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    Show your boat sailing thread

    Wow, great thread, some stellar boats... Yeah ugly reef, and I'll never use sta-set x again (gen halyard) STRETTTTTCH - waste of money!

    Any S2 owners out there?!

    I'm 6'1" tall, slept like a baby in the V berth... both quarter berths were Ok as well tighter but doable.... The mind-numbing part of the boat is the 5'8" max height below Just high enough that you feel it could have spared 4 inches. Just low enough to remind you that its still a small boat (despite its weight). I owned my S2 7.9 for 2 years... I'm sailing a Schock Wavelength 24 now, prior boats were S2 7.9, Capri 22, and Capri 25.

    Went to look at a Catalina 22....

    Just so we are clear, I owned/launched an S2 7.9 for 2 years myself. It IS possible to raise the mast solo, and launching the S2 7.9 is a breeze, but NO I would NOT recommend it as a "trailer day sailor." I got good at launching the boat, and the best I could muster was about 1.5 hours from launch to sailing. I'm sure I could maybe have gotten that to 1 hour, but it'd have been truly scrambling, not my idea of a relaxing day sailing. Plus the boat prefers the keel fully down, which draws 5 feet... launching is shallow at 18 inches, but to sail the boat requires consistent depth over 5 feet (if you can't get it). There are plenty of good S2 7.9s around, but you gotta travel for them. List is short now, best time to buy is late winter. If you are still interested in them (and for your purposes I would say the 6.9 would be a better choice, but I digress)... you can find them here: Lots of different boats thrown at you... I'd say that a cat boat is at one end, and the S2 7.9 is nearly at the other. Interesting boats in between? Oday 222, Oday 192, Oday 22, Oday 23, Precision 23, 21, 18, Catalina Capri 18, 22, Compac 19, 23, Cal 22, Rhodes 22, Hunter 22 (swing keel), Hunter 23 (wing keel), Hunter 25 (wing keel), Oday 26 (centerboard), S2 6.7, 6.9... Lets say for trailer day sails, that J boats and most fixed fin keels are out. Lots of options, but you have to find the deal that works best for your Northern dollar.

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Overtrimmed, and forcing some heel, as we cross the finish... RC loves us super light air that day. Yep my ancient S2 7.9... which is mine no longer... I made my mark with the boat, but it was time for something else.

    Beneteau dropped the First line?

    My guess is money talks... Firsts probably brought no $$ Haven't the Firsts been gone for a while? The First 25 looked good on paper to me, but then I saw what it costs compared to say a J88, and said, um I'll strive for the J as the next boat I can't afford, thanks, with the added benefit of it being bigger, and not sailing like an RV. Even the Catalina 275 looks like a better boat for less money than the First 25. By the way still looks like they have a First 35, must be good, it comes in carbon.

    Tattoo 26- WTF???

    I wonder is 4th mode optional? Tatoo 26 being the Mac 26x isn't anything new.

    Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    Our local fleet races under portsmouth, using the base handicaps with adjustments for wind range, and also some minor adjustments like no spin, fixed prop, etc... yes we use it for keelboats. Foxxy's description defines our use nearly perfectly. Yes the handicap ratings are behind the US Sailing login. Also we do not report back our results anymore (years ago we used to)... There was a falling out with the person reporting for our club, and the contact at US Sailing. Also they wanted the club to join US Sailing, and our whole club operates on a shoestring, membership is $60 a year to race, so no extra funds to join as a club. This was a conscious decision, and not one I support. I think by and large Portsmouth ratings are slightly better (on our small boat lake) than PHRF by a narrow margin. The one thing that totally stinks though, is if the wind dies (as in ZERO wind) for any length of time during the race... the largest handicap nearly always wins. If you look at how results are calculated, you can see why that is. Anyone know the procedure to start reporting results back to US Sailing? Our statistician remarked that it required paper forms, which seemed odd, since sailwave can generate the results, why not just submit them electronically?
  8. Holy crap I can't believe this dumas went BACK OUT! this thread grew to epic proportions, and I figured it was the endless speculators about his next trip, I had NO idea the guy got out again, and made landfall again. You KNOW it's a matter of days before he sets out again. Nobody is keeping this guy down. I'll chip into the fund to track him! Who is setting it up?

    Production MORC boats

    Capri 30 and Capri 25. Both will surf for sure.
  10. Yeah... About 2 years ago... Yeah was just kind of reiterating.
  11. This thread has jumped the shark.
  12. This thing is still er um, floating, after 3 years?
  13. SHNOOL

    Fucking TeamWork Video

    How the hell have I been here this long and not have seen these... KD you are my hero! Merry Fucking Christmas man!
  14. SHNOOL

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    my neighbor started to build one of those in his back yard. Fancies himself a pirate... Hemp line for standing rigging... yep, they are a terrible sailing boat.
  15. SHNOOL

    never fuckin' mind