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  1. Check out the Facebook page "Sailors in San Diego- Crew Pool" When I've traveled to San Diego in the past for work I've posted on there and got a few rides.
  2. j44spicesm

    Looking to race in San Diego

    Buzzards Bay/Newport area sailor in San Diego for a few weeks for work. Looking to fill in for some beer can racing. Can fill in to any spot on board. Message me on here or comment and I can follow up via email. Cheers, Sean
  3. j44spicesm

    Kiteboarding in Guam

    Anyone know of a good place for kite boarding lessons in Guam?
  4. j44spicesm

    ACWS Fukuoka - November

    are there a decent amount of people watching from shore? Heading there tomorrow. Is it a good vantage point for watching the racing?
  5. j44spicesm

    what is it?

    Landing School 20
  6. j44spicesm

    Available crew in San Diego

    Living in SD for a month or so, looking to get out racing. Plenty of experience in any position. Comment or message if you need someone.