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  1. HFC Hunter

    SAILBOAT 35' 1983 CHEOY LEE (PERRY) 35

    Depends on the casting approach. Lost wax rocks! Also avoids removing and rebedding the stern one.
  2. I’m not sure that stuff counts as cheese. $100M is tho!
  3. Peter Sellers (Goon Show) had a rattle in his Rolls Royce boot/trunk. He went around to Spike Milligan one night to get him to climb in the boot/trunk with chalk to mark where the rattle was coming from. The cop pulled them over at midnight having seen the Rolls repeatedly mounting the footpath/pavement (to trigger the rattle) and opened the boot to find a pyjama’d Milligan. “Oh it’s you, sir. Very well, carry on.”
  4. HFC Hunter

    SAILBOAT 35' 1983 CHEOY LEE (PERRY) 35

    Or if you don’t have access to a multi axis digital scanner, some manipulation software, and a 3D printer... then go old school and carve one out of wax in a few mins
  5. HFC Hunter

    SAILBOAT 35' 1983 CHEOY LEE (PERRY) 35

    For the price of casting... Why not just take the other one off and put in a new pair of non-unobtanium fairlewds from a catalogue? edit: fairleads
  6. HFC Hunter

    Dodger or no?

    Nice solution @DDW Re “carbon rod” = “broom handle”
  7. HFC Hunter

    Bareboat Charter Company recommendation for Greece

    Tap your bucketlist if you must with the big islands then get the hell away and try not to drink or eat there. The smaller Islands like Sifnos are gems. Almost off the tourist trail except for Athenian holiday homes, otherwise you’ll get just locals and their culture. Lovely bays in the south where the ferry wash and wind ain’t. Clean water without plastics and sewerage. Dine near midnight on whatever the fishermen catch, or slow roasted goat shoulder with some vineleaf parcels and washed down with unbottled wine. Apperitif ouzo/water. Superb! You’ll end up visiting the euro-trash cesspits no doubt if it’s your first time, but do them first and quickly leave. Don’t look back or your wife will turn into a piller of salt.
  8. HFC Hunter

    Pilothouse For Puget Sound, $40K Or Less

    Don’t worry about the keel performance differences for an old, cheap, comfy boat. The difference is simply time to enjoy another beer or hot buttered rum. Same logic on those boats for not needing rockstar sails, new running rigging, carbon rig, etc. Redirect your performace seeking towards maxing comfort: ensuring you can keep your beer cold and the dinner hot, that the donkey is happy, and you’re not going to get crabs from the squabs. And rowaway factor.
  9. HFC Hunter

    What a waste, saw this yesterday abandoned

    Abandoned? Or parked, with someone having nicked the plates?
  10. HFC Hunter

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    The colour scheme is like the suffragette flag. But upside down. I’m sure there’s a joke in that but I’m scared to go there - even on anarchy So here’s some Bowie: “Wham, bam, thank you ma’am!”
  11. Well they had shortening chances to tick off the Group W Bench bucket list with Cardiff, G-burg and Holland remaining - the authorities are good at letting golden gooses enjoy their time rather than demand fealty to the badge. Good to see the girls involved “Have you ever been arrested?” “Do you feel you’ve rehabilitated yourself?”
  12. As in, those cops were let off light?
  13. Why were they ordered to donate to a specific club that’s seemingly unrelated to a bar scuffle? Is BGC a known kids sailing club in Newport or is it run by the cop’s sister in law?
  14. Just a little bit of sailing anarchy. Actually sounds like the cop awarded an assault charge to explain why he fell over his own feet and landed on top of Cape. Did Coppers jump on the cop’s back, or start helping him up? Anyone see it? Or even better, anyone got footage?