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  1. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    Hi Alan, Very fair comments. Many things are heading the right way towards the improvement of the marketing for the VX Evo Vela Sailing Supply is working with Bennett Yachting on this aspect and everyone will have more access and information about the VX Evo in not too long. Rod
  2. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    Congrats Dave!! Nicely done. Can you share with us what was it like in terms of wind conditions and race course configuration? Thanks, Rod
  3. Rodfavela

    Best 8mm rope for performance oriented mainsheet

    Marlow Excel Fusion 78 is strong light and strippable. Great line for main sheet on dinghies, just keep it away from UV when not in use. Other options are, either FSE Racing Sheet or Alpha SSR, the latter is a single braid and excellent in the hand. Rooster is awesome as well, but they do 7mm and 9mm ,.not 8mm. We stock them all.
  4. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    Alright girls and boys, The reason why most of us may choose to go handicap racing is because we found a boat that we like and feel comfortable with and hope to have more of our peers join us an grow the class, but until then we want to keep active and share with other sailors on the racecourse. With that said, we must understand that the sailing playing field is in constant change due to weather and water conditions, this means we cannot/should not stick to solid conditions when it comes down to handicap ratings. Every boat will have a sweet spot not only on ind conditions but also on the course relative to the wind. Going back to the Evo, the upwind performance is similar to almost any other hiking strap monohull 16 ft dinghy out there. Then downwind in moderate to heavy, it is a complete rocket. In very light air conditions get hard again because of the angles. All these is no news for all of you. If you find yourself needing to rate the Evo for a long distance race where the expectation is to go broad reaching, sure, you may assign a 77 or so, for example, but for the same race upwind in fresh breeze 85 is probably not even fair. Who knows!! We need to collect a little more data. My first personal experience with the Evo racing against other dinghies was in Wurstfest last year and it was very light breeze for the whole weekend and it favored the Evo for sure. I was called to say that 85 was not the right number for it, so I talked to the organization afterwards and we played with the numbers and saw how the would've affect the final results. I don't have them with me anymore, but we lowered it a couple of times and the results did not change until it went to around 79 or so...can't recall. This link shows numbers and the variations based on wind conditions, but again not the angle to the wind which is a big game changer: Classes _ United States Sailing Association.htm
  5. Rodfavela

    What's the best small sport boat to buy?

    You can buy one of these used for low $20ks....simple program , excellent construction, strong and quick. Needless to say super fun. Crew needed: 2-3 total.
  6. Rodfavela

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    There is wisdom right here....!!!
  7. Rodfavela

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Hey guys , Good input and great stuff Felipe. I agree that we should collect more data before assigning a number. Anything below 870 and you will be neck to neck with C Scows, E scows , Flying Dutchman, etc. Granted, in the right conditions, every boat is a rocket in this category. The Wetas will be smoking upwind in anything above 9 knots then may lose a little downwind, I don't know.... The IC will crush me as Sushi mentions on anything above 6 knots, may be...I am not sure what the minimum for the IC is. Truth from an isolated performance analysis on the VX Evo is that the boat averages quite well upwind on ant condition but there will be nothing really spectacular upwind after 8 or 9 knots of TWS. The Evo will really excel in light air upwind and downwind in all conditions when compared to any other similar boat in its category. Conroe will be interesting. Sushi is ready to take the hit of 68!
  8. Rodfavela

    VX Evo

    Not yet. The ballasted board will be tried in SC and we will hear something from the boys there.So fa, I have been fine without it at my 153 lbs but i have not sailed it in anything beyond 15 knots yet, so still a bit unknown.
  9. Rodfavela

    reefing lines?

    Using tapered double braid Dyneema is probably the best option. IT will be light weight on the sail and very strong.
  10. Rodfavela

    What's happened to the VX One ?

    Some VX action in Sarasota during the Midwinters in January 2018:
  11. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    The VX One is , without a doubt, a really good boat. This may sound obvious by someone as biased as I am, but I became biased because it is an excellent boat and not the other way around. More than been a great boat, it is a good overall program. I can make a long list of great, very well designed boats, that never took off because the boat is just a part of the equation. In the case of the Evo, you are correct on comparing with similar models, yet there are other elements that add up or take away from the decision of joining on or other class: this could be from aesthetic, through the characters involved in the class to how easy is to tow, rig and splash. We do think the VX Evo, same as the VX One, is a revolutionary boat. There is a delicate balance between the performance, accessibility and appeal to a given group of sailors. Few other builders have done the same. The closest to the Evo is the RS100, yet smaller and aimed to slightly smaller sailors and more athletic, this has to do with the overall length and sail area of the Evo and small details as the boom height, etc. Wisdom in marketing and support when growing a class are key, you are accurate about that too. We are working hard towards that and curiously today we released the first "How to Rig your VX Evo" video.
  12. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    Some questions will be answered here:
  13. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    Ok, I will use that information to work on get you on a boat. FYI, a very active fleet is not too far from you: Beaufort SC has 7 active boats. I know is a hike, but a weekend gateway to that cool town and some sailing surrounded by the actual Evo sailors may be a fun thing to do if the weather is good.
  14. Rodfavela

    The VX Evo

    Let's check with Brian, I am not sure if there is one left in Sarasota after the first event. Where is home for you?