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  1. HFC Hunter

    Small Engine Fix Anarchy...

    +1. This guy posts great YouTube’s of fixin’ tractors and stuff. (Though he’s obviously very capable) This vid’s a classic example of what can be done, or check out his vid of fixing an abandoned digger in the bush and taking it home with little more than vicegrips, a grease gun, fresh diesel and a new battery.
  2. HFC Hunter

    Building new water tank

    How about a fibreglass box, containing a nice food-safe Flexi water tank (bladder) inside it? (If the fg box is even needed?) Might cost more, but hellova lot less effort than learning to weld ss (unless the journey is your aim) or hoping you get resins right (with risks to your heath or tastebuds if you get it not right first time) Also try down the hall at Fixit Anarchy
  3. HFC Hunter

    AC Rugby

    Amazingly poor display from Ireland. They have recently specialised in a one dimensional gameplay of pick and go, but barely even brought it to the match. The backs were even worse without even pick and go to rely on. Ruck after ruck the ABs committed one person with the remaining 14 in defence, whilst the Irish would have already secured the breakdown with two or three men over their tackled man and then three more forwards would join the ruck?! 6-7 men (plus a halfback) effectively castrated for the next phase against 14 ready All Blacks. And when the ABs thieved a turnover, they now have most of the team available to counter attack against little more than half the Irish - generally with lots of space out wide.... exactly what you don’t offer to the most dynamic centres, wings and fullbacks that are playing these days. Great win boys. Read led like a legend.
  4. Books? Is that like a hard copy of YouTube?
  5. HFC Hunter

    Boat building advice?: Building foam core dingy

    Looks sinister-cool in black, but a burning hot bugger to live with though. You going white? That’s a big dink for less than the weight of a man! We ski behind a 4.3m alu rib with an old 20hp and half chewed prop - albeit needing two skis for deep water starts for my 75kgs - with two same-sized guys in the rib as driver and observer. Once dropped to a slalom, the driver needs a bit of opposite lock to counter a decent carve and keep running straight. I bet you could ski with your 15hp if you can do two-ski beach starts (deckchair!). And certainly kneeboarding/biscuit etc. Your boat will zip like a skinned cat!!
  6. Ask them: Which socks do they run on Sailing Anarchy
  7. HFC Hunter

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    29.9kts. (It’s like the blue balls of breaking 30.) One of the few days this Bowman was allowed to hangout on the transom. Rogers 46. ”What do you mean “Go forward and blow the kite?” (Actually the boat was running like a train. Not nearly as freaky as anything that that’s stuck in displacement mode and itching to broach)
  8. HFC Hunter

    Brexit, WTF

    Ahem, these only room for one Billy Joel on this website. Voilà:
  9. HFC Hunter

    Bob Perry, this thing is cute as all get out.

    Jud, you obviously need two boats.
  10. HFC Hunter

    Bob Perry, this thing is cute as all get out.

    Where else do you store a wobbly brass compass, 2 x cracked (somewhat) parallel rules, 30x dead biros, no pencils, hundreds of spare ss fixings, 17 year old sunscreens which all reek of coconut and warn against direct contact with skin, anti-mossie spray and cream and roll on - all now banned by the WHO, 5x pairs of scratched sunglasses and two with missing lenses, 3x pairs of unclaimed spectacles, 3x pairs of opaque folding glasses from the two dollar shop, 4x horrifically uncomfortable plastic sunvisors, charts of Ushuaia and the approaches to La Rochelle and the RYA faux training chart, 3x waterproof key holders with lanyards, 4x floating key holders, spare keys for every padlock that ever came aboard in the last three decades, 4x dead penlights, 2x dead big torches, 3x brilliant head torches - albeit 2 with dead elastics, 21x assorted incandescent bulbs (blown and otherwise), 4x unused mounting brackets and 15x baggies of unused mounting screws, 23x leaking batteries of assorted size, a signalling mirror last used by a kid for fun in 1993, a selection of cyalume sticks of uncertain confidence, an amusing brass plaque, 2x packs of expired mini flares, a kilogram of coins for the marina showers but which are no longer in circulation and the showers now on a swipe card, some useful non-ss/galv chain links, 4x clutch service kits, a bunch of random length chocolate-block wire junctions, packets of fuses (blown and otherwise), many rolls of melting electrical tape, mantles for gas lanterns long removed from the boat, a couple of matching cruising guides, a set of fids, 3x blunt boat knives that can only cut searching fingers, a handful of ss hose clamps interspersed with mild steel ones, 2x half fishing sets and a 100m spool of unspooled line, 3x boxes of damp matches, 5x books of damp matches, 4x empty ciggie lighters with damp flints, some used zip ties, three rotting “Hood” labelled sail ties, spare lens for the tricolour (unused since 1986), some damaged but well greased pawls, a pharmacy of expired and unboxed médicaments, and three inflatable repair kits of a material considerably more parched than any inflatable. And in the lockers beneath....a trove too rich and complex to begin to describe for fear of causing confusion between Tutankhamen’ tomb and a Bhopal recreation.
  11. HFC Hunter


    In no particular order... what are you rigging? 1 Main halyard 2 Topping lift 3 Cunningham 4 Reef line 1 5 Reef line 2 6 Main outhaul 7 jib halyard 8 Jib halyard 2 9 Kite Halyard 10 Kite halyard 2 11 Masthead kite halyard 12 Sprit tackline 13 Sprit tackline 2 14 Stays’il halyard or maybe second masthead kite And the 2x vangs
  12. HFC Hunter


    You’ll need Ray Charles in pit to play that keyboard! Looks a bit bow-down ... but you can adjust when you paint the waterline.
  13. HFC Hunter

    Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men...

    Tow the tylercraft outside the environment? Put the tylercraft in the powerboat yard and let them possess it, try and auction it, then give it away to a club volunteer?.
  14. Tick!. I’d add a touch more grace to the bars, but otherwise love this treatment.
  15. HFC Hunter

    Bob Perry, this thing is cute as all get out.

    Thanks Bob, hope he shoots as I’d love to see this one come alive. It speaks to me like the new Land Rover in taking trad’ into modern and be ever more capable. When I’m ready/allowed, I’ll ping you a cheque for one - offset companionway and all. There’s acreage of engineering space! (And I’d love one of those bensoned booms). I’m nervous of treading on hallowed baba 40 ground so hope to tiptoe here... Much as I love a big chart table...with screens taking over these days I’d be tempted to free up that prime location for more seating and hunt for a quieter spot for paper nav. Maybe at the expense of dropping it down and and slipping a thinner qtr berth aft a little? Esp’ if ithe nav could nestle under the new seat a bit. (But keep that hanging locker in the great spot for foulies coming off watch). I would love to store my guitar in the new seat in a custom divan-like drawer if there’s length.