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  1. There are classes that allow pros and there are classes that don't. If you don't want to race against people that pay their crew, pick a boat that doesn't allow it. I've spent most of my sailing career with the oldest hull and some of the oldest sails on the start line. Needless to say I'm not gearing up to buy a Melges 20. That doesn't mean I see any reason to hate on it. I could see getting up in arms when a class is changing the rules from one type to the other, but the Melges 20 was always going to allow pay-to-win. The flip side of this is - good for the pros. Isn't it awesome that they get to sail all year round? I don't want to hate on that at all. Sounds great, I wish more people had the opportunity to do what they love. Most of the ski bums I'm friends with clean toilets so they can ski everyday, imagine getting paid to actually do the sport itself! I really don't think being a pro sailor is the pathway to becoming rich yourself, and I bet the average owner of any boat over 30 feet makes more than 99% of the "pros" out there. The day rate is misleading. Pro sailors get paid like wedding photographers. There are only so many events a year, so the key driver of their rate is the opportunity cost of getting them to any one particular event. If they work 24 events a year, they are probably aiming to make at $3-4k per event. Arguing against pro sailing is basically saying you would rather the rich guys took their money and spent it on something other than sailing and pro sailors should go get some job they don't like as much. What does that gain our sport?