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  1. HFC Hunter

    Favourite Boat pic?

    From Franco Pace - Nioulargue. Superb conditions, backdrop, light, and the detail like the reefed jib. Anyone know the boat or backstory? (Sorry for crap inter web quality. I’ve bought a few copies of this one but can’t see it on his website anymore)
  2. HFC Hunter

    Sailing one-liners

  3. HFC Hunter

    How to watch live races?

    ^Ohhhh, who wants to click on that mystery link?
  4. HFC Hunter

    Norseman 400

    Aren’t they a skeg-hung rutter. You got gripes, paranoia, history, or just having fun lecturing the kids?
  5. HFC Hunter

    Run what you brung? Run what you push!

    And unlike the landed pit-girls, the sailing version can actually participate. (Albeit they are both probably great at getting things up and grinding in a good 6-8 inches - in their own special ways)
  6. How many claims for amazing performance from cruiser/racer producers get pushed? Yeah, but nah! Prove it! Why aren’t sailing’s manufacturers competing against each other? How about a keeler version of WRC or Touring Cars to let them prove themselves. Or even just hitting our start lines along with everyone else if it’s too hard to set up a stand-alone series. The car examples generate brand interest and loyalty AND SALES (to benefit the producers), and the trickle down/development is heaps faster (to benefit the buyers). Outside a few sail lofts, which brands currently have the trousers to front up with a works team? Flame on!
  7. HFC Hunter

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Starnakel, Snelle knikspantboot? I’m going to assume that meant: Stark Naked, Fast Kinkypants Boat.
  8. HFC Hunter

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    It’s like he took the delorean from the 1950s and saw the current minis, then took the car back and tried to draw what he remembered. The keel looks kinky! Build that now in carbon with some 90° foil in those rutters and boards, keep the jaunty coachroof, and modern sails filmed to look period: Sleeperyacht! Anyone want to order four and start an epic CA thread?
  9. HFC Hunter

    Stupid Crew Tricks...

    Pissing, puking, hoisting (and dropping) knickers, feats of incredible skill, feats of incredible agility, feats of incredible bravery??? Just another day for your friendly neighbourhood Bowman! (Nav errors and groundings belong to the fuckwits aft.)
  10. HFC Hunter


    To be fair to Aussies, they’re just looking for a PM that can hold his end up. Bob at 88 still knocking ‘em down:
  11. HFC Hunter

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Not ugly. Just taking muse from an Elephant Fish:
  12. HFC Hunter

    Dark Side of the Clipper Ships Book

    Paging Leo Samson? Leo for a rebuild in Aisle Cloud please? He could keep his bevelling saw in use once TH splashes back in. He’ll need a bigger lofting floor.
  13. HFC Hunter


    Ali on a boat.
  14. HFC Hunter


    Ride with the Duck, not Pigpen
  15. HFC Hunter

    Technical University Munich Sailing Survey

    You appreciate responses? Here’s a response: Fuck off you one-post “Click here” cunt-pox.