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  1. Which is great, but it had no direct competition, so I don't think it tells us anything. Both BlackJack and Alive were inside the old record too, so that points to excellent conditions rather than dominance by WO11. I am just making the point that in its current incarnation, there is no evidence it is quicker over a course than its previous form. They took about 6 hours off the B2K record last year.
  2. But, thoughts nonetheless, and let's be honest, you haven't had an original one since the invention of electricity. Yes you did Scanas and you are clearly an honest, reliable and intelligent soul..but you have family to look after..hence my folding the tent on that bet..unlike JayBjesus whose thoughts travelling across his mind will only be a slow and lonely journey bereft of oxygen.
  3. What we do know for certain is that it shit itself in two S2H since those mods. Before those mods it was as reliable as a Corolla. It isn't now. And It lost to two boats it hadn't lost to before the mods. We know that for certain too. Get a grip. No one knows anything as it has shit itself in two S2H since, the only major races it has been in post it's franky job. Unlike you dickhead these guys are spending serious money..not waffling into almond coated goats milk chemical free lattes. PS.I need to give myself an uppercut..I'm sounding like I'm joining Scana's WOXI fanboy club..God forbid.
  4. I'm not sure why anyone thinks doing the WO11 cut and shut is a good move. WO11 hadn't won anything since that mod, it's quite possible it has made a dog of that boat. The low risk approach is to do minor changes to modernise the hull, and see how it goes. The boat has lasted many years without becoming obsolete, it's not going to happen in the next 10 months.
  5. April 3 at Pt Botany
  6. Are you the thread police?
  7. I had the same with a Surface Pro. I chose ShutDown, I waited for the screen to go black before closing the cover. It turns out that even though the screen was black, the computer itself was still shutting down. When I closed the cover it went into an odd mode with a conflict between the shutdown and sleep modes. Every morning I would open to a flat computer. Now I wait 20 seconds after the screen goes black before closing the cover to make certain the computer is entirely shutdown before close by the cover. Now I only lose 1-2% battery overnight.
  8. http://afloat.ie/sail/events/vendee-globe/item/34710-replacement-mast-gets-enda-o-coineen-one-step-closer-to-record-books
  9. Some farmer in Victoria can probably fashion a new one up pretty quickly.
  10. It was on the sprint canoe/kayak course, not the whitewater facility.
  11. At least he is used to going really fast.
  12. The old girl hasn't been kept in the fashion she is either used to or deserves. http://afloat.ie/item/31463-irish-yacht-moonduster-is-a-sad-sight Not familiar? Particulars? Moonduster was the name of a series of racing yachts owned by Denis Doyle, from Cork in Ireland. Doyle was a leading figure in yacht Irish racing for decades, and a larger-than-life character. The last in the series was a 51ft Frers-designed IOR boat, with a varnished wooden hull. As well as being on several Irish Admirals Cup teams, the last 'duster dominated the Round Ireland race for more than 20 years, winning line honours 3 times. Her unique looks and long run of racing successes made her the boat which everyone recognised. Lots of images at http://laks.stokkoya.com/gallery/album36, which appear to date from after she was sold to somewhere in Scandinavia. An earlier Moonduster was a 47-ft S&S-design, which found a new home in San Francisco and was sadly lost in a storm in the Pacific in 2009.
  13. Dave Witt said in an 18 footer interview that he has signed a contract to skipper a HK team in the Volvo.
  14. A nice little donation from the lottery "Sea Shepherd received the 8.3 million euros from the postcode lotteries in the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom, for their “Dream Project” titled “Stop Illegal Fishing in the Southern Ocean”, which Sea Shepherd said would be used the donation to build a new ship, enabling the organization to be more effective than ever in the fight against poaching on the high seas. The Dutch Postcode Lottery contributed 7.5 million Euros, plus an additional check for 900,000 Euros from the Postcode Lottery, bringing the total donation that Sea Shepherd has received from the Lottery since 2007 to 15.5 million Euros." http://gcaptain.com/2015/01/26/sea-shepherd-heads-damen-winning-jackpot/#.Vp2qwE3smUk