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  1. Dick Carter design boats

    Hi Forum.... Some news from "Frigate" http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=159620&hl=frigate https://www.facebook.com/groups/495048177200186/
  2. Dick Carter design boats

    http://www.leboncoin.fr/nautisme/381089824.htm# Poor Frigate, maybe her last chance...
  3. Dick Carter design boats

    Whaou! Allez, en français, pour une fois aux autres de traduire. Merci Chorus, très beau, mais tu as oublié les boites dorades et les manches à air! Je suis en train de "craquer" pour un 37 où il y a tout à refaire, mais il faudra avant tout vendre le 33...Est ce bien raisonnable???? Par contre, pas de bonne nouvelle de Frigate qui est de plus en plus abandonnée et pitoyable. Je vais la voir quelque fois comme on visite un copain malade...
  4. Dick Carter design boats

    Hello Guys! Just seen here: http://www.boatdesign.net/forums/sailboats/carter-37-a-39158-3.html There seems to be some misinformation floating around that my uncle Dick Carter died in 2007- not so. He's in great shape and divides his time between Doughton Manor (which he has been restoring) in England and Falmouth, Mass. (The 2007 rumor apparently first appeared on a Sailing Anarchy forum but is total bologna). As a kid I used to sail on a Carter 33 owned by Dick's brother John named 'Crocodile' and then a one ton by the same. The boats were always competitive! A good new or a hoax from a troll? Somebody can confirm?
  5. Dick Carter design boats

    Up about "Frigate" http://www.leboncoin.fr/nautisme/194279520.htm?ca=13_s Nothing done since my last words about her and it's disappoints me a lot!!! The owner seems to seek partners... Nobody here? I could only give time and my arms to help him.
  6. Dick Carter design boats

    Hello! Yes I met Frigate's owner two months ago....and the boat is really sick, I don't know if he is able to repair her. Difficult for me to say more within speaking evil, sorry! But I can say Frigate is in danger and time goes wrong for her. The owner doesn't know anything about the story since "La Rochelle".
  7. Dick Carter design boats

    Thanks for all, I learn a lot, very interesting topic!!! I had a phone call with Frigate's owner, I'll meet him in a few week near the boat. Perhaps he'll come here to tell you about her.
  8. Dick Carter design boats

    Yes really great job! Quick question: I noticed on a fairing 37 in the propeller shaft out at the rear of the keel while the location of the engine seems classical under the steps of the descent. Is it correct? How is the transmission forward universal joint?
  9. Dick Carter design boats

    Either the bolts have sprung from the back of the Port Toe rail or the original fit was god awful. Yes, it seems to be cut, and the bolts holes are still open. Hope wood is not completely rooten....
  10. Dick Carter design boats

    I've got à short answer from him telling that he was in a foreign country and would be back in France next week. I think I'll call him in a few days and then tell you "the news"...
  11. Dick Carter design boats

    And the winner is...... Congratulations for those who had recognised her!!!! At this point, not any answer from seller but i went to Port Camargue this afternoon. No name on the boat but only on the hood wheel.
  12. Dick Carter design boats

    I just wrotte to the owner/seller to ask more.Hope he will answer....
  13. Dick Carter design boats

    i just think seller is palying with words So, let him play and dream of finding a "pigeon" ready to pay that price to get a yacht still nice but within engine, old sails, and so much work to "awake" Mabelle. It is a so long time she is for sale, and i see her become damaged months after months. Next time I'll go in "Port Camargue", I will look more in détails, also her name.
  14. Dick Carter design boats

    Chorus, so you think the seller is à liar! The boat I saw is a Carter 39 in wood but didn't won fasnet, that's you mean?
  15. Dick Carter design boats

    Doe's someboby know about this one, Carter 39, molded wood, won fastnet, and run admiral's cup. I saw her yesterday afternoon, and was disappointed to note her poor condition...I hope a new purchaser will come rapidly to restore her and make her feeling the breeze again... http://www.boats-diffusion.com/pc21172/carter-39.html