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  1. sailthebay26

    What about the Quest 30/33?

    I've sailed both the Quest 33 and the J99 doublehanded. If it was my choice I would go with the J99 as it surprised me at the acceleration in puffs and the overall setup of the boat. In defense of the Quest the sails on it are currently tired so it has struggled in the light air (new ones are on order so we will see how it goes). Note that these boats will be lining up again this weekend in Newport for the Sail for Hope regatta in a double handed class
  2. sailthebay26

    Drilling precise holes in Carbon

    Make a fixture plate and router the holes, this is how all the mast builds do it. You will need to determine the offset for the router collet but that is easy to do and you can practice ahead of time. Also the sidewall may be a little thin in its current state to support a pin in bearing. I would think about putting a patch or backing plate locally as well
  3. sailthebay26

    Farr 395 Questions

    Saw a similar thing on our keel grid after it hit a rock. We popped one side free actually, we had NEB take care of gluing it back down. Message me if you want more details on it
  4. sailthebay26

    Mainsail halyard lock.

    Take a look at constrictor clutches as a lock. They are the cheapest and lightest solution for your boat size. You need to be careful putting a headboard car lock on a rig as the lock track needs substantial reinforcement on the exterior and interior of the rig
  5. sailthebay26

    CT-RI Machine Shop to Tap for Large Diameter Bolt

    Butch and MGB Machine in Bristol, Ri could help you out as well I imagine
  6. sailthebay26

    Need a rigger in RI

    Little secret and that is every rigging company is going to use BSI as they are the only ones stocking rod these days. Based on the age of the rod xray and dye testing is a waste of money. Most of the cost of the new rigging is in the assembly and tuning of the rig. The question really is who you want to do the work. The guys at RigPro will have the designed lengths if the rig is a Hall, Southern or Ohmahundro. That said everyone is going to copy what is currently on the boat in terms of length unless you are hedging toward a turnbuckle being well outside of half stroke. You need to find a rigger who you trust and go with them. I highly recommend Phip at RigPro as I imagine this boat is in the 40-70 foot range which is his specialty. If it is bigger they have others there specializing in that size range. Your real concern should be more about removing the rigging as seized set screws and fittings are frozen. Note that BSI also bought all the rod rigging stock from Navtec when they went out of business and have a complete catalog of fittings to fit into existing Navtec tip cups, tangs and spreader bars.
  7. sailthebay26

    B&G Vulcan - How to Rotating Mast sensor?

    On the gunboats we had a string pot for the measurement
  8. sailthebay26

    Main halyard locks

    For this application I would recommend the constrictor locks. It will only require one hole and patch on the rig which is way less work than the others. Also the track style car locks really don't have a solid design for the boats smaller than 100ft. The loads of the lock track on the mast and the square top and you will be shearing bolts off in no time. The only other solution is a bullet style lock internally but then you have bullets outside the rig when reefed and most sheaves are not wide enough for the bullet.
  9. On lashing rigs like cats the headstay has a turnbuckle and the shrouds are tensioned while sailing. All EC6 has turnbuckles to fine tune the lengths. The are adjusted while the rig is off jack and fine tuned to get correct pressues. For the smaller boats the turnbuckles have a bronze adjustor so it can be done under load.
  10. sailthebay26

    Furler Help - Explanation Of Types.

    I've used and work with both and highly recommend the Harken unit. The foils work mush better if you want to remove the drum and race.
  11. sailthebay26

    Removing oxidation from matte finish carbon spar

    Its not the clear coat as there isn't any clear coat on SS masts only Hall masts. Some thing like 3M finesse may be your best bet unfortunately matte finishes aren't the best at lasting but if that is original paint its had a great run.
  12. sailthebay26

    DIY carbon Bowsprit - best approach?

    I would recommend keeping it simple. Do a splash of the boat and then use a carbon tube for the sprint. Note you will want to play with the angle of lift to make it look right. Once you have the tube bonded on add some carbon gussets to each side of the tube tying in the splash and 2/3 the length of the tube. If you want the shape you have seen fill the area above and below the gussets with foam and hand shape. A couple layers of db over the whole thing and you have a solid prod. From an engineering standpoint the round tube is easy to crunch the numbers to determine the laminate