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  1. East Coast version of a Moore 24

    26' Folkboat cheap and will keep you safe.
  2. The guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain was involved in a collision with the merchant vessel Alnic MC while underway east of Singapore and the Strait of Malacca, according to officials with U.S. 7th Fleet Public Affairs.
  3. Removing (trying) the old name and hailing port on my new boat. Heat gun and plastic putty knife works very slowly and leaves behind stubborn glue. Is there a better way? The glue may turn out to be a bigger problem. Will mineral spirits, acetone or ? deal with the glue easily?
  4. Electronic Bilge Pump Switch

    Do the electronic bilge pump sensors draw any current when no water is sensed? How much? I am wondering specifically about the Whale SS1212. Their description: "automatic bilge pumps sense bilge water level and switch on and off automatically" Calling US distributor was frustrating and ultimately useless. Any other comments about this type of pump are welcome.
  5. My Last Post; Good Bye

    Inspired by the OP, I will be sending a copy of the traitorous rant to all SA advertisers and inform them supporters of SA will not be seeing any of my $. I urge you to do the same if you find such an attack upon our elected leader offensive.
  6. Betsy DeVos to Dept. of Education

    "The administrator Trump just nominated is a proponent of vouchers which redirects public funding from education for all to education for some." You are exactly wrong!
  7. Planning on installing an automatic bilge pump of 1,000gph-1,500gph rated capacity. From the pump to the transom thru-hull I need: 1) 1 1/4 NPT right angle hose adapter to barb , 2) hose, 3) anti-siphon valve, 4) thru-hull with barb on interior end. The catalogs show many different sizes, but not all in 1 1/4" inch or a reasonable close size. Prefer item 1) as a single piece, but could assemble it from compatible parts. Recommendations as to proper hose size also welcome.
  8. Hillary Clinton

    As opposed to Mrs. Clinton?
  9. With all that mast windage so near the bow, is it feasible to keep a Nonsuch on a mooring? Will being on board at the mooring in say 20 knots (or more) be uncomfortable? DDW Thanks for the jibe description.
  10. Would you kindly explain the technique.
  11. Time to move up to a more sedate (senior citizen friendly) vessel. Use would be primarily day sailing, often without crew and an occasional overnight. The boat would live on a mooring. Is the unstayed mast a bug or a feature. 26' is more than big enough, but the Nonsuch 22's are rare.
  12. Furling in mast or boom.

    Whatever happened to the Dutchman system. Had it on 2 boats, it worked well.
  13. The Jobson Retort

    Canal Bottom wrote: "The moment Courageous heading in the direction of unsafe water hailed or signaled a need for Sea Room." This can be interpreted as putting the burden on Extreme2 to determine if the water is unsafe or not for Courageous.
  14. The Jobson Retort

    "She would be wrong hailing for room to tack. See RRS 20.1 as she was sailing below close hauled and RRS 20.2 does NOT apply." Wrong for hailing, but the hailed boat must still respond. The legality of the hail is a question for the protest room.
  15. The Jobson Retort

    "When another boat hails you for water you must act to give them all the room they ask for or need Tack not Jibe.without any delay." Rule 20.2 © states... Or by immediately replying "You tack" Requiring the hailing boat to Tack, not Jibe