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  1. reefing lines?

    Using tapered double braid Dyneema is probably the best option. IT will be light weight on the sail and very strong.
  2. What's happened to the VX One ?

    Some VX action in Sarasota during the Midwinters in January 2018:
  3. The VX Evo

    The VX One is , without a doubt, a really good boat. This may sound obvious by someone as biased as I am, but I became biased because it is an excellent boat and not the other way around. More than been a great boat, it is a good overall program. I can make a long list of great, very well designed boats, that never took off because the boat is just a part of the equation. In the case of the Evo, you are correct on comparing with similar models, yet there are other elements that add up or take away from the decision of joining on or other class: this could be from aesthetic, through the characters involved in the class to how easy is to tow, rig and splash. We do think the VX Evo, same as the VX One, is a revolutionary boat. There is a delicate balance between the performance, accessibility and appeal to a given group of sailors. Few other builders have done the same. The closest to the Evo is the RS100, yet smaller and aimed to slightly smaller sailors and more athletic, this has to do with the overall length and sail area of the Evo and small details as the boom height, etc. Wisdom in marketing and support when growing a class are key, you are accurate about that too. We are working hard towards that and curiously today we released the first "How to Rig your VX Evo" video.
  4. The VX Evo

    Some questions will be answered here:
  5. The VX Evo

    Ok, I will use that information to work on get you on a boat. FYI, a very active fleet is not too far from you: Beaufort SC has 7 active boats. I know is a hike, but a weekend gateway to that cool town and some sailing surrounded by the actual Evo sailors may be a fun thing to do if the weather is good.
  6. The VX Evo

    Let's check with Brian, I am not sure if there is one left in Sarasota after the first event. Where is home for you?
  7. The VX Evo

    Xonk1, Yes, the ballasted board will be in Sarasota.
  8. VX Evo

    Xonk1, My bad on the day. It is January 13th and 14th at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron. Sushi's boat will land there on the 12th.
  9. Texas High Performance Singlehanders Multiplying

    Ready to put it together!!
  10. VX Evo

    The selfie was just for you, thought you'd like it. The keel will be in Sarasota for the VX One Winter Series #1 on January 15th.
  11. VX Evo

    Got it...fair. Have not seen it yet.I'm on it!!
  12. VX Evo

    Yes, it was yours truly and tow other Evo's hitting the cool waters at Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club this past Sunday. Winds between 6 and 12 knots made it for a great training session. Skipper's weights were: 150, 157 and 179 lbs. All of us used the B Sail and it was quite even. The downwind were surprisingly equal among all three boats,s o the weight did influence, but not as much as I expected. Lots learned and more to come.
  13. Sydney - Hobart Gear List

    Next, While I have not done the Sydney - Hobart personally, I have done enough offshore miles to have my wish list fairly clear: - Thermal base layers: such as Zhik SuperThermal Hydrobase or Gill Thermo Grid. - Outer shell: Zhik Isotak or Gill OS1 jacket and trousers. - You may need a mid layer, such as a soft shell or fleece to add warmth between base layer and outer shell. - Offshore boots - Thermal socks - One pair of sailing shoes. - Inflatable PFD and corresponding tether (don't forget a pocket knife)