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  1. VX Evo

    This morning, I had a great exchange with True North about sail selection related to weight during racing and we (mostly him, thank you for that Brig!) came up with, what we think, can be a good starting point: - After collecting some data, establish a weight /sail area criteria. - Allow to register no more than two sails, being the B sail (100 sq ft) mandatory. For example: B and C or B and A. - Skippers can change registered sails between races, but support/gear carrier boats are not allowed on the water. Basically is if you have time to get to the dock and change the sail, then you can do it. Again, these are the first steps...we are all learning what is best as well as collect data. Flame away!
  2. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    Working on it.
  3. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    Holo, here is a promo for "Spring Batch" of ten boats at this price. Here it goes:Join the VX family with the introductory price of $14,990 including (savings of more than $1,800): • Race ready VX Evo hull, carbon fiber mast and boom and fitted hardware • North Sails "B" Mainsail (100 sq. Ft). • Spinnaker (120 sq. ft). • Top Cover. • Road trailer. • Trolly. FOB Vela Sailing Supply, Inc. in Rockwall, TXDelivery on spring 2018
  4. VX Evo

    No, but I will try this coming Saturday and report back. It is supposed to be blowing hard.
  5. VX Evo

    I'm glad you see it that way as well as Sushi. We are not really sold on the Scow model as the crew is invited or dropped at will and probably not fair; however the numbers as fleets is nowhere near small, so probably people is used to it. I do like the commit and live with it or a minimum skipper weight rule, similar to what they do on the beach cats, where instead of max weight, you have minimum weight, for example: if you are 165 lbs or less, you cannot sail on anything bigger than a C sail, if you are 195 lbs you cannot sail with a B sail and so on. The numbers are just examples...nothing has been tested about that yet. This does bring a problem, though and it is the fact that the skipper who weights 166 lbs will crush the 165 lbs with the C sail (assuming skill levels are the same and the only variable is the mainsail area). I'm not sold on that concept but is an idea that can evolve down the road and probably work for sanctioned class events. The only problem to commit and live with one particular sail area is that if a light skipper knows it is going to be light air, he /she will have an advantage over the heavier skipper using the A sail, for example, so does not make it fair again because you may have a 150 lbs sailing against a 220 lbs with the same sail area and definitively will be faster in the light stuff. The same is true as Brig mentioned before when the wind picks up, even with the C sail. How about sticking to the B sail for OD racing and using the concept of the MC Scow (sail with a crew) and stick with it for the whole regatta?
  6. VX Evo

    Yes, one main of your choice (we list the B as it is the most common so far and probably best all around for most sailors). There is a promo for "Spring Batch" of ten boats at this price. Here it goes: Join the VX family with the introductory price of $14,990 including (savings of more than $1,800): • Race ready VX Evo hull, carbon fiber mast and boom and fitted hardware • North Sails "B" Mainsail (100 sq. Ft). • Spinnaker (120 sq. ft). • Top Cover. • Road trailer. • Trolly. FOB Vela Sailing Supply, Inc. in Rockwall, TX Delivery on spring 2018
  7. VX Evo

    Great points Brig. As we are on the early stages, we are still investigating and listening about what the best way to organize the multiple sail plan racing scenario: so far I think the first limitation is to avoid super light sailors to use the largest sails, that is simply unfair in light air and I think we can all agree on that. Then the other side of the wind range: heavy air. You are correct, at my weight on a C sail I still will be in disadvantage upwind, against another 200 lbs skipper using the C sail, but that is true on every other class I sail on: Lasers, Sunfish, Aero, etc. so as long as the lighter guy keeps the boat under control, that becomes similar to what happens in any other class with one exception: downwind. These boats do reward light weight downwind and the differences can be important, so I think the playing field kinds of levels up in the heavy air. We still need to accumulate more data about this, though. The price we are coming up includes a B sail (100 sq ft) and asymmetrical spinnaker. The A and C sail will be optional and not included on the promo, but we will work on the price for them if somebody wants to add them. Me personally, I will have the B and C sails. I do have an A sail for demo purposes, but do not intend to race with it. The A sail threshold is probably a 220 lbs sailor, while the B's may be 190 lbs and the C's 160 lbs. Again, we are still collecting data and learning. The 9 boat fleet in Beaufort, SC sails B and C sails and they are all quite competitive. Data so far has shown that the A will benefit the heavier sailor in the lighter air, but not by a lot more when the wind picks up. The B is still quite powerful and the rig is very manageable. The other point to consider is our venue: most regattas are light to medium air, unless you live in Corpus or San Fran. While I do not want to restrict growth of a given rig based on geography, we all know what conditions we sail the most on and can plan the proper sail based on that. Again, early stages and we want to grow it organically and listening what you all have to say.
  8. Help with a Vxone tour and demo near Portland or

