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  1. Pokey uh da LBC

    So called "wicking" polyester shirts??

    Mark, you must be awfully busy elsewhere. I expected you to get in on this thread months ago. Well, at least a week ago.
  2. Pokey uh da LBC

    Mumm 36 Avatar is missing

    Are you saying you didn't like the Mumm 36? Because Spurgeonyachts's looks pretty sweet for $29k.
  3. Pokey uh da LBC

    So called "wicking" polyester shirts??

    Here's the other side of this coin. Back in the day I did a fair amount of high elevation mountaineering. Above base camp, we'd wear plastic, non-breathing socks as a first layer. The idea was that wicking and evaporation are exothermic. As sweat evaporates, it cools the skin. Plastic socks prevented all evaporation, keeping your feet a little warmer. Not sure if this idea has been debunked in the years since, but it was a credible technique back in the early '90s.
  4. Pokey uh da LBC

    So called "wicking" polyester shirts??

    Yeah, Icebreaker is a great brand, but inexpensive... no. Affordable, yes, if you stretch out the ROI.
  5. Pokey uh da LBC

    Sweetest sailing old plastic?

    Saw this nice looking Tartan 34 on Craig's List Los Angeles.
  6. Pokey uh da LBC

    Suggested 30' Boats for Short Handed Long Distance Racing

    As a past owner of a Farr 30, I'd say it's too much to handle for a single person in anything but very light conditions. Not that it's impossible, just beyond what's considered fun by most humans. Based on specs and other posts, the H30 and FT10 are probably even harder to single hand. Also owned a J29. Great boat and doable single handed, but the 155 jib makes for slow tacks. Great for double handing though. Frac rig is your best best because of the smaller fore triangle. J30 is also a good choice but out of the rating band. The Olson 30 has done a single handed Transpac and other distance races. Also consider an Olson 911. Way more comfortable than the above boats, but just misses your rating band.
  7. Pokey uh da LBC

    3 Rivers Race 2020

    Wow! that's a skill you don't practice every day: Dropping the mast as fast/late as possible so that your momentum carries you under the bridge. Couple of those guys really nailed it. And you thought you had mad skills 'cause you were the last one to drop your kite at the leeward mark (surrounded by square miles of navigable water). Two mesmerizing videos and many gorgeous boats. Looks like tons of fun. Thanks for posting!
  8. Pokey uh da LBC

    Cruise Ship Smackdown

    There's been an "allision" in Mexico. Commentary is as good as the video.
  9. Pokey uh da LBC

    best pic of the year?

    I like the photo of the two skiffs just down the front page much better. Yeah, freezing water in motion is kind of cool, but not exactly new or particularly artistic.
  10. Pokey uh da LBC

    talk to me about the tartan 30

    Not many of these in SoCal, so I did a bit of internet window shopping for one. Pretty good looking boat for the day. Sailing wise, how does the 1970's T-30 compare to the next gen, more IOR-shaped T3000 from the '80? Both S&S designs. New version shaved off 800 lbs while maintaining a similar ballast, according to sailboatdata.com.
  11. Pokey uh da LBC

    Weapon or... Craigslist Junker

    Hey Larry, 6 seconds for the IB and 3 for the Frac.
  12. Pokey uh da LBC

    Weapon or... Craigslist Junker

    Had an inboard in our J29 and it didn't hurt a bit in PHRF. The 6-second rating bump was more than fair, and the convenience... But I'd be concerned that the same 6-second bump for the O30 wouldn't cover the extra weight. By my rough calculations, a 250# motor increases the displacement of a J29 by 4.2%, but that same motor adds 6.9% to an Olson 30.
  13. Pokey uh da LBC

    Weapon or... Craigslist Junker

    An interesting, if possibly sacrilegious mod. I guess OD racing is out of the question, but may be a fast phrf boat for less than $10k OnceaULDB
  14. Pokey uh da LBC

    E Bay item to Watch

    The naysayers assume that a potential buyer would do no research and just plop down the cash, based purely on the ad. Who does that? The available photos showed the boat's name, CF #, the dock where she's moored, as well as the names of several nearby boats. With this info and a little amateur detective work, any serious shopper should be able to get access to the boat within half a day. While getting inside might not be possible, looking at the boat from the dock, along with a careful review of the photos would give you a pretty good idea of it's condition. Granted, this wouldn't be enough info to make a full price offer, but I'd feel comfortable offering 50% of market value.
  15. Pokey uh da LBC

    E Bay item to Watch

    Boat sold for just under $19k. I checked out the seller and saw a couple dozen more photos of the boat. Seller and boat looked legit and I'm thinking someone scored a fantastic deal!