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  1. Regatta Dog

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    Imagine a world where a simple dick-head like you pretended to be so ***. I love PVM, and fuck you. Keep pretending, fuck nut.
  2. Regatta Dog

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    Sorry.. The bitch is my dog. Cujo is my dog. If ANYONE FUCKS me up, she will kill you. .
  3. Regatta Dog

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    The SI's may have been off. There was a legal loophole, and a few boats did very well by it. I can't believe you folks think your cleverness makes you better sailors. I agree the SI's were wanting, but after 80 fucking years we have people challenging around the island? I can not imagine the owner of Snowbird taking a pickle dish for that win. He's a great man surrounded by ass holes
  4. Regatta Dog

    Kelo v. City of New London,

    Their case was tossed because the judge and prosecutor knew that "the statute was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge in 2014, and though Iowa prosecutors had been admonished not to enforce it..." It does bring up an interesting point about eminent domain, and one in which I have a personal interest. I was recently talking to a water bureaucrat about running a pipeline across my mother's property next door to mine. I basically told him that we would not have a problem with it if compensated adequately. My neighbor had a similar conversation but told them he'd fight having the pipeline across his land, where they want to put it in a pretty stupid place. There was recently a public meeting about this. I didn't go. He did. He reports that his property is one of the three finalist candidates for routing. They've dropped the idea of going across my mother's property. The point, as it relates to the topic of this thread, is that guns are bad. No, wait, that's jocal's point with respect to guns other than his own in this and every other thread. My point is that running water supply pipelines seems a reasonable use of eminent domain despite violating the test I set out in post 107: "the public" doesn't directly use a pipeline. Of course, Keystone = Kelo + Fuel so the next question becomes: is a fuel company more or less the same as a regional water authority? No.
  5. Regatta Dog

    Kelo v. City of New London,

    I was too. Right across the the street while it was happening. I didn't live on the boat. I raced on it, but spent enough time on the boat and at Stash's Cafe to see what happened. Great influx of money building the Pfizer plant less than a quarter mile from Stash's. A Biker bar that became a fern bar. Good for Stanislos - a good man who made a shit ton of money. Hughie's disappeared with the old boxing photos and the "Love Salad" - a New London tradition - when the politicians came in and decided to destroy a neighborhood for a pipe dream. New London is coming back. It is a vibrant and diverse city, where most are on the same page, and I don't think anyone can change that. Property rights are sacrosanct.
  6. Are we playing Mary Ann or Ginger?. Hmmm....let me think about it for a millisecond. Toss in a photo of Hillary and it might take me a full double millisecond.
  7. Does this Melania thing mean we can judge Hillary based on her husband blowing a load of dork-snot on an intern in the Oval Office, or do the rules of judgement change next week?
  8. And we laugh and laugh at the GOP clown car, whilst the Democratic nominee should be riding in the back of a paddy wagon.
  9. A vote for Trump is a vote for 4 more years of shitty school lunches, the salary of an extra White House gardener to mulch and weed Melania's vegetable garden, and more dance-aerobics on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Actually --- that last one might be worth the vote.
  10. Agreed. Law or politics? I have faith in Comey and will respect his decision - either way.
  11. If you give a flying fuck about holding OUR government accountable, you just might want to crack a fucking book instead of blaming Rush and Drudge> Has an original thought ever made it through you brain? Jesus Fucking Christ, but you are a stoopid man
  12. If I had to bet it would be the Clinton's have already been privately assured that there will be no indictment before the election as it is likely he would have been more careful if he feared that. That is the most likely scenario. Although he still has the whole foundation thing in the hopper as well. Hard to believe someone as bright as Lynch didn't beg off unless she wanted to be "out of the loop". Justice isn't going to indict Trump for anything either, which is even more egregious considering what is in the stuff the judge recently opened to the public about his University and the revelation of his contributions to a State prosecutor in Florida shortly before that state dropped charges. The bi-partisan nature of Justice's policy could lead to a false sense of security within Lynch. It's a fact that Justice has limited resources, and there may be no clearer example then that of the Scientologist's successfully being designated a religion and other exemptions from scrutiny. There's an eye opening book called "Going Clear" with associated Tee Vee documentary footage for the non-readers. Justice has more work than they can handle dealing with bigger crimes than e-mail servers and would have to burn tremendous resources in suffering through the shit-storm that would certainly happen if they were to indict one of the two major party nominees. I suspect the writers of our Constitution were aware of the dangers of having the Judicial branch active in certain political spheres and the result was Congress deciding the issue of "high crimes and misdemeanors" --sometimes.... One can only imagine how many state secrets Trump put at risk with his university. We agree that the DOJ has limited resources, but a major priority for Federal law enforcement is to police their own without bias. I would hate to go back to the days of Special Prosecutors who were appointed whenever someone farted in the White House, but consider 18 1/2 minutes of erased tape played a roll in the Nixon Impeachment - an impeachment Hillary was involved in. Compare that with what was supposed to be a secret 30 minute meeting that we only found out about via a local reporter's tips. Consider also 30,000 deleted e-mails that the Secretary of State and her people scrubbed from her illegal server. State Department personnel didn't determine what was personal and what was official business - Hillary's people did. Consider 34,000 e-mails between Hillary's top aids and the Clinton Foundation and a PR firm. Consider that two of her top aids were double dipping - getting paychecks from the Fed while also receiving remuneration from Clinton organizations. Consider that Russia, China and Israel are likely to possess every e-mail she sent or received as Secretary of State, because she wanted to have a top government job without playing by the rules. Compare that to Nixon's malfeasance and Nixon looks like a fucking saint.
  13. No, not wild about the Clintons. Bill was not bad. In a few ways he was pretty good. Cut Cold War defense spending and balanced the budget. But gutting Glass-Steagall was a Clinton-Republican deal, the essence of neoliberalism. Hillary is a technocrat. Her salient quality is being significantly better than the alternative. The alternative's saving grace is illustrating Hillary's relative superiority. You'd be right if you said I loved BC, but you'd have had to have said that circa 2000. I sure as shit didn't understand Gramm–Leach–Bliley then. You'd be wrong if you said I love Hillary. But she's better than the alternative. I've completely lost respect for conservatives after Trump. And that's after Palin. Cutting cold war spending after Reagan led us to win that war? Well done, Bill Clinton. Well done indeed.
  14. What corruption? Precisely + 1. Some people just don't care, as long as they get their government cheese. Am I aging myself? Cellphones now? My bad. It used to be about subsistence and not starving to death. Now it is about access to Twitter.