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  1. Any date will work for me I will most likely auto draft again
  2. Great see you all there
  3. It's that time again......I haven't been to SA since this ended last Lear but who is in to do it again?
  4. Anyone interested?
  5. I forget but I still owe him his winnings
  6. Are we going to do this again this year?
  7. Are we doing this again this year?
  8. LOL I was going to mention that too but figured all the non SF types would flip out. Toughest fleet ever to compete in. The names in the Eltoro fleet read like a who's who list of racers. It's freaking amazing who you end up racing against in that group.just curious, who races in this fleet?Gordie Nash, buzz Blackett, will Pakistan, John amen, Fred Paxton off the top of my head I just got done rebuilding a old Toro.....I'll let my son sail it but I might take on the fleet when he isn't looking.. I'm sure I'll get spanked but I'm also sure learn a shitload. My sons Toro has A Dewit sail and we will use it for a bit but who should I look to when it's time to upgrade?
  9. I'd like to think that, by now if now Scooter wanted to ban you he would have by now. It's just a fuckup that happened when the site was upgraded. Let it go, we know who you are. Rise above it and give us that you-tube footage! It a moot point I stayed longer visiting with an old friend (just couldn't stand to say good by) than I planned and didn't make it by the ?boat?.
  10. Humm I still have a original SA clown shirt never worn I should give it to Hot Rod in exchange for a interview....
  11. I'm heading over that way to visit a good friend who is sick ( her and her husband were OYRA presidents in the mid 90's and the Spin Cup was their idea) I will be stoping by the ?boat? and taking some pictures and will post a report......If Scooter wants it here he knows what to do...
  12. Once again I'll make an offer......let me know the launch date and I'll take some pictures and video. But and this is a big but for Scooter I will only post them as War Dog!!!
  13. Hey I owe someone 10.00 PM me so I can pay up!! Dang I sucked at the end of the season sailing got in the way....
  14. You want pictures? You want a person to attempt to get a interview and some questions answered? Get Ed to FREE WAR DOG.....and it will be done!!! But not until WD can post the above pictures and interview........
  15. We are waiting!!! :D/> It was a hell of a party.....I was a bit late getting there after a long day of sailing so we didn't stop by the monster to get a look.