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  1. Rodfavela

    2020 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Jim, Have you considered a VX Evo? probably a much simpler option and we have a used boat that can be a good deal. We are also starting to race One Design, so the best of both worlds. BTW, the Evo is a Portsmouth killer...and it has no ballast, so fully complies with the centerboard criteria.
  2. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    And here are some shots of Wurstfest regatta, really fun event with very fluky conditions! Thanks to Lake Canyon YC for the images!
  3. Rodfavela


    We have a couple on the shelf:
  4. Rodfavela

    Best mainsheet ratchet min 50mm

    What boat?
  5. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    And regarding stability and other concerns about capsizing, here is what happens to a 152 pounder (yours truly) when sailing in heavy air:
  6. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    yes, that is correct, but if the halyard may get caught or for any reason ends up being too short, just untie it from the head of the sail and sky it to the top of the mast (tie a stopper knot before, of course) and pulls the slack inside the boat....that is how I do it.
  7. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    Shoo, Great questions and valid points. Here is my take on this: Oops sorry, guys, missed that. From road to splash including bottom and top cover removal, etc it could run around 30 min. The video is extremely long because we are taking out time explaining in detail each one of the steps: • Park the car • Undo tie downs • Take top cover off • Step the mast (easier than a Laser rig) • Pin the shrouds • clean all the crap we carry in the cockpit. • Select the mainsail you are going to use and feed the head in the mast track, connect the main halyard. • Remove bottom cover • Put the rudder on the transom pintles • Push the dolly off the trailer • Walk it to the launching area or leave the dolly on the trailer and drive the whole thing to the ramp if needed. Typically the spinnaker travels rigged in the snuffer and the halyard, retrieving line remains connected, so it all comes down to how many times you get interrupted by friends and beer what it takes to launch, but 30 minutes is a realistic time frame from arriving to the rigging area to splashing.
  8. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    Good observations Jim. If you capsize with the spinnaker up, you need to douse it, which is not really complicated, but it is not that you can bring the boat back up with the lite up unless is blowing less than 8 knots or so. It is indeed a thrill and super fun sailing. We just had DinghyFest regatta this past weekend with 4 boats together with some Portsmouth boats and it was a blast....the VX Evo was far ahead by quite a bit. Here are some videos we made for fun with fellow sailor Greg Gust:
  9. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    Shoo, Great questions and valid points. RS and Devoti make excellent boats. Here is my take on this: • No wings on the VX Evo: the wings only work to increase leverage while hiking, which we all know s a big plus, however this comes with a price, which is hull form stability. Take for example a foiling Moth: the the hull just exists to give support to the rig and wings, therefore it is the smallest possible to keep structure to the rig and a very high instability, which is the price you pay for speed and light weight. now let's go to the other end of the spectrum and say a Flying Scot, which is one of the most stable dinghies out there still sailed in the US: maximum hull stability at the cost of very high weight and drag. Then there is everything in between: designers looking for the highest form stability without making the boat too complicated or aggressive...bottom line USER FRIENDLY. The VX Evo is a 180 lbs boat all up at 16 ft LOA, this means is a very light boat designed for sailors that may be too big/heavy for a Laser and are looking for that extra edge of speed and technical sailing. By not having wings a heavier sailor has the total of the hull form to support and avoiding the need to be on the edge of capsizing. This also has some advantages in marginal planning conditions as there is less "sinkage" of the hull. In short, there are more benefits on not having the wings if the weight does not get increased and that was achieved on the VX Evo: less cost, less complicated, nicer lines. • Superior design: it is a bold statement to say it is a superior design because different boats appeal to different sailors and the RS100 and the D-One are also great boats. The VX Evo has refined many things and the beauty of the boat is the simplicity and wide range of sailors can sail it. It is also a joyful boat to sail in light air and a real rocket in the heavy stuff, so it does check all the good list boxes. Big sailors and small sailors, roomy cockpit, fast in all conditions, very well built, simple rig configuration. • Stability: while I have not personally sailed the D-One and the RS 100, I think it is fair to say that the VX Evo is more stable, refer to the first point to confirm this. • VX Evo class: at the time of this post, there is a container of VX Evos coming in to the US to our shop in Texas and we are working on refining the class rules before going loudly public. We have being doing some research and testing on sail sizes, sailros weight, etc to make sure is the friendliest class to sail with and that just takes time. All the boats we have brought have been sold and nothing but great feedback is coming from the owners. The next big regatt is the Wurstfest I in Lake Canyon Yacht Club , San Antonio (Canyon Lake) which will be our first National Championship. Cheers,
  10. Rodfavela

    2019 Texas Centerboard Circuit!!!

    Arboledas, maybe??
  11. Rodfavela

    2019 Texas Centerboard Circuit!!!

    Registration for FallDinghyfest here: 4 VX Evos already in. @Sushi are you coming?
  12. Rodfavela

    Tuff Luff Aero vs. Harken Carbo

    We have used/installed both on several boats. The Harken Carbo Foil is a little wider extrusion than the White Tuff Luff. Both will become brittle over time due to UV, it's just their nature. If a piece already broke it is time to change it as it ma keep happening and if the luff tape catches on a broken area, then you may add sail repair to the project, which means more $$. I personally like the Harken Carbo a little better probably because I have see it taking real serious abuse by spinnaker poles and gybing /rubbing sheets. Always happy to talk about it to help with the decision.
  13. Rodfavela

    Annapolis "Performance" Sailing - No More-ish!

    Our view about this: indeed, APS has been a well respected player in our industry. Kyle iand the team are a great crowd. I am sure it has not been an easy decision and while unexpected, I cannot say I am surprised. The hardware part of the business is a tough one. We at Vela, love it and will keep pushing for it, yet that does not mean is an easy path especially when the goal is to offer a solution to each sailor, which goes beyond selling a part. We are carrying a good chunk of the "obscure" parts/brands such as Allen Brothers, RWO, Viadana, specific spar parts, etc. as well a true one design support area which goes beyond a list of generic parts but rather the real thing. The other business that are aiming to do the same, understand what it takes and kudos to them as well. APS has done a lot of that for decades and business need to be able to adapt and this is probably their way to do it. Kyle is a smart guy and I am sure they'll do well. Some of you have mentioned....Land's End is an example of that exact route. We do this because of our passion for the sport, we love to see it grow and reach far beyond from where it is today, there is no regatta we don't want to do either to race on or support, any coaching opportunity in which are required that we want to pass on. Not easy, there are only so many hours on the day and days on the year, but we are up for the challenge. Vela Sailing is here, growing and offering top of the line parts and improving, expanding and determined to not let down any sailor.
  14. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    Yes, just PM'd you. I just made it back from a delivery of an Evo to Lakewood YC.
  15. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    The keel will be arriving to Texas tomorrow. There we will have more testing done and there are several boats, so we can compare bot to boat (daggerboard vs ballasted) and make final conclusions as of what performance / stability compromise is.