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  1. Rodfavela

    Dinghy sailing in Kansas

    Have you checked with these guys: ? They don't seem to be a dinghy sailing community but probably know what door to knock on. Hope this helps. Rod
  2. Rodfavela

    Splicing a split tailed mainsheet

    Strip, taper make a big'ol eye splice and then cut the eye splice ion the middle. That will result in the two "legs" of the bridle.
  3. Rodfavela

    Trailer pad material

    Hydroturf or Raptor , molded diamond cut so it drains and air as much as possible.
  4. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    Almost as good as that. Joking aside, we will explore the the possibility of helping with the financing of one of these guys. The sailboat financing market is a little strange as they give priority to the big bucks boats, but there may be an alternative we will look for. But that is not the announcement that Sushi is referring to, I think. The VX Evo boat is the future; money should not be the reason why fellow sailors are not jumping on it, so we will work on every possible way to make it an accessible, well structured boat, class and production process.
  5. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    The Evo'ers were blasting this past weekend in Galveston Bay in epic conditions. One of them to a young sailor in one of the races and it was great fun. Thanks again to you guys for keep pushing hard and been out there. I'm sorry I missed this one. Photo credit to John A Lever and the Clear Lake and Galveston Bay Sailing folks!
  6. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    No, it does not. The way the VX Evo travels is on the galvanized dolly and then the dolly sits on the actual road base. There is not board/bulb rest on the trailer to do that, but it can be certainly added to the dolly, just need to make sure we have enough clearance for the bulb without interfering with rolling the dolly on the road base.
  7. Rodfavela

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    The Texas VX Evos hitting Leukemia Cup:
  8. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    That is a fair observation, but I think a little ahead of time. Just due to logistics and delayed plans we have not tested it, but we may be into a great surprise...specially for the super light guys. The flip side of the coin is that probably we need to split the fleet between ballasted and non-ballasted for OD racing, but we are not there yet. The boat is in fact quite stable without it due to hull form. Yet, you cannot just jump on it from the dock, or you'll get wet for sure! so the added weight does help there for sure.
  9. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    The ballasted board has not been used yet. The current location is in Savannah, Georgia, close to the flee in Beaufort, SC. A good friend/VX Evo owner has it , but has not used it yet. The truth is that , as of today, no one has really felt the need of using it, even the lightest guys (myself included) so we have not collected data compared to the boarded boat as what advantages and change in performance will make. May be a road trip on the way as you are not too far? One of the point that may still need some work if this will be a constant option is the fact that under the current design, the ballasted board must be inserted from the bottom up, which means is a two person operation right before splashing.
  10. Rodfavela

    New mast for 105

    FWIW, J/105 hull #1 is in our neck of the woods. 2 years ago, the lifting strap failed and the boat dropped and destroyed the mast. We sent them a Sparcraft and the only mayor difference was the configuration of the spinnaker halyard exits (using a restrainer instead of going directly to the fractional). Drop me a note if you are interested in one new from Sparcraft.
  11. Rodfavela

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    In the mean time, another Evo went down "South of the border" and back to Arizona. Some fellow sailors at the AYC will see it gliding in Lake Pleasant and who knows...
  12. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    Here is a quick clip of coming back after capsizing:
  13. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    ll fair comments but I do have to say that it gives the impression that we are a little of on the timing: The RS Aero is a great boat and I think that RS has nailed well the market and target for it and you are will take over the Laser, but it will take some time. Also, when the Aero was launched, it is not that everyone jumped and bought hundreds of them at once. It did take RS some time to have a strong presence in the market, and yes, once the product was clear as of what will offer and to what type of sailor, sales went up notoriously, especially in Europe. Keep in mind that the RS Aero and Lasers have nothing to do or in common with the VX Evo other than they are singlehanders. At the shop, we carry and deal with both from a commercial stand point: the Aero and the Evo. I own both of them and enjoy them immensely on their own fields, yet they are two very different boats aimed to different sailors and while I have the perfect weight for the Aero, the Evo really takes it to the next level. Marketing needs development and we are working on it. So far we have developed a tutorial, more than a marketing video to help folks understand how to rig and put together the VX EVO:
  14. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    Hi Alan, Very fair comments. Many things are heading the right way towards the improvement of the marketing for the VX Evo Vela Sailing Supply is working with Bennett Yachting on this aspect and everyone will have more access and information about the VX Evo in not too long. Rod
  15. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    Congrats Dave!! Nicely done. Can you share with us what was it like in terms of wind conditions and race course configuration? Thanks, Rod