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  1. There was that time when I screwed up...

    In the spirit of sledracr's, after impressing the tourists jumping the wake of a fastcat ferry (5000 tonnes, 90m) in a 15' runabout we tried to cross close behind her jet wash rooster tails. Quickly reminded of the loss of bouyancy in highly aerated water, and the lack of bite that a prop achieves in it - no matter how many horses or revs. We peaked (troughed?) within a sliver of swamping before the bubbles burst and allowed an embarrassed escape.
  2. Which three Asymmetrics?

    ^This. When everyone's pissed off from broaching (again!) and shredding the A4 after carrying it too hot in big breeze offshore with many miles to crawl on a reach under a twisted out J4 to the next waypoint, and the misery from being cold and wet and bruised builds whilst you plot evil revenge on the afterguard, and the fleet horizons you........ having a JT to hoist will bring that shit-eating grin back and get you there lickitysplit. Kite speeds with whitesail ease. Sleighride!
  3. What is this half circle cut out on my anchor locker lid?

    Cohen "that's how the light gets in" Many don't want to leave their anchor on the roller, but also don't want to fuck about playing with a rather key shackle connection. But it's probably for the sea rabbits. Do you anchor off the winch or have cleats/bollard off camera for a snubber?
  4. Is this Nantucket harbor?

    "I once knew a girl from Nantucket...
  5. Which three Asymmetrics?

    Phone a friend: ask your local loft given they should have a feel for typical windspeeds/directions you plan to race? Buy a vowel: Can you add a jibtop as a med/heavy air reacher on top of your asym threesome? 50:50: Would you rather win the passage races or the ups&downs?
  6. mediteranean yacht rigging prices

    If you feel hands-on then: Get some fids and watch YouTube and diy your running rigging to save heaps. Just buy the line locally or get a local yard-rat a bottle of raki and buy through his account for more savings. https://www.amazon.com/Samson-Selma-Splicing-Fids-Five/dp/B006L9GB48 For the standing, there was this thread recently, and watch the Delos episodes to see if you want to try yourself and just use a local turque yard.
  7. Coolboats to admire

    Those legs masts certainly go all the way up. What's the hovering orb above the foredeck? Looks like a temporary reflector but seems odd for a boat that well turned out.
  8. Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    Think of it in non-electric terms... would anyone think it sane to hitch 2x 2hp and 1x 6hp outboards on the back of a 2-3tonne motorsailor and head around the Scotch coasts? Or would you go with the sister-ship and a 28hp donkey?
  9. Nazare - much respect

    Couldn't find it in Portugaise
  10. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Where shit box meets brick house. They could've left the tramps at least.
  11. Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    Hey @dylan winter, why not tart up your parabolic sound torture panel with some funky cork acoustic baffling? Or less funky acrylic sonic diffusers. Or take the swain way and weld on some egg cartons.
  12. Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    I'm guessing the long charge time effectively precludes the chance of sitting a solar panel in the dink as the juicer then? If you're towing them with the prop down can they hydro-generate? A shame they look like a Transformer's robot dick. Musk or Jobs wouldn't have launched the future looking that clunky.
  13. Caption Contest

    I wanted to take a stab about it being a cutter, but the punchline seems rough.
  14. Caption Contest

  15. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Ah, the nub: Guess they got the parking ticket because the concept never worked? But impressive someone took their intention so far along without realising they were fucked in the head.