    Hi Checksix, There are a couple of boats in the Seattle area that have not been really active but maybe we can get in contact and triangulate the deal. If it does not work and you want to get a way for the weekend, a round trip flight in December is about $260. We'll pick you up at the airport. Splash the VX One, grab a beer or two, sail, grab more beer and repeat. We drop you back at the airport on Sunday. my email is rod@velasailingsupply.com
  9. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    Absolutely yes. Even if we can get the crowd together in a more central location for everyone in the TCC I will be happy to pack the boat and take it there and spend a weekend of clinic/demo. You touched a great point Sushi: the main objective is get everyone to have access to the same information and support. You know how we go about that with he VX One Completely open book and getting everybody up to speed as practicable. Some beers, hot dogs (or Sushi from the local gas station) and a good weekend of learning and sailing, will be very fun and rewarding for all of us as a fleet. I know we are into something good with the VX Evo.
  10. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    Anytime you are in Dallas. Come to Rush Creek for a beer and some sailing! I will prepare the demo schedule and shared with everybody.
  11. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    Thank you guys. Holo Nui, I wish I as 155 lbs 6' 1". With that height, boy would I be quick upwind!! Seriously though, 155 lbs is light for sure, however the B sail is a good all around up to probably 13 knots, then a C sail is the way to go. Let me put it this way: with my weight and height and I am at full hike on a Sunfish in 11 knots of TWS. on the Aero 7 at 8 knots. On a Laser Full Rig at 8 knots and on the EVO. So the bottom line is that no matter what, I will be hiking very early unless I move on to Laser Radial. The B sails is 100 sq ft. It is not small, but the bending characteristics of the mast do help depower quite a bit. Again, I have not been sailing the boat enough to know her behavior in anything beyond 12 knots yet, but the feedback from the fleet in Savannah / Beaufort is that almost everybody is using the B sail and most of them are under 200 lbs. They do need to move to the C sail (90 sq ft) to be more competitive, but is not that you will be blown if you don't. Again, it is a big main, but also a wide boat, with hard chines and lots of form stability. We are shaping how to make it fair across the board, just like Sushi mentioned. The best part is that it is only one rig for everyone, only change will be the main size.
  12. VX Evo

    You have chosen well for your interests!! ...priceless!!
  13. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    That is why I sue what the Devotti One uses as it is the closest thing to the Evo. 100%.... I will be happy with any rating. We can actually go to the other side of the spectrum and see how it works on a real low number. It was fun to be there with ya'll so I will do whatever it takes to keep it sustainable and for others joining the VX Evo enjoy fair racing. I agree about the light air. The boat is designed for heavier sailors than me (148 lbs) and even then. So if you add all that, I will have quite an advantage in the light stuff, could not agree more. The tacks and gybes are certainly painless when compared to WETAs, Skiffs, IC and probably the Moth if the wind is not stable, so that's another advantage point. Downwind the Evo will be very , very fast in all conditions, though, so that's a hard one to figure out.
  14. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    Do we have a 2018 calendar?
  15. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    Duwke, I agree. This is the first time the Evo hits the racecourse in the Portsmouth system. We are learning it and pulled a similar rating to the Devotti One which is similar and popular in Europe. As reference, here are some numbers: - E Scow: 72.6 - Flying Dutchman: 80.1 - MC Scow: 87.8 - Finn: 90.1 - RS700: 73.3 - MX Ray: 90.5 In most conditions, the Evo, will not be faster than boats on trapezes or E Scow. We are open to learn and see what works best for the local action.