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  1. How about a super sized 18ft skiffs. The 18 footers are exciting to watch, if they crash you can get them back up and sailing again. Is it feasible to make them 50ft long with just enough lead in the keel to stop them turning turtle? 10 crew on trapezes at 30 knots bouncing over waves, Is it possible?
  2. yep you need bolts to hold it in place.
  3. last week Flying tiger took part in the Wine Race across Cook Strait NZ. We managed a 3rd place in a race that started off as close reach turned into a bit of a broad reach, a lucky dip when the wind ran out, when the wind picked up again it was on the nose and a tack all the way into Wellington Harbour to the finish. We managed 3rd on handicap and 5th over the line. https://www.facebook.com/nzwinerace/ the trip home was in less than ideal conditions we ran out of Wellington Harbour with a small jib up and the outboard on. At one point we hit 10 knots and the motor was struggling to keep up with the boat. By the time we were out of the harbour the wind speed was a constant 30 knots with gust in the high 30's. The wind was from the North and to get back to the South Island we had to head almost directly into the wind. We decided to go for the storm jib and the outboard so after a somewhat bouncy sail change we kept bashing away into a very steep and breaking sea. We were to say slightly wet, the inside of the boat was like a washing machine. needless to say we were very pleased when we reached the shelter of the South Island and got some respite from the wind and sea. Once in the shelter of the Marlborough Sounds Life was much more pleasant and we cracked open a bottle Of Konrad savvy blanc only to find that all the glasses we had were somewhat salty. so necessity being the mother of invention we drank straight from the bottle. A short time later we were caught up by Voila a 54ft beneteau they had been worried about us as they were recording gusts of 50 knots and had taken some big greenies over the yacht. I was quite impressed with how the Tiger handled the weather, I learnt a lot and would do things a bit differently next time, However at no time did I think we were in the proverbial poo, even when getting knocked down and seas breaking around us. We did however find the keel bolts loose on our return. This may have been because the yacht has never been out in a sea so has never been given a good work out. they are tightened up now and I will keep an eye on them.
  4. I'm sailing the one in Waikawa NZ we shipped it in from Holland, pleased with the boat, I've heard allsorts of negative shit none of it so far has proved to be correct, good bang for your buck. Still learning the ropes and tuning it up, which is a bit difficult as no others to race against, so going by gut feeling. It feels like it should be quick.
  5. The ice bucket challenge has got to be the most fucktardy thing out. the sort of thing little school girls get excited over. If you want to give money to charity just give the money, you don't need to waste your time chucking icy water on your head.
  6. Mr Clean, get yourself an A class and go racing see if you can do better than 5th. My guess is no. Prove me wrong
  7. I don't think 80% of the population are against ETNZ, I think they are against sailing in the AC, and I can see why when you read some of the drivel here. Regrettably the AC is seen as an event that isn't run fairly and as a result there is no desire to be seen to compete in it. I do not think that this public perception of unfairness is helped when you look back at the history of the cup, the number of times things have ended up being settled in court and the latest lot of cheating. If you were a large corporation looking to sponsor an event would you sponsor it, if that is what the public perception is? Hardly good for your brand. and just in case any of the fan boys get too excited and think I am picking on their team, I am not I think all the teams over time have been involved in unsporting behaviour and rule manipulation. So is it time to clean the image of the cup before no one decides its worth entering?
  8. Its amazing that so many countries still keep getting it wrong, bring back hanging, deportations and compulsory sterilization for minor offences. Hell if a countries over populated why not bring back the old Indian policy of getting a free radio with a vasectomy. I suppose this sort of approach would upset the PC brigade
  9. your right you have a small idea, There are no poms in England, they were all exported to Aus, as it was a penal colony, technically there aren't any poms in NZ either as convicts didn't get shipped to NZ. Did the swedes export their riff raff? or are they all still there in the gene pool?
  10. Valencia is where I have heard it rumoured the cup could be held. will have to wait and see if its just a rumour
  11. can't see why the brits cant get a team together, they have enough sailors to choose from/train. they have enough companies with the abilty and know how, eg aerospace, racing car industries, aircraft industries, to name a few. I can't see why whatever type of boat is decided on they couldn't come up with a boat that would have a chance.
  12. I have a solution, dump the laser from the five ring circus, and get a newer design, anything that requires a challenge to keep it up and going fast. The laser fleet can then slowly rot away and go back to what it was designed for sailing off a beach for fun. the money saved in legal fees would be huge and people could go and find a better boat to sail, one that lasts a bit longer and doesn't cost and arm and a leg for bits. hell you could even get one with a decently designed and built sail, that would be a revolution.
  13. Thankyou gentlemen, I shall make it a tad bigger than what I've got as its easy to chop some off, as opposed to add some on. will let you know what sort of wiggle factor it has.
  14. Hi Guys, I am new to the sailing canoe seen and have picked up NZL2 an old nethercott deisgn. I am slowly getting it uo to speed. Can you advise what size rudder is best for this design? As the one it came with looks a bit small and I think it may be a bit shorter than it should be.