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  1. luminary

    Random PicThread

    reminds me of this...
  2. luminary


    10 mins. done. Ah.. heart feels better
  3. luminary


    No mention of the benefits of actually embracing them. If looking at them 10 minutes a day gets you cardiovascular improvements - 20 mins holding them must be a full body workout. Oh, hey
  4. luminary

    Random PicThread

    did you get the picture though?
  5. luminary

    American Dumbass

    Kiwi Marmite (yum) English Marmite (blec) Ausi Vegemite (close second to Kiwi (Sanitarium) marmite.)
  6. luminary

    the new face mask

    when you like waterboarding?
  7. luminary

    INEOS Team GB

    isnt there something in the regs that says that the windward foil has to be out before ??? time or distance after a maneuver?
  8. luminary

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Why are ETNZ waiting so long to launch B2? so competitors dont have time to copy innovations revealed they are so confident that they dont need to practice something has gone wrong and they are busy fixing it building dramatic suspense waiting for the weather to warm up modding B2 based on what they have seen from the competitors boats
  9. luminary

    building a door: which gets tongue/groove ?

    50 cases and a 3 foot door. I'd be nervous about having to crawl in to get the last out.
  10. luminary

    Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    And that, is the end of that. Too bad, would have been interesting to see to conclusion. But I think he has come to the inevitable conclusion that SV Rusty Junk is a was a curious project, but that German Engineering is way more liable to lead to a long and happy life. Too bad. The (video of the) train wreck is avoided due to lack of stick-to-it-ness. 85% complete. It'll be a bargain for someone.
  11. luminary

    INEOS Team GB

    Math/Engineering thing. Thinking about it - it is a measure of the stability, so by saying 'at least 20' means that the boat needs to have at least a minimum righting moment. MWP is the design waterline (in profile) at rest.
  12. luminary

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Holly molly! Not sure it wouldnt just turtle if it ever got loose from the dock...
  13. luminary

    Caption Contest

    85% complete
  14. luminary

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    I count 21 winches in one photo.
  15. luminary

    BMW 5-Series wagon

    350K - runs like a top. Love this car.