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  1. HFC Hunter


    To be fair to Aussies, they’re just looking for a PM that can hold his end up. Bob at 88 still knocking ‘em down:
  2. HFC Hunter

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Not ugly. Just taking muse from an Elephant Fish:
  3. HFC Hunter

    Dark Side of the Clipper Ships Book

    Paging Leo Samson? Leo for a rebuild in Aisle Cloud please? He could keep his bevelling saw in use once TH splashes back in. He’ll need a bigger lofting floor.
  4. HFC Hunter


    Ali on a boat.
  5. HFC Hunter


    Ride with the Duck, not Pigpen
  6. HFC Hunter

    Technical University Munich Sailing Survey

    You appreciate responses? Here’s a response: Fuck off you one-post “Click here” cunt-pox.
  7. HFC Hunter

    Inflatable vest test

    A few years ago our boat bought 15 deckvests at London boat show and I asked to put on and pull an exhibit unit’s ripcord. Ripcord came away in my hand without inflation. Spinlock Rep first said it was a demo version until we pointed out it wasn’t labelled then said I was too rough or it was a used canister. We let him know our thoughts on being rough during emergencies and then managed to trigger the canister. Despite that, I like and wear spinlock but learnt: duly wear but assume it won’t work.ie; clip on and don’t fall off! Also learnt back in Sea Survival that an inflator is diabolic without a crotch strap.
  8. HFC Hunter

    Is 'All pink on the outside gear' cool?

    Crew gear is cool. If you’re part of the crew, or shagged part of their crew.
  9. HFC Hunter

    Dark Side of the Clipper Ships Book

    Gentlemen didn’t take their Clippers to windward. The yanks were effectively blackballed from the tea/opium/silver triangle so scraped to build a poorer coffee trade on routes that weren’t as trade-winded.
  10. HFC Hunter

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    As Bill Bryson explained: Junk (in this case MG caps) has a worth that is proportional to the distance from whence it came.
  11. HFC Hunter


    Jtfc! I thought the godbotherers in the spinnaker thread were leading fun-fuckers until these guys said “Hold my beer!” Time to Rule69 them all for bringing the public image of yacht clubs into disrepute while they circle jerk with the lawyers.
  12. HFC Hunter

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    Anarchy, knot!
  13. Holy shit! I’ve been charged by a Black bear and it was terrifying. Needing to stab one to death as it attacks is unimaginable. Browns would be a step even further into the revenant realm of where I don’t want to even think.
  14. HFC Hunter

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    Four categories cover all boat names: -Power. E.g. Magnum. You better be damn impressive, and not a 4ktsb, to carry it off. -Puns. E.g as per this thread. ‘Nuff said. -Endearing. E.g. Mollie. Don’t set the world alight, but keep the flames kindled in your own heart. -Corporations/sponsors. Similar in purpose to a harlots’s streetname.
  15. HFC Hunter

    A big project!

    Hey Maui? Ever seen a grown man naked?