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  1. ZeeZee, check the end cap on your pole. Our 109 had a slight drip through the pole. I sealed the exterior pole end cap with life caulk (10 minutes) and no more leak. Buried the bow several times since and not a drop below. The retractable pole is a non issue.
  2. Too bad the dodger frame is not carbon. I bet you could save 10 lbs there. I'm always surprised just how heavy mine is.
  3. I did everything in the attached photo. A second hand Sailrite machine and a couple of Don Casey books are some of the best money spent on the boat. Have not tried cushions yet. Have a different boat now and just took delivery of a dozen yards of Sunbrella. Starting on a new main cover wheel cover and lifeline cushions. Should keep me busy for a while.
  4. 2016 will be our 4th season with a 109. Still love the boat. It does just about everything well. Great upwind and down. We only use class sails the main de-powers nicely letting you carry it without a reef up to 20 true with guys on the rail. Easy to sail DH and is comfortable to cruise. My wife and I have done 2 weeks and when we got back felt we could have done 2 more. The boat is not perfect but pretty close at least for me.
  5. I really like my Princeton Tec Quad Tactical MPLS. It has interchangeable filters so no clicking through different modes to get Red or White light. It comes with Blue Green and Red filters. The drawback is that you can only use one filter at a time. The nice thing about using filters rather than a different color bulb is that you know for sure what light you are going to get before you turn it on just by feeling if the filter is engaged or not. http://www.princetontec.com/node/3238
  6. Atlantic 30's in near Niantic Pearson Ensigns Northport / Centerport Etchells Port Washington
  7. J109 sweet caroline
  8. The XP38 is a VERY sweet boat. I'd also shop against a slightly used J122.
  9. I have a Leatherman Skeletool which is pretty good but not great. And a Myerchin titanium crew knife. Neither is perfect. I've had some problems with the locking device on the Myerchin which is an older design. I see the current knives on their site have a different locking system. Maybe it's better? The problems with the Leatherman is it will rust easily and it's bulky to carry but I do like the clip and having the pliers is handy.
  10. I had a similar problem on my boat. You want the Spinlock 0610 ceramic cam and base plate. For 6 to 10mm line with a ceramic coating to resist polishing from modern lines. I rebuilt most of my 0814 clutches with the 0610 cams and it works. YMMV. See https://www.spinlock.co.uk/en/categories/clutches-1/product_groups/cam-0610c (I have no affiliation with Spinlock.)
  11. Three years in with our 109 and really love the boat. For cruising and day sailing she is well balanced in 18 true with two people on board and using a 105 head sail. At 20 true she starts to get hard to handle with just two people if the rig is loose. With the rig tuned properly she is fine with two up at 20 unless it gusts higher then you will want to reef the main. Racing with weight on the rail she is fine up to around 22 - 25 without reefing if you are willing to beat up the main in the gusts. Down wind she is good up to 20 with the OD A2. I've sailed her at 25+ with the OD A2 kite at BIRW this year and it was sketchy at best. An A4 if we had one would have been better. The boat does not really plane but will surf down waves. The boat races well in mixed fleets with the one design sails. I found little use for my 155 so I sold it earlier this year. We really love the boat it ticks off all the right boxes for us. I do some OD racing in the Spring and Fall and our clubs Wednesday series. We stay aboard most weekends during the Summer and we do a 2 week cruise. It's a great cruising boat and a good race boat, but not a great race boat. Unless you have a OD fleet in your area. We have a great fleet here so that helps. Another boat to consider is the Beneteau First 36.7. We cross shopped those. The 36.7 is less money up front but the 109 uses less sails if you race OD. And is easier to sail with the A spins. We also liked the cabin and cockpit arrangement of the 109 more than the 36.7. Both are good boats I'm not bashing here. The X Yachts are nice too but they are few and far between around here. Best of luck.
  12. If you want to be competitive in W/L One Design on a 109 you will want 5 or 6 plus the driver. For Wednesday night club racing 4 up total is enough to run the boat pretty fast. She cruises great with 2 and a spin sock. I would think the numbers are about the same for a 105 as the boats are pretty much set up the same.
  13. Blur, thanks for posting. Not sure if Liros is available in the US. I'll look around. I know APS is having their annual line sale right now. Will see what they recommend too.
  14. Hi Guys, I need to replace one of my spin halyards this season. Was wondering what a good line to use is? I'm not looking for Grand Prix level stuff but at least one step better than what the 109 came with. Any suggestions?