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  1. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    My J/111 hull #4, the Invisible Hand, received its PHRF rating today of 36 (San Francisco Bay Area) Congrats. From what I've seen, I think you will do very well with that rating.
  2. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Well.... the falcon has heard the falconer... I dig... checkbook back on the table. DG Be Dickie, be strong..... Owning three boats = bad idea!
  3. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    He said that J /111 deserved to win based on the KWRW PHRF raing, not on how well it was sailed; no one knows how well the J/111 was sailed. We don't know what that particular J/111s IRC rating would have been; and even if we did, translating the IRC TOT to PHRF TOD is at best a guestimate. What we have are elapsed finish times that prove that at 39 the J/111 would have still won the regatta, and at 36 it would have finished very close to first place. What makes you think that the J/111 deserved to win the regatta, especially since "As good as that team is, they are new to the boat. Likewise, the boat (J111) still does not have any hard tuning data to go by yet. In contrast, Rush is a well established, very sucessfull program that knows the boat inside and out." Actually the conclusion obtained by analyzing race results is much more logical than the methodology used by the KWRW PHRF Consortium to pull the 48 and 42 numbers out of their asshole. Do you know that PHRF San Francisco provisionally rated the J/111 at 20? When I said the J111 "deserved to win", I actually was referring to how well-sailed the boat was. They did a very nice job, starting well, making nice moves on the race course (their move off the race course to protest our redress was a different story entirely...), and getting faster and faster as the week went on. Their rating was what the rating was. I will say it would have been a complete joke if they had been able to race with their initial rating of 48, and the results back that up. Also, in my opinion, the results and my experience on the race course both suggest the J111 certainly shouldn't rate any higher than the 1D35. The J111 beat the 1D35 boat for boat most of the races by several minutes, even though the 1D35 was rated 6 seconds per mile faster. And this with the J111 being sailed by this crew for the first time with no tuning data to fall back on.
  4. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Just returned to the frigid icy north after a hot, steamy, but rather light air Key West Race week. I raced in PHRF 1 on the J109 Rush. The typical conditions were light and lumpy out of the SE-S-SW, so light in fact that we as a crew never fully hiked all week. More typically, we had two to three crew down on the keel. Typically, the wind went right just enough such that starboard tack was pretty squarely into the waves - not our best point of sail in less than ten knots. We flew our 145 the entire week. While our intruments said there was occasionally wind above 10 knots at the top of the mast, we never felt it on the water. So while it was a sunny and beautiful week, we never had the breeze we would have liked. My impressions of the boats were: - Galilee (Bene 44.7). The great story here is Jean-Pierre (sp??) and team brought the boat 2500 miles down to Key West on the water - sailed on her own bottom as it were. In the conditions we saw, she was untouchable. While we were struggling for power, she was fully powered up and going like hell. I don't know what she should have rated, but clearly the rating she had wasn't in the ballpark in the conditions we saw. Turns out they put on a deeper keel with no bulb (lighter) and a custom carbon rig a meter taller with masthead kites (faster) - no wonder they were powered up. For this I think they went from a typical rating of 39 to a penalized rating of 33. If they had not thought there were six legs the first race (there were only four), hit us in prestart race 2, and fouled the OD35 (port-starboard) in a later race, they likely would have had straight firsts. They were just gone. Should have / would have/ could have been headed back to Quebec with the trophy after racing on Thursday. Big bummer for those guys. - Wicked (J124). Not much to say here other than they never seemed to be able to sail to the rating. Occasionally went very fast, but just were never very impressive. I was really surprised and dissappointed with their performance. Having said that it was by far the sexiest (best looking) boat on the race course) - Revolution (OD35). I'm convinced these boats have been condemned by PHRF. I owned one that rated 27, whereas in KW they rated 36. These boat should rate closer to 45 or so in my opinion. Fantastic boat (regardless of build quality), but the most difficult boat to sail to its rating that I have ever sailed. - Kalevala (Grand Soleil 37). Dont know alot about this boat either. My understanding is they had old sails, but they were just never fast. Not sure why, but they were way off the pace. - Rush (J109). Lot of experience, very well prepared, newer sails, sailed pretty well for the week with just a couple snafus. Certainly we could have gone faster. Being the slow boat in the fleet (by a lot) certainly put us at a disadvantage No way we could have beat the 44.7 - they were in a different league. I felt like as soon as the breeze got above ten knots we could hang with the J111 up wind, but down wind they were always faster. When the wind went right and we were square into the chop on starboard tack, we were slow and the J111 stayed fast. That simple. In above ten knots, we may have been able to beat them. In less than ten, which was typical, they had us. - Kontiki (J111). Pretty boat, sailed very well. They deserved the win. They were initially given a rating of 48 (!!!) by the consortium, but the rating was reduced to 42 as a result of a protest based on IRC ratings. I was disappointed with them when they protested the redress we were given when we were hit hard in the prestart by the Bene (redress was granted initially by a three person jury, then confirmed after their protest by a five person jury). The boat has beautiful lines, and looks great going through the water. Certainly the carbon rig helps reduce the hobby-horsing in the chop. Seems like a nice boat but $295,000? You could buy 6 Farrs 30's and start your own OD fleet for that. Disclaimer - I've owned a J27, two J29, and J33 and am a huge Jboat fan.. on the used market at least.