. Today the water temp at #45007 is 76.3 degrees
  11. Morgan Crewed

    PFD Upgrade Time

    As reported in the Chi-Mac thread he was found last Saturday:
  12. Morgan Crewed

    PFD Upgrade Time

    Hmmm... Reasonably priced, but this retailer says it is NOT USCG approved. Kind of a shame as it looked to fill the void in the market. What does it take to get approved?
  13. Morgan Crewed

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    Confirmed: It is Jon.
  14. Morgan Crewed

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    Imedi in now entering the harbor after searching through the night - 17+ hours. Hoping they are not mobbed by reporters. Gotta be very tough for them.
  15. Morgan Crewed

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    Pray for this crewman. It has been 4:45 hours since the MOB and the sun sets in one hour.