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  1. SlackWater_SF

    New F18 - Goodall Design Akurra

    2017 IMG_3932_DxO IMG_3933_DxO IMG_3934_DxO
  2. SlackWater_SF - > nice++ racing both offshore and inshore DHF 41 years => pics 2020 = Flickr.Gallery -> 2020_DHF_Gallery IMG_4834_DxO IMG_4805_DxO IMG_4873_DxO IMG_4890_DxO IMG_4973_DxO IMG_5008_DxO
  3. similar SIG.45 Vamonos! in the Encinal Yacht Club, 2nd Half Opener, Alameda Estuary IMG_1378c
  4. Sig 45 @ Morrelli & Melvin Yacht Brokerage MM listing provides interior pictures. IMG_2318_dxo IMG_2324_dxo IMG_1383c IMG_1388c
  5. SlackWater_SF

    Extreme H20 GB6607 Off the market?

    IMG_1139_DxO_Prime Nice boat with a turn of speed after a start Album = 2016_07_29_SantaBarbara-KingHarbor LINK.
  6. SlackWater_SF

    what’s missing? on front page

    J/100 Eight Ball , singlehanded 2020 YRA Doublehanded Encinal Regatta Oct.10th IMG_5430_DxO The jib furler is under the deck, from this distance. The jib boom is different from stock.
  7. Pics near the finish, Saturday Oct. 10, 2020 YRA Doublehanded Encinal Race Newland 36 IMG_5393_DxO Melges 24 IMG_5413_DxO C&C 115 IMG_5428_DxO J-100 IMG_5431_DxO JS-9000 IMG_5435_DxO Sydney 36cr IMG_5440_DxO_4500 FT 10M IMG_5551_DxO_4500 J70 with Oracle Park IMG_5698_DxO_4500 Cal 40, J/35 IMG_5718_DxO Catalina 36 IMG_5842_DxO Gemini 105, fun with laughter across the water, not racing IMG_6018_DxO Santana 22 IMG_6039_DxO
  8. SlackWater_SF


    Two J/88’s sailed last Saturday, 10/10/20, in the YRA Doublehanded Encinal Race. IMG_5112_DxO_4500 IMG_5115_DxO Finish Area pictures Pelagia, usa 37: IMG_5482_DxO IMG_5495_DxO Butcher, usa 32: IMG_5527_DxO_4096 Other Pictures - 2020 YRA Doublehanded Encinal Race, gallery -> Flickr.LINK Race.Results.LINK
  9. Wind - Saturday 10/10/20 Treasure Island x Berkeley Pier 13:00 hr -> 8 knots 14:00 hr -> 14 knots Mostly cloudy, with a high near 65. The Express 27 Class had the most entries. It looked like ≈ 8 knots after the start. The wind improved a bit going upwind to Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. IMG_5198_DxO A pair of Alerion Express 28's were on the course. IMG_5147_DxO The Express 27 class winner took a hitch away from the fleet after the start IMG_5169_DxO_1920 IMG_5265_DxO_4500
  10. A couple of video clips from the YRA Doublehanded Encinal Race last Saturday, October 10th. ~Shaky, tripod w/o video head
  11. Saturday, October 10, 2020 Results on 94 registered boats 77 finishers Most boats went to out the Golden Gate to Point Bonita on the last of an ebb tide. The finish was at the entrance to the Alameda Estuary. Most boats doublehanded with some in singlehanded divisions. Spinnaker and Non-Spinnaker divisions were options for sailors. Pictures = Flickr Gallery-LINK A finish line crowd IMG_5749_DxO_4500 11:55 warning Start ≈ .5 nm west of the Berkeley Pier Finish = R "6"≈ 1/2 mile x entrance Alameda Estuary The finish line was outside the commercial traffic. Some shipping traffic is shown below. IMG_5778_DxO_4500 Course 1 = 22 nm : Point Bonita, Finish Course 3 = 17 nm : YRA.16 Blackaller, YRA.8 Pt.Blunt, YRA.6 KKMI@Ft.Mason, Finish (J-70, DH.Spin PHRF 174+) Tide => Treasure Island 0.78 NW of 2020-10-10 Sat 12:48 PM 0.0 knots Slack, Flood Begins 2020-10-10 Sat 4:08 PM 0.6 knots Max Flood Oakland Middle Harbor 2020-10-10 Sat 1:15 PM PDT 3.3 feet Low Tide 2020-10-10 Sat 6:30 PM PDT 5.5 feet High Tide
  12. SlackWater_SF

    41st Annual Doublehanded Farallones Race, 2020 DHF

    Corsair 28R Lookin' Good III IMG_4873_DxO Antrim 27 after the finish IMG_4911_DxO F-27F Bird of Prey IMG_4917_DxO Farr 38 IMG_4973_DxO Moore 24 sail# 121 Snafu, 1st-in-Class IMG_4993_DxO
  13. SlackWater_SF

    41st Annual Doublehanded Farallones Race, 2020 DHF

    Antrim 27 IO clicking downwind with some breeze Donovan 30 Wolfpack in the finish area
  14. SlackWater_SF

    41st Annual Doublehanded Farallones Race, 2020 DHF

    A couple of video clips are on Youtube and Vimeo
  15. SlackWater_SF

    41st Annual Doublehanded Farallones Race, 2020 DHF

    2020 DHF pictures are in a Flickr album (Click.LINK) First-to-Finish = Explorer 44 trimaran Round Midnight 16(?) boats finished before sunset F-25C Khimaira IMG_4766_DxO Marstrom Seacart 30 Hammer, sail HK08 IMG_4785_DxO J-125 Rufless, sail 51517 IMG_4813_DxO F-22 Greyhound, sail 226 IMG_4834_DxO Corsair 760, Whopee, sail# none IMG_4843_DxO