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  1. Bastiat

    Penetrating fluids

    After applying penetrant (GIBB is my goto) to fastener I give the fastener a couple of solid whacks with a hammer. Read somewhere that this creates vibrations that help the fluid penetrate. Have no idea if it really helps.
  2. Bastiat

    Bonding Delrin to SS. Glue Suggestions?

    Thru-bolts. That is what I would use!
  3. Bastiat

    What is This? How is it Used?

    Found this rummaging thru my newly acquired boat.
  4. Bastiat

    Buying a boat without a broker?

    You can use CG bill of sale (available on line) even if boat is not documented. Must use if boat is documented. Get more than one copy, including notarized seller's signature.
  5. Bastiat

    SA front page generates link to Mac Cleaner

    Happened to me just now!
  6. Bastiat

    Taping rigging to prevent snags on cotter pins

    Salvage some boat shrink wrap; cut into strips of suitable width; wrap around turnbuckles; secure with duct tape. Trick is to not let the tape touch anything but the shrink wrap.
  7. Bastiat

    How to wire a bilge pump counter?

    The meter I have measures hours, not cycles. No manufacturers name, no instructions. Read out is not electronic, just rotating number wheels. Two wires, one black, one red. Looks like I only have to know does it get wired in parallel or series with the bilge pump. Judging by the gauge of the wires, series looks more likely but I don't want to guess.
  8. What is the best way to wire-up a bilge pump counter?
  9. Bastiat

    Etchells or Star for single handed cruising?

    International Folk Boat
  10. Bastiat

    duck and cover / Front Page

    Get a big "GUN FREE ZONE" sign. Put in on a neighbor's boat.
  11. Keep in mind. Withholding payment is your strongest, and perhaps only, negotiating tool.
  12. Bastiat

    Is this bad?

    Easy Fix ... if you have a sack of $100 bills handy.
  13. Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about something that was not a crime. The government can lie to you, but it is a crime for you to lie to the government. LESSON: Never waive your 5th Amendment rights without immunity.
  14. Bastiat

    Is this Nantucket harbor?

    I can't see anything but cat boats .
  15. Bastiat

    UK City Island Loft

    The building sports a "For Sale Sign" What's the story?