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  1. Pokey uh da LBC

    anybody board the First 53 at the Annapolis Show?

    By comparison, the J160 just looks so... Old. But is it less comfortable? Slower? Less seaworthy? I wonder.
  2. Pokey uh da LBC

    Craigslist special. Bubba is selling his project

    Lotta boat for $25k. That is until it's time to replace a sail... Or until you're presented with the bar tab for the dozen animals that it must take to race this beauty.
  3. Pokey uh da LBC

    Craigslist special. Bubba is selling his project

    Meanwhile, on ebay... https://www.ebay.com/itm/2005-Catalina-42-MkII-Sail-boat-Clean-Title-LOW-RESERVE-project-damaged-05/202771993089?hash=item2f36271201:g:3QAAAOSwAOdbRDMz
  4. Pokey uh da LBC

    Geezer-friendly One Designs

    Not sure the Cal 20 has a fleet in your neck of the woods, but check this video from last night, the final Wet Wednesday of the year at the Gulch. Nineteen boats on the line tearing in up in a rare light wind race at SoCal's breeziest joint.
  5. Pokey uh da LBC

    Front Page Design

    Hey Ed, Unlike many of these "what frontpage?" fuckwads, I'll happily cop to reading the front page every day. But i have to say, I just don't get the design. Why does watching a video require clicking to a second page? Is there a technical reason that videos need to be on a separate page? Or was is it the result of a designer charging by the page?
  6. Pokey uh da LBC

    Flying Fifteen: the boat for everyone

    "Dummy Gunnel", Now there's an awesome screen name. Great upload Svanen.
  7. Pokey uh da LBC

    Ok to move J30 traveler to companionway?

    Rico nailed it. The location of the traveler location on the J30 is actually pretty conducive to cruising. While at first glance, you might think it blocks the companionway, it's actually far enough aft, that even when centered, there's plenty of room to pass by. And the taught sheet makes for a good hand hold when coming back on deck. The J30 makes a great daysailer/cruiser. Plenty of room and accommodations down below. Not easily overpowered during normal weekend sailing conditions. The small fore triangle make sail handling less strenuous. And even flying a #3, you'll be faster than most 30 foot cruisers under full sail; at least in this price range. The small cockpit will be an issue if you plan on going out with more that four. Other than the small cockpit, my only issue with the J30 is its looks. The wedge-shaped house just doesn't work for me. Edit: After rereading the OP, I'm a little confused. Isn't the traveler currently located on the aft edge of the bridge deck, or "shelf" as you say? It sounds like you want to put it right where it belongs.
  8. Pokey uh da LBC

    The free boat is leaking

    Well told story. Leisurely slow, but not boring. Reminded me of one of my favorite books, The Riddle of the Sands, which is also about sailing in this same part of the world.
  9. Pokey uh da LBC

    Wait for it... Wait for it... Wait..

    Winter is Coming. Great video from the front page. Perfect lighting and good speed even in the oily calm makes one not mind waiting for what must be the inevitable conclusion. This is a whole story in a single shot. Is there another thread with the details?
  10. Pokey uh da LBC

    Move of the day

    True, and he did get the kite down early, but still, it was a pretty dicey move. Maybe he gets away without damage 90%-95% of the time. So, is a tactical move that comes with a 5% chance to damage a competitor's boat a good call? Actually, this brings up an interesting question: What percentage change of damaging a competitor's boat, is worth a maneuver that will advance your standings by one place? [I know that was a terrible sentence, but...]
  11. Pokey uh da LBC

    Move of the day

    Looks like a risk v reward situation. My issue with the move is that he isn't risking places in the standings, but damage to other people's boats. It worked out this time. But could have gotten real ugly.
  12. Pokey uh da LBC

    I had a Cal 20

    Like all good Cal 20 stories, this one happened a long time ago... The kid that did bow on our Cal 25 team bought a Cal 20 to... Sail to Hawaii. Telling him it was a terrible idea, was like throwing gas on the fire. It just got him more excited about the project. So after months and months of prep, he starts out and after a week, sails smack into an epic pacific storm. The storm was so big that I remember seeing stories on the evening news about the giant waves and wind interfering with ocean freight. Well, he makes it about half way to the Islands before turning around. Once home, he wouldn't talk about the trip. Just scrapped the boat and quit sailing entirely.
  13. Pokey uh da LBC

    Smoke on the Water... Safety Meeting

    Haven't heard the phrase, "Safety Meeting" since the 80's. And even back then I thought it was confined to the skydiving community. As in, "Next load won't lift off for thirty minutes. So let's hit the parking lot for a safety meeting". It was a different time, and we were all a lot more stupider.
  14. Pokey uh da LBC


    Yachtworld shows a sale pending at $15k. I'm not boat builder, but if the photos are at all representative of the boat, it's hard to imagine this not being a great deal for the right buyer.
  15. Pokey uh da LBC

    America's Challenge?

    It's painful to think about blasting through the frigid waves and gale-force winds of the Southern Oceans on this flush-deck, shallow-cockpit monster. But a steal at $24k... uh, maybe not.