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  1. Pokey uh da LBC

    N2E Wx Thread- Could Be Interesting

    Just checking the results. How about Cheerio II... First to finish in PHRF-G, despite coping the slowest (+246) rating in the thirteen-boat fleet. The forty six foot woody corrected over second place by over three and a half hours. While she may not have the lines of a Kettenburg, Cheerio II don't look half slow. Hard to understand the process which resulted in bestowing such a gift rating.
  2. Pokey uh da LBC

    2018 congressional cup

    In the finals, Deano starts on Canfield's windward hip. Tucker Thompson: I don't think he can live there much longer. Are we gonna see a split? Kiwi Commentator: Like a bag of cats at a greyhound match, Tucker. Silence as Tucker wraps his head around the metaphor. Then snorts of laughter all around. Coming up with shit like that is what being a "color man" is all about.
  3. Pokey uh da LBC

    2018 congressional cup

    Not sure if it was Barker or Hutch that made the two calls at the top mark in races 1 and 4. But there may be openings on a team outta NYC.
  4. Pokey uh da LBC

    2018 congressional cup

    Finals on NOW: Canfield passes Barker in the last couple hundred yards to take Race 1. Breeze is up. Race 2 to start in a few mins. Cameras now on the sterns of the two finalist. Live coverage is awesome.
  5. Pokey uh da LBC

    2018 congressional cup

    Yeah, the Con Cup is OK. Not really worth mentioning on the FP. But how about that Charleston Fort 2 Battery race? Wow. Kite Boarders sailing (do they really call it that?) in a straight line for 6 miles. Fuck Yeah! That's what it's all about people!
  6. Pokey uh da LBC

    2018 congressional cup

    Flicker, Ficker, Fucker. It's all the same to me since they misplaced my invitation. Anyway, the racing yesterday was simply awesome. Action so close to the pier that a light post came crashing into the water when one boat got a little close during the prestart. And boats sailing backwards at 4 knots, rail to rail. Then there was the the final flight when Deano tee-bones his competitor and still wins the race. Seven more races today.
  7. Pokey uh da LBC

    2018 congressional cup

    Looks like there are actually two feeds. One is a controllable 360 degree camera on the pier with ambient sound and the other includes drone, telephoto shots from the pier and commentary. Great watching! Deano in the lead after day one with no losses. Funny that he had to qualify for the Con Cup by winning the Flicker Cup last weekend.
  8. Pokey uh da LBC

    1st JPK 11.80 launches

    You always hear how JPKs kick ass in IRC. Are any JPKs racing in PHRF locations and getting good results?
  9. Pokey uh da LBC

    Voyage of the Scarlet Queen

    Just came across this cool old-time radio show. How can ya not like a show that starts off each week, with the mate calling out, "Stand By To Make Sail"! Voyage of the Scarlet Queen is so old that it's in the public domain. Which means that all 35 episodes are available free for streaming or download at Internet Archives. The voyage starts in San Francisco. The ketch then sets off for adventures across the Pacific and along the coast of Asia. Enjoy!
  10. Pokey uh da LBC

    Blackbeard Question

    Back in 1718, Blackbeard made his final solo transit of the Caribbean. So, here’s the question: How would he keep the Queen Ann’s Revenge on course while goin’ aloft to trim the topgallants? Engage the Autopirate, of course.
  11. Pokey uh da LBC

    Scooped By CNN

    What's the world coming to when SA gets scooped by CNN?
  12. Pokey uh da LBC

    Anybody Know The History Of This Farr 39ML?

    So you'd expect the gear to be up to date. Now, if the core and glass are still bonded, this looks to be a great deal
  13. Pokey uh da LBC

    Barn Find Cal 40

    From the depth of the Georgian outback, comes the restoration project from hell, to resurrect a racing legend. I give you... the Barn-Find Cal 40
  14. I've used several fasteners from Marine Parts Depot. The parts do not rival the high-end product for quality, but generally operated as advertised. Shipments were fast. Prices, super low.
  15. Pokey uh da LBC

    Wahine 26

    For reference: A quick Yatchworld search (New Sailboats, $150-$200K) yields a 2018 Beneteau America 38.1 and a 2018 Jeanneau 389. While these pussy wagons may not float my boat, it's hard to imagine, walking through, or sailing either of them, then saying, nah, I'll take the 26 footer.