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  1. Nice looking tri.  Ping if sailing in sf bay, sometimes I take pics if a boat is close to shore.  Try the 2018 Three Bridge Fiasco ?

  2. The Hobie Mile High Series fleets included Hobie Miracle 20, Hobie 16A, 16B, Hobie 18. Registered boats = 45 The race results are on Jibeset.net, see Hobiecat Division 3 A few pictures trail online and below. Saturday winds were lighter, with more overcast & smoke in the air. Sunday had more breeze with some sunshine. Sat. August 5th Flickr gallery: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm2qBVdf Sun August 6th Flickr gallery: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm2CHG68 IMG_6829_DxO IMG_6873_DxO IMG_6847_DxO IMG_6717_DxO IMG_6941_DxO IMG_6969_DxO IMG_6977_DxO IMG_6993_DxO IMG_7266_DxO IMG_7289_DxO
  3. pics: 2017 Round Texel

    Cirrus F18 (r1, not r2 ?) IMG_3912_DxO http://www.bcm-catamaran.com/
  4. F-18 Main Decksweep

    The rotator is on the mast base, possibly angled down(?horizontal?), somewhat hidden behind the jib track support, looking at the finish line picture by the RIB. Click the pic for a larger jpg, download 4530x2548 IMG_4178_DxO Other: IMG_4175_DxO IMG_4170_DxO F18 Class / Worlds: Article=> http://www.f18-international.org/2017/07/interview-with-the-new-f18-worlds-champs-mischa-heemskerk-stephan-dekker/ Another Picture=>
  5. pics: 2017 Round Texel

    A couple of pictures trail from the 2017 Round Texel, the 40th year of the race. The 2017 Round Texel pictures (~250) are also on Flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHskXuxcJ8 Results ~> Multihull Corrected, 220+ finishers 1 M20 JPS Eduard Zanen/Mischa Heemskerk 2 nacra F18 Jolbert van Dijk/Frank de Waard 3 hobie 16 Rogier Duijndam/Sonja Steenvoorden https://registrations.roundtexel.com/finish Windsurfers, 30 finishers. The Windsurfer start sequence is an ATV going down the beach with the crowd cheering the sailors to sprint into the water, https://roundtexel.com/results-round-texel-windsurfing-2017/ IMG_3832_DxO IMG_3836_DxO IMG_3868_DxO IMG_3881_DxO IMG_3924_DxO IMG_3936_DxO IMG_4055_DxO IMG_4112_DxO The video is from the Organizing Authority.
  6. F-18 Main Decksweep

    IMG_3983_DxO another picture, side view, S-->
  7. F-18 Main Decksweep

    The decksweep mainsail on the F18 was in the 2017 Round Texel. The pictures are bigger and you can down load them. IMG_3976_DxO The first F18 in 2017 Round Texel was an Infusion. IMG_3887_DxO
  8. A couple of 2017 DHF pictures trail in a Flickr gallery. Start was light air, with a postponement. Finish pictures are in the back of the gallery. Gallery: https://flic.kr/s/aHskReSRwy The fog was overhead for the later part of the race on Flickr on Flickr The foiling kiteboards were on the course, not racing. on Flickr Foiling kiteboard, crossing the 2017_DHF finish line (not racing) https://vimeo.com/209092416 J-120 Jamani approaches the finish https://vimeo.com/209092322 on Flickr
  9. The St.FYC held the Spring One-Design Series on March 4th and 5th. Pictures show a weather mark on Saturday afternoon, after it was moved. Results are on the StFYC web site. 21 x J-105 8 x Moore24 7 x Express27 5 x Melges24 https://www.flickr.com/photos/26669101@N02/albums/72157679460675620 J-105 mark rounding in an afternoon race, after the weather mark was moved on Flickr Express 27 offset mark, a puff across the water on Flickr on Flickr Melges 24 downwind IMG_0861_DxO on Flickr J-105 weather mark and offset IMG_0927_DxO on Flickr Sunday morning there was hail. A drive to the city was deferred.
  10. PHRF Blows

    Agree with A.K. except that our fleet includes J/109's, J/105's, J/120's, J/133's, Flying Tiger 10's, X 382's, Beneteau 36.7's, and Santa Cruz 37's. Or are these older boats with well established ratings? We get about a dozen of these boats out in the spinnaker fleet on Wednesday nights. Our older boats (Tartans, C&C's, Swans, Bristols) generally race in the non-spin fleet, with eight to ten boats on Wednesday nights. We have distance races too - from about 18 to 65 miles - with ten or so older and newer boats all together on a good weekend. Nobody gripes about the ratings. They try to sail better. Yes, the boats you list are all older boats with well established ratings... But having raced PHRF most of my adult life, it's not anywhere near perfect. But so what, nothing is. As AK says get over it. I'll add to that and say, get over it, and go have fun racing whatever boat you have with your friends! I can't think of the time I've seen a really well prepped boat, with a really good crew, do really poorly in PHRF. The main issue with PHRF IMHO is the Bouy / RLC / OW ratings. Boats should be rated for LIght / Medium / Heavy Air. This would mean taking into account Wetted surface and Sail area for light air. Waterline for Medium air Both the above for heavy air along with design config (flat or full bottom) A boats performance regardless of course is based on the wind range. Design Polars should probably be used for base ratings. Then on course performance could be rated. I really hate having to give time, to boats that have more waterline and sail area, in a medium air random leg race. I've never beat them boat for boat in an RLC medium air race. Now give me less than 5 or more than 15 and I'll take'm. Even when we make no mistakes (almost impossible) it really tough. I have a hard time getting crew in these races because of this. Really though with our modern computing and the work designers already do, this should be an easy fix. I have polars charts for my boat but do not know how to read them. We are about the exact opposite, at 12-18 kts we can sail to our rating, short tacking a full keel 20,000 lb boat in < 5 kts is just brutal. You just smile and make the best of being on the water Nice to watch in 12-18 knots IMG_4511_DxO , on Flickr
  11. DIAM 24 Tri - VPLP's new design

    Order now for the sfbaySSS Three Bridge Fiasco Jan.2014 ? Diam24 Beam 5.62 meters ≈ 18.44 ft => Crane/Hoist launching in SF likes folders, no worries, Crane drop width worth a measurement. Sprit.stub looks sturdy. SL33 BeamoCtr 4.76 meters ≈ 15.62 ft (w/o racks) lifted with help Mar32 Beam 5.54 meters ≈ 18.17 ft (w/o racks)