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  1. Any 111's out there that might be for sale that are not posted on Yacht World?
  2. So far there are five Harbor 20's racing with asso spinnakers in the Sailing Club Goblin Regatta. Hope to get a couple more.
  3. A good start doesn't always assure a win. We all noticed the Farr went in to the beach with the asso after the start & ended up in more wind. Maybe the 145 should have covered? Why would you split with your competition if you were ahead? (Dirk & Grange are very good sailors)
  4. I bet that freeze-dried food is tasting good by now in the Newport to Cabo race. NOTTT
  5. Awesome sailor and a great guy. Eric....good luck on your recovery if you are reading this. Hey Longy................how are you doing? Haven't seen you in ages. KK
  6. Who ended up 4th and 5th in the Hot Rum race today?
  7. Craig Maggio's sister just drove Craig by my office. What a tough guy........he's already out the the hospital.
  8. Looks like the rain is gone for now. 12 boats ended up washing onto East Beach. There were also 2 boats that sunk out in the anchorage. I guess thats why they call it "Fools Harbor"
  9. Talked to Big Craig this AM. He is doing much better today. He thinks he may be out of the hospital next week. He did say he is liking his Morphine drip and the nice looking nurses. He said he may just want to stay there for a while
  10. The YC windows were boarded up yesterday with the help of Jack Byers and friends. The waves have broken through the sand berm. No damage to the club yet though.
  11. Not Ron's SC 27. Its the white boat with the inboard motor.
  12. Looks like Alan Field from MDR is doing incredible in the Melges 24 Key West class. Way to go.
  13. Looks like the mast came down on the Santa Cruz 27 in the Sailing Club yard. Haven't seen there port captain around for days. I am sure they don't know what is going on down here. The yacht club yard has been cleared out. Dave Young is down here taking the Taxi Dancer trailer out at the moment. Its only 10:30 AM. High tide will hit a little after 12:00. We will see how the yacht club and there parking lot fairs then.
  14. Yes.....I have been talking to Craig two to three times a day to see how he is doing. Tonight he is having his fourth operation since he showed up in the hospital this last Friday. He said today that the doctors have cut into his neck so many times in the last couple days to remove the staff that he can no longer hold his head up on his own. He is in incredible pain.......lots of Morphine. He is not looking for visitors but it would be great if his friends would give him a call at Cottage Hospital to wish him luck. Just ask for Craig Maggio's room and they will patch you through. The real "Men In Black" will be pulling for you Craig. You are one of us. Keep fighting!!!!! Get through this thing.
  15. Looks like we will have 5.......maybe 6 Melges 24's. Ya gotta love one design