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  1. Pokey uh da LBC

    Why the Rustler 36?

    Yeah, I bet Luis Hamilton laughs at classic car racing too... And you fuckwads are just too cool to sail slow boats. So get off your asses and get back to sailing your V70s, IMOCA 65s, or AC water bugs. Oh wait. You sail 6 kn shit boxes like the rest of us.
  2. Pokey uh da LBC

    Catalina 27

    "Overkill is not a word in my vocabulary." I'd caution against going overboard with this approach in a small SAILboat. While over-bracing will work in a fishing boat with a big motor, sailboats don't respond well to excess reinforcement because of the extra weight. Rather than using hardwood, can't you find some scrap C10 laying around the boatyard?
  3. Pokey uh da LBC

    Best Fucking Sail Video in Ages

    From the front page: Animation: 10 Story: 10 Just awesome.
  4. Pokey uh da LBC

    Time To Introduce Shorthanded Divisions in All Regattas

    While I can see how this idea might get a few more boats out of their slips, I'm not convinced short handed racing will increase the number of people participating in the sport? If one 40-foot boat that normally sails with 8-10 switches to the double-handed class, three or four new double-handed boat will need to come out in order for the total participation to remain the same. Seems doubtful.
  5. Pokey uh da LBC

    Need Help

    Here's one that doesn't get much love around here because of its runt of the litter... J32. Plush interior; good build quality; easy to sail; does well in PHRF; but will be at the slow end of the mentioned rating band.
  6. Pokey uh da LBC

    Brain Trust Calls The Cops on Whale

    I just kept hoping they'd turn the fucking camera around. Turn that shit around, bro. I gotta see who talks like that? We gotta help'm, Bro. I mean hook'm. Fuck. Lets just call the cops on'm. Fuck! I'm shakin'.
  7. Pokey uh da LBC

    The Spirit of Sailing - Elvstrom

    Love the look of 16 mm film.
  8. Pokey uh da LBC

    CNN on Water Bugs and Big Bucks

  9. Pokey uh da LBC

    Front Page - scotw

    Take it Down! I like Tits and Ass as much as the next guy, and loved the series of sexy ads posted recently, but that photo crosses the line. Its one thing to post a photo of a scantly clad hottie, but catching a girl in an extremely unfaltering pose, while doing something we all love, is just bullshit. Do you think she's gonna be excited to go out sailing again? How about all the other girls and women that read the front page? Ed, your an influential guy. Do you think posting this photo will help attract girls to the sport? If you're answer is 'no', then, take it down before any more damage is done.
  10. Pokey uh da LBC

    The original 4kn Shitbox…

    The Cal 20 is a strong contender for the title, "Original 4-knot Shitbox". She was designed by Lapworth in 1960, built locally, and seriously raced ever since. The class is still strong and actually growing. Thirty-four Cal 20s mixed it up off Long Beach this weekend for their Class championships. Maybe someone can post a few of Volker Corell’s great photos.
  11. Stormy Daniels Busted for Motor Boating. Cops then say it was all a BIG mistake.
  12. Pokey uh da LBC

    Winning R2AK team doesn't make the FP

    Agree. That was a cheap shot.
  13. Pokey uh da LBC

    N2E Wx Thread- Could Be Interesting

    Just checking the results. How about Cheerio II... First to finish in PHRF-G, despite coping the slowest (+246) rating in the thirteen-boat fleet. The forty six foot woody corrected over second place by over three and a half hours. While she may not have the lines of a Kettenburg, Cheerio II don't look half slow. Hard to understand the process which resulted in bestowing such a gift rating.
  14. Pokey uh da LBC

    2018 congressional cup

    In the finals, Deano starts on Canfield's windward hip. Tucker Thompson: I don't think he can live there much longer. Are we gonna see a split? Kiwi Commentator: Like a bag of cats at a greyhound match, Tucker. Silence as Tucker wraps his head around the metaphor. Then snorts of laughter all around. Coming up with shit like that is what being a "color man" is all about.
  15. Pokey uh da LBC

    2018 congressional cup

    Not sure if it was Barker or Hutch that made the two calls at the top mark in races 1 and 4. But there may be openings on a team outta NYC.