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  1. Ex tropical storms often end up with higher water than usual with their low pressure. When's low tide compared to the storm's track? Will it make a difference or are you going to hit mud no matter what? Can you have her nose to wind, and tie her off further forward a little to try avoid mud plugging?
  2. How about: Even a Perry outlier is better than any boat Panoramix has shown us. or: Perry's courage to show the entire design and build process is still not as impressive as Pano's trolling bitterness.
  3. Cam you nibble inro the side of the keel and remove Rasper's ramp, replace with a foam plug, and a carbon patch?
  4. 1. Find a bit of plank 2. Lay it across between the cockpit seats 3. Use one side for food. Flip it over for a workbench. Send royalties in cash
  5. Look aft, and see where froude is placing your second wave.
  6. Cue Ray Stantz
  7. Thanks LB - appreciated. You're right , Tech lets me work globally, but so many time zones robs time. Days off are too precious for classrooms right now
  8. At only $2 hundy more than navathome?
  9. Getting better longitudes, but about 35 lat's from my digs. There's RYA schools in the neighbourhood, but work/life right now would better suit the online approach for the theory... but no idea if they're worth the nibble.
  10. And I obviously get this is only theory! And it trying to replace the watery aspects.
  11. Cross-threaded from Ocean Racing Anarchy in the hope Ozee sees this...as I think she tried this back in January. Has anyone done the Navathome online RYA(-ish?) courses? LB 15, any insights? I like the concept to study at my convenience, but not having heard first hand I've been hesitant to click.
  12. Most likely flow was detached from hull throughout the extravaganza if you maintained fun-factor-15, so yes - you were planing. That is unless your submerge-detection system on your hyperdrive activated during each dive and meant relativity played havoc and your hull greatly extended temporarily in order for you to have a 15kt design hull speed, then snapped back to normal when the spume cleared. Or perhaps the boat is floppy enough that the hull form was under such pressure that for each dive it flexed into a non-displacement hull form temporarily. But I think you were probably just enjoying a good plane.
  13. Bump... in parallel to the Yachtmaster thread... Ozee if you're out there, how'd you find the online course?
  14. Sure. Blame bowman, ignore useful advice here. But know the Dancing Monkey Union has been informed of your slander and sailing indiscretions. Be prepared for sustained levels of unexpected gear failure, stained forepeaks, and a large ramp up in pregnancies amongst your wider family network. Some of this may be avoided if you buy your Bowman a beer and talk it through, and don't rag them on SA - ever again! On a 4ktsb, bowman should be on the rail for the 60seconds leading to gun to help you power up. On a 24 foot 4ktsb this means he's probably less than 6feet from you and you can probably see aft and behind the jib better than he can. And unless you expect a major shift or current then don't start at pin end unless forced.
  15. I love seeing the boatspeed on the video whilst you're pulling in that soggy kite... Speed shrimping!