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  1. vox

    do you think the melges 14 will catch on?

    25 boats at Sarasota this weekend. Going to be fun!
  2. vox

    JC Worldwide Podcast

    I was bummed out today to find JC's podcast is no longer available on any of the websites or on iTunes. I think JC was doing a great job with these shows and it's a loss for all of us that there won't be any more (I'm assuming). Does anyone know where I might find archived copies of these?
  3. vox


    If it’s so cheap and easy then you should build one! You’ll find it’s more challenging to bring a finished product to market than you think.
  4. vox


    Does the Prism do the 9-axis based heading like the Shift does?
  5. vox

    Moth Developement

    What's the feel in the class on considering an electronic ride height system? I realize currently it wouldn't be allowed in the rules, but it could have a significant impact on the boat's performance not to mention making it easier to sail.
  6. Probably better to leave the F18 where it is. Might be time for a new Formula? Fix the weight of the F18 to something more manageable. Not so light as to compromise durability. Seems today glass over carbon isn't a huge cost savings. Am I wrong? 4-point foiling over 3? Foils cannot extend outside of the beam. L rudders instead of T?
  7. vox

    do you think the melges 14 will catch on?

    Now 6 boats in Atlanta I believe.
  8. vox

    Rio unsafe on and of the water

    It does happen. Yeah, let's go with the exceptions, Einstein. True, it's very much the exception. The norm is you're defenseless and can only hope to get lucky and live. I'm glad that these athletes have been lucky and are ok.
  9. vox

    Rio unsafe on and of the water

    It does happen. No matter what side of the gun issue you're on, the horrifying truth is access to weapons is only going to increase in the years to come regardless of laws and borders.
  10. vox

    "Laser Aligned Foils"

    I see this comment sometimes on ads for boats. Can anyone explain to me like I'm five what this really means?
  11. vox

    Sportboats racing in Annapolis

    I've always been surprised the M24 didn't take off in Annapolis as a good light air performer.
  12. vox

    Rockbox blue firmware update?

    Thoughts as to why they weren't successful?
  13. vox

    Sportboats racing in Annapolis

    While I'm not convinced you can call a J/70 a sportboat, there's a crapton of them in Annapolis.
  14. vox


    Anyone know what the RaceQs business model is? What's the plan for this app?