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  1. Bill R

    Brussles tells Jagdflugzeug, Dassault & Sabb to shove it

    Did you read the article?
  2. Bill R

    Brussles tells Jagdflugzeug, Dassault & Sabb to shove it

    How can this plane be any good when its invented in a country that does this
  3. Bill R

    How is Melania doing on her first solo trip abroad?

    Dressed up like an old slave trader.
  4. Bill R

    Worst Sportman of the Year

    leave the drug testing alone, remember Lance Armstrong,he would never cheat, always crapping on about drug testers too!
  5. Bill R

    Flying Tiger

    I had engine problems and solved it by disconnecting the hose the fan blows the air through at the motor well end. A huge amount of water came out. I then made sure no other water was stuck in the hose, and found there was a plastic bag stuck in there as well. Once hooked up the engine ran well again and the amount of air coming out the vent near the stern was huge. Worth checking that hose to make sure nothing is in there.
  6. Bill R

    Love Olympic triangular courses

    I like them, but doing the same course race after race is to say the least uninteresting. Mix it up a bit with some other courses chucked in. variety is the spice of life!
  7. Bill R

    Brits Welcome Donnie With A 'Trump Baby'

    He forgot to count all the other protesters in the others cities scattered around the UK. But he wouldn't have done that on purpose
  8. Bill R

    NATO have a read and a listen. This guys no diplomat
  9. Bill R

    the weddings off!

    a good correction, I feel sorry for the poor buggers that are having to put up with such a moron and his followers. Its not doing the reputation of the US any good.
  10. Bill R

    the weddings off!

    leader of the free world my arse, I didn't vote for him and neither did the rest of the free world. Americans voted for him., and no doubt the "leader of the free world " shit was dreamt up by some over inflated yank ego.He's the leader of the US and nowhere else.
  11. Bill R

    Brexit, and all it entails seems like tose pesky russians have fiddled with everything.
  12. Bill R

    sometimes you just suck - FP

    at least you didn't do this
  13. or europe and practically anywhere else in the world. feet and inches are so yestreday
  14. This should clarify it, comes from the UKs CPS unit web page, Knives and other offensive weapons: public interest factors There is a strong public interest in deterring the carrying and use of knives and other offensive weapons, (see the National Police Chiefs' Council Guidelines on the Investigation, Cautioning and Charging of Knife Crime Offences (2015)). Where the evidence discloses that the defendant has used a knife to cause injury / threaten violence / cause fear, or has carried a knife in a way which contravenes a possession offence, there will be a number of compelling public interest factors in favour of prosecution which should be accorded proper weight. These include the following: a conviction is likely to result in a significant sentence; a weapon was used or violence threatened during the commission of another offence; the offence is widespread in the area where it was committed; the offender was a ringleader; evidence that the offence was premeditated; there are grounds for believing the offence is likely to be repeated; prosecution would have a significant positive impact on maintaining community confidence; a culture of carrying weapons encourages violence and may lead to more serious criminal behaviour. Depending on the facts, there may also be other important public interest factors supporting prosecution, for example, the offence was committed in a school, prison, hospital or public house, or the defendant was motivated by hostility towards another individual or group. The Code for Crown Prosecutors makes clear that a prosecution will usually take place unless there are public interest factors tending against prosecution which outweigh those tending in favour (paragraph 4.8).
  15. Bill R

    what is it?

    Did you tone down the orange in that photo?