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  1. If you are happy with 10mm single braid that is not going to a winch, then Alpha SSR is a much better option.
  2. That time of the year it could be windy....430 lbs on the rail is a good all around number.
  3. Hi all, Save the dates. This will be a great event this Fall in Texas. If you own a VX One, get it ready and start planning. If you are not sure, let's start talking about charter, if you are sure and don't have one yet, go ahead and pull the trigger....you will not regret it. New and used boats available. Dates for NAs: - Tuesday, October, 17th. Measuring. - Wednesday, October, 18th. Measuring and practice race. - Thursday, October 19th. First race day. - Friday, October 20th. Second race day. - Saturday, October 21st. Last day of racing. The Weekend before, October 14th and 15th. we will be hosting the Fall Dinghy Fest which can be used as a "warm up" event for NA's. Boats are welcome, and encourage to come early. Contact : rod@velasailingsupply.com Hope to see y'all in Texas this fall.
  4. We have made several using Endura Braid, Warpspeed and Alpha SSC. Same thing, we taper and strip the cover of the front section, that reduces friction and bulkiness in the drum and allows for more easier furling.
  5. Blastoff, There are some good options on Gill, Rooster and Zhik. Give me a call or get on out Live Help chat. You will be surprised on the pricing we can get you for some good, really good weather gear. Rod
  6. Jake, If the sheets are to comply with the old rules (constant diameter/non-tapered) then then a stopper knot on the outside is the best option. If the sheets are tapered, then a soft Dyneema shackle is the way to go: light and super strong. For a J/24 you do not really need a stainless steel shackle. For the main halyard I would avoid the soft shackle to prevent snagging it on the masthead sheave. Splice to a Dog Bone works perfectly. If you have questions...we are here to help!
  7. Selden will probably give you the best bang for the buck. Very affordable and great piece of hardware. The CX-10 will work with up 50 m2 of sail area, which I think should be fine on that boat, however if you are positive is more than that, then the CX-15 will be the ticket and it will not break the bank. The other option is Facnor, also great unit and quite affordable. FWIW, we have one of the previous model FX-2500 in stock that we can let it go for $1,150. Cheers,
  8. Antal clutches are very good and tend to have less return. There are two good tips to reduce problems with your existing clutch: 1) Mark the halyard for light, medium and heavy air conditions. Do so on an "over-tightened" position compensating for the return you will have. 2) in order to #1 to work well , you may want to add a jacket to the clutched area of the halyard. 3 ft. is more than enough. The larger the diameter of the rope, the better the grip on any clutch or jammer. Try that before you switch your clutches.
  9. With proper tension on the lower shrouds, vang will put some tension on the headstay which is necessary when is blowing, aka, when using the vang. This is particularly true on fractional rig boats. Using the backstay on a frac rig compresses the mast down and unloads the upper shrouds, and that is not good in moderate and heavy air. In real high wind when easing the mainsheet , once the traveler is all the way down will over ease the leech tension and the flutter will be increased, that is why you "vang sheet" in some boats. As you mentioned, every boat is different, but the vang is needed it on all of them to control leech tension. Hope this helps.
  10. Guys, We are having this week of an additional 10% OFF from our already low prices on all Harken Covers and Canvas products, such as winch cover,s fenders, covers, as well as lots of One Design covers for dinghies and keelboats. Check it out and don't miss it. Flame on!
  11. Several good suggestions. Your actual halyard can be of double braid Dyneema core. Have a luggage tag on the bitter end (without the cover). I would use a 3mm or 4mm single braid tail with an eye splice. You can cow hitch or lash it with thin Dyneema (2mm single braid) and once the sail is hoisted you can remove the know or unleash it and cleat the thea actual halyard to the clea, or rope clutch. Store away the tail until the next drop.
  12. Yes, regardless of the fact that you can single handed or double hand it, the boat will get loaded fairly quick. Also I am sure than on 10 knots or more all 4 crew members will have a job to do besides hiking. Bavaria manufactures god quality boats, therefore I don't think there will be an issue from the quality/durability stand point. I do think that you may have more fun on a Melges 24 and have much more room to improve and learn, thanks to the size of the fleet/class and the information available. Also you may be able to pick up a boat in the US for a good price. "Bavaria manufactures god quality boat" ????????????? Have you ever sailed on a Bavaria? (or may be you have only sailed on Bavaria and then you have no point of comparison). Bavaria are (very) cheap boat and you only have what you paid for... they are good quality to price ratio boat for sure but not more. Last time Bavaria tried to build racing boat it wasn't a total success :-( Fair. I have seen some of their cruising boats and are quite basic not mean to trash the brand here, just give an unbiased opinion. The B/One has never been in my personal array of options for a sport boat. Also agree with Neuronz about the low aspect.
  13. Yes, regardless of the fact that you can single handed or double hand it, the boat will get loaded fairly quick. Also I am sure than on 10 knots or more all 4 crew members will have a job to do besides hiking. Bavaria manufactures god quality boats, therefore I don't think there will be an issue from the quality/durability stand point. I do think that you may have more fun on a Melges 24 and have much more room to improve and learn, thanks to the size of the fleet/class and the information available. Also you may be able to pick up a boat in the US for a good price.
  14. I have not sailed on the boat but have sailed on the same racecourse. Very similar to the Laser SB3 (SB20), high freeboard, and a bigger and more tamed sport boat. The rig is aluminum and quite heavy. It is ramp-launchable and probably need to sail with 4 crew. I consider that the loads will be lower than those found on the J/70 and the boat will be faster, but I see the program way too similar to the Melges 24, so why not do it, if the price will be similar?
  15. I will chase the singlehanded sailing game wherever it goes. I will need a Laser regardless because my old man friends will sail masters regattas in Lasers and I very much love visiting that group when it assembles and I can afford to go play. Meanwhile, as nobody sells New Lasers in the USA anymore and parts are unavailable and there has been no class promotion for fifteen years now, I suspect those who are new to the sport will gravitate to the exciting new dealer supported toy rather than seeking out the old man's fleet of hard to get 1960s sluggish by comparison Lasers. "Nobody sells new laser in the USA anymore" I can usually follow what you mean but you lost me on that one Gouv. Its very easy to buy new Lasers in the USA. http://www.apsltd.com/buy-new-dinghy-sailboats/buy-laser-dinghy-sailboat.html Easy to buy parts too. There are no stocking Laser Dealers within 1000 miles of my dying fleet. The US Laser manufacturing facilities have been closed and the workers we used to employ by buying their product were all left to go look for new jobs. The tooling that used to make 100,000 toys for North America has. been shipped to the other side of the world. The singlehanded sailboat racing market has been abandoned by the Laser Manufacturer and is wide open for whoever wants to serve the half billion potential customers in North America. Fred, I feel your pain, FWIW we have a brand new Laser Race Version here at the shop. We have spars, full rig sails and some other parts. All running rigging. Now, blades, those are a PROBLEM, so don't break'em. Rod