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  1. Tramp lacing

    On a Corsair 24: Amsteel blue 3/16" was great. Noise absolutely disappeared when walked on. 1/8" would still be plenty strong enough. It's slippery enough that the loads seemed more dispersed as you moved around on it.
  2. Folded trimaran's stability

    I kept my F 24 in a marina slip that was 12 feet wide. The drill when entering was to fold one float, motor into the marina, then fold the second as we got close to the slip, daggerboard stayed down and turns were gradual. My crew was on the foredeck and we docked and tied off each float as open as we could make them, to the dock. This pulled the floats somewhat out of the water and made them accumulate less crud to clean off. The mast needed to be stabilized with halyards to each lifting eye. I also attached lines from the shrouds to the jib winches and pulled them tight. I had no issues with flipping at the dock. If a big storm were to come through, use the trailer and get it to a safer place. Later I got a side tie and could leave the boat unfolded. This was ideal. We just gave the hulls a wipe before each race to get slime off.
  3. Corsair Pulse 600

    For off the wind speed, a sprit with a Code Zero, or spinnaker would seem logical. The ability to keep the jib up when going on a downwind run is important. Jibing a kite inside quickly requires a long enough sprit.
  4. Vestas Sailrocket

    Setting the record is a remarkable achievement, without question. Breaking the record set by "L'Hydroptere" just makes one admire "Hydroptere's" achievement. They are about to try to break the LA to Hawaii record, not sail on a 1.04 mile flat water course that doesn't even require a jibe or a tack.