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  1. rb_stretch

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    I can't understand how the Laser scored highest for performance, when the accompanying text doesn't seem to support that.
  2. rb_stretch

    Mythical Front Page Upgrade

    From the UK none of the video or picture links work anymore. Even picture links in the forum don't work.
  3. I happened to be in La Grand Motte at the Catamaran show this past week and learned of the Bavaria bankruptcy during the show. As a boat builder myself, I am sad to see any builder, even competitors, go down. Boat building is a very challenging business and it is too easily forgotten that when a company goes down so too do a lot of good people. 

    I have a strong feeling that Nautitech will survive just fine, or be sold to a business group or competitor pretty quickly. I was, however,  struck during the boat show how similar today they are to the Lagoon's, Fountaine Pajot, Leopard and Bali cats in terms of interior volume for length. They are all clearly competing on price for the same type of buyers. They sell on interior volume, features and cost per foot.  What's clear is that unless these builders have a ready path to some charter program or charter sales outlets  (boat as a business, hurry up!) they cannot achieve the level of production required to build efficiently enough to compete in this space. So they all craft a range of arguments to compete against each other, most of which are pretty minor that I can see. Nautitech was arguing that they were faster their competitors, hoping to grab a bit more of the private market that actually hopes to do a bit sailing. While I have not sailed on many of these newer ones, as a designer it is not so difficult for me to just look at the hulls and the volumes inside to see that the current Nautitech's would not be appreciably faster than their competitors. 

    It is my hope that the Bankruptcy of Bavaria will be resolved quickly and the company can get back on its feet and that Nautitech remains in business for years to come. In the end, those of us who have been in this business for years form a bit of a builder's bond. We compete against each other, but we also respect each other, because we realize what a challenge it is to design and fabricate boats of any kind. 

    Phil Berman, Balance Catamarans







  4. rb_stretch

    Bavaria in administration

    Don't know any details, so wondering if anyone else does. Reported on Yachting Monthly website in the UK .
  5. rb_stretch

    high tension 36

    He might have sold it in the late 80's, but can't quite remember. Would certainly connect the ownership story.
  6. rb_stretch

    high tension 36

    Small world. It was at Berthons when my dad bought it. Needed osmosis treatment that Berthons did themselves.
  7. rb_stretch

    high tension 36

    Berend Botje is a name is haven't heard of in years. My father used to own her in the 80's and I sailed her quite a lot as a teenager. Happy memories.