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  1. SlackWater_SF

    2018 Delta Ditch Run: video clips, some pics

    2018 Delta Ditch Run pictures are in a Flickr Gallery. Most of the images are monohulls. F-18 Nacra Infusion IMG_3695_DxO F-18 Infusion with some landscape IMG_3701_DxO F-22 Greyhound with spinnaker for the 1st time this season in the heat shimmer. Let's also add heat simmer. The phone said 96 F on the pier. IMG_3560_DxO_2560 Corsair F-31R Water Wings migrated from Klamath Lake(?) Oregon to the Bay Area IMG_3511_DxO_4096 Corsair 28-CC #260 from Colorado enjoying the ride. Registered as a Non-Spin. Nice floats, no flanges? IMG_3763_DxO Winning monohull in the Cruising Division. This is an OK+ way to go up river. IMG_3300_DxO_4096 Delta sunset, watching boats motor to Stockton, looking for small catamarans paddling IMG_3968_DxO_4500
  2. SlackWater_SF

    2018 Delta Ditch Run: video clips, some pics

    F-18 Capricorn usa 5150 with some speed. Nice sailing. These guys almost finished by Sunday 1:00 am Time Limit. The boat registered with the name F-18 - far shore F-18 on port
  3. Video clips and images are from the Benicia Point Pier. 130 boats registered. Light air and high temperatures produced a handful of finishers. Extreme40 Shadow X - far shore Extreme40 Shadow X - on port Extreme40 SmartRecruiters - far shore Extreme40 SmartRecruiters - on port
  4. The gallery of pictures for Saturday is on Flickr: 165 boats registered. The finishers went up to the Vallejo Yacht Club for a party after the race. Fewer boats were on the course for the Sunday race back. Sunday pictures will trail. Schock 40 first to finish monohulls Santa Cruz 50, Oaxaca Farr 40 Twisted Melges 32 Kuai J-90 Martin 243 J-105 leading the One-Design Class, eight (8) boats J-70 1FA, nice finish 1D-48 Bodacious Antrim Class 40 California Condor Martin 243 "Nice Rack" Express 37 "Golden Moon"
  5. SlackWater_SF

    pics: Saturday, 2018 Vallejo Race, April 28th

    Nacra Inter20 "Inter the Dragon" Seacart 30 Hammer Open 8.5m Mamma Tried Corsair 28R Centurion's Ghost Prosail 40 Shadow, after the finish, returning to the Carquinez Straits The monohull videos will go in another area.
  6. SlackWater_SF

    pics: Saturday, 2018 Vallejo Race, April 28th

    I defer to anyone sailing on the water for an explanation of results. F-22 = Short-rig, non "R" version, Screecher/Gnkr-Only, Non-Spinnaker configuration. F-22 prelim OMR TCF non.Spin ≈ F-24 Mk II OD at 1,042 kg 2,297 lb ? The more time boats were on the course the worse the Ebb tide by the Vallejo YC (see Napa River reference above) and the approach to Carquinez Straits. A video of Mama Tried will show below below (with luck it will work). The monohull in the background is pushed down stream from the Napa River outflow and Ebb tide. The Corsair 28R in another video clip appears to barely make ground against the outflow. Benicia, Carquinez Strait, California 38.0433° N, 122.1300° W 2018-04-28 Sat 1:45 PM PDT 4.5 feet High Tide 2018-04-28 Sat 7:35 PM PDT 0.6 feet Low Tide The California Central Valley empties out through the Carquinez Strait, so tide matters(?). It was possibly less wind later in the afternoon, just looking.
  7. SlackWater_SF

    pics: Saturday, 2018 Vallejo Race, April 28th

    Results, Saturday PHRF Saturday dwPHRF Sunday PHRF Yes, same day results from Vallejo YC and Jibeset. The party at Vallejo YC on Saturday night could not be held without results. Navigation-> Yacht Racing Association 2018 Great Vallejo Race
  8. 2018 Vallejo Race, 165 boats registered. Some multihull pics trail. The results are on Multihulls individual picture links trail in order of finish. Link to the gallery is at the bottom, including monohulls. Sailors finish in the Mare Island Strait near the Vallejo Yacht Club. The Napa River flows flows by. The river goes towards Carquinez Straits and San Francisco Bay. The tide goes up and down influenced by the river outflow. Later boats had more ebb tide. ProSail 40 Shadow Nacra Inter20, Inter the Dragon, always nice to see double trap Seacart30 Hammer, first race in the area Open 8.5m Mamma Tried, doublehanded again? Explorer 45 Round Midnight Diam24 Ocealys 3, other pics online C31-1D Lookin' Good II, catching a bit of breeze moving up to the finish Dash 750 Mark I, Relentless, won on the way back Sunday F-22 Greyhound , built near the Bay Corsair 28R Centurion's Ghost Nacra 6.0NA Sea Bagging with a new self-tacking jib, smaller than Class area. w/Cross 40 "Cross40", also racing in another division. Reynolds 33 wing mast, not racing, Saturday Flickr Gallery, more pictures, mostly monohulls
  9. SlackWater_SF

    2018 Eurocat, Carnac

    Videos include RAID and course racing. Divisions include F18, Dart, Foiling and a nice Diam24 fleet. The Diam24 Lake Gennakers (Lacustre) might be used (?), about 25% larger than the previous Class size. Results are online.
  10. SlackWater_SF

    pics: 2018 Doublehanded Farallones race

    California Condor slices its way to a gun, 1st to finish monohull.
  11. SlackWater_SF

    pics: 2018 Doublehanded Farallones race

    Lookin' Good II, Corsair 31-1D approaches the finish line of the 2018 Doublehanded Farallones race. The boat migrated to San Francisco Bay from Southern California.