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  1. high tension 36

    He might have sold it in the late 80's, but can't quite remember. Would certainly connect the ownership story.
  2. high tension 36

    Small world. It was at Berthons when my dad bought it. Needed osmosis treatment that Berthons did themselves.
  3. high tension 36

    Berend Botje is a name is haven't heard of in years. My father used to own her in the 80's and I sailed her quite a lot as a teenager. Happy memories.
  4. Finn vs Tasar

    Phantom has a PY of 995 vs a Finn at 1042, so a Phantom is quite a bit faster, probably more so in a breeze. The only hiking singlehander that is faster is a RS300 and only by a very small amount - not bad for a 45 year old design.....
  5. d-zero v aero

    Having sailed both, I can relate to the article. In my inland pond, I found the D-Zero far more comfortable upwind and generally easier for the slightly larger gentlemen. It just felt right. On the Aero, upwind didn't feel as nice, but I have say it's light weight on the reaches and runs gave it a surprising turn of speed. So much so that I won the race I entered to test sail it.
  6. From windsurfer to Dinghy.

    Just as a note of reassurance, I windsurfed for 15 years and then jumped straight into the back of a twin trapeze assymmetric to teach my wife dinghy sailing. We both survived and had a lot of fun as well. I did have a little bit of experience in learning to sail a mirror as a child, but that that was 20 years before I returned to dinghies.
  7. Wacky new Mini

    Ref Vortex: Owners seem to love them and although they went out of production, there are plans to resurrect. The only vice I vaguely recall is nosediving due to lack of volume up front.
  8. ACWS Portsmouth 23rd 26th July

    We went out on the water to watch and there was a lot of boats out there, more than any other event I can remember. In typical corporate money-making style, the organisers had reserved space on the water closest to the course for VIPs and thankfully all us normal boats simply ignored it. To their credit their marshals didn't try to intervene and force everyone back - they wouldn't have managed to anyway, cause there were just too many of us. The could have allowed us to anchor though, that would have made the event so much easier to enjoy....