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  1. Show your boat sailing thread

    Wow, great thread, some stellar boats... Yeah ugly reef, and I'll never use sta-set x again (gen halyard) STRETTTTTCH - waste of money!
  2. Love the lindenberg 26 suggestion (saw that boat and considered it myself before I bought the Wavelength 24), finally someone else pulled that one out of mothballs... Boat sails well to its rating, if you put the time in it. PS: Softdown... describing Sailnut as Bloodthirsty on SA? Has this place gone total pansy in your eyes? I've been with sailnut for probably 10 years... here for 6, so Alumni maybe, but I've been here a while. Going back to 4th mode for sure.
  3. I have a pole barn with a 12 foot door... I've now had an S2 7.9 (26 foot, 5' draft retractable daggerboard) in it, a Capri 25 (25 foot 4' draft fixed fin keel) and now a Wavelength 24 (24 foot, 5 foot fixed draft fin keel)... NOT sure how you come up with 14-15' of clearance for even the Catalina 27... I'd think the Cat 27 with that deep draft fixed fin keel would air draft about 13 feet. Nope won't fit through a 12' door. Hell even a J80 would be darned close (inch maybe) into my door. My Wavelength clears the door by about 1 foot. Couple things... were mentioned about bearings... Simply, yep, check them and pack both inners and outers. Bearing buddies are great for maintaining repacked bearings, and are useless for patching poorly maintained bearings, especially since they only deal with the outer bearings. No substitute for getting your hands dirty. jack the trailer up, pull on the wheel, repack, and replace bearings if necessary... a whole set for 2 axles will only run you a couple hundred, and an hour or so of time. Also check TIRES!!! dry rotted tires don't always have teltale cracks... look at the manufacture date, if they are 8 years old or older, they need to go! Tractor Supply has wheels/tires fully assembled cheap... I'm sure other places do too. Do you require standing headroom in a trailerable? Or are you just stating your heights because you need sleeping space? Cause most trailerable boats (nearly all) won't have 6' standing headroom (hell most 30+ footers only have 6' standing headroom in the galley). If trailerable AND 6' standing headroom are required, and $6000 CDN... About the ONLY boat I can think of is a Lancer 28! That being said there are tons of boats with ample seating space below for overnighting, with decent sleeping space... the S2 7.9 and the S2 6.9 are great trailerables that sail well and have decent sleeping space (think tents) and a functional head. Lots of other boats as well.
  4. Look.. They got BLUE, and designed for water! Oh and light. They win... I'm just a hack.
  5. Holder 20, do I get anything for getting close enough to the target weight at least? Turbo it and it'll get here fast... Hardly bluewater capable.
  6. Any S2 owners out there?!

    I'm 6'1" tall, slept like a baby in the V berth... both quarter berths were Ok as well tighter but doable.... The mind-numbing part of the boat is the 5'8" max height below Just high enough that you feel it could have spared 4 inches. Just low enough to remind you that its still a small boat (despite its weight). I owned my S2 7.9 for 2 years... I'm sailing a Schock Wavelength 24 now, prior boats were S2 7.9, Capri 22, and Capri 25.
  7. Trailer Sailor 20' - 23' PHRF Racer

    Can I mention that the S2 7.9 isn't a shallow draft? its 5' deep! Its only shallow draft board up! it is supposed to be sailed board down though, at least upwind anyway. Yeah sure it draws 18" board down, and rudder kicked up and all, but you can't steer, and you can't sail upwind in that configuration. Its merely a setting for trailering... and for that it works well.
  8. Trailer Sailor 20' - 23' PHRF Racer

    Wavelength 24 (although 5' draft)... just because its my new ride... And I've had a Capri 25, and an S2 7.9, and I'm hoping the WL 24 is as fun as the Capri 25, but with more speed than the S2. Other than that I got nothing.
  9. Attaching long shaft 40hp outboard to 26' S2?

    Skip the motor... Sell the running 40HP and borrow/rent a trailer... move it the 5 miles that way.
  10. Ted Nugent DTS?

    Holy crap... I just realized how Fake news actually works... I really need to invent a left handed smoke-shifter.... apparently there is a market. Snipe hunting gear? Perhaps some Dehydrated H2O in a can. Geesh.
  11. A quiet drink with...

    its not been quite a year since his passing, but its been probably 20 years since I sailed with him... He stopped sailing due to health reasons. So for those of you who said your Dad... right there with you. I'd up the ante by saying, I'd love to be sailing and sharing that beer with him... Just to be crew again. I've found that goals in life become much clearer, and simpler as I get older.
  12. Went to look at a Catalina 22....

    Just so we are clear, I owned/launched an S2 7.9 for 2 years myself. It IS possible to raise the mast solo, and launching the S2 7.9 is a breeze, but NO I would NOT recommend it as a "trailer day sailor." I got good at launching the boat, and the best I could muster was about 1.5 hours from launch to sailing. I'm sure I could maybe have gotten that to 1 hour, but it'd have been truly scrambling, not my idea of a relaxing day sailing. Plus the boat prefers the keel fully down, which draws 5 feet... launching is shallow at 18 inches, but to sail the boat requires consistent depth over 5 feet (if you can't get it). There are plenty of good S2 7.9s around, but you gotta travel for them. List is short now, best time to buy is late winter. If you are still interested in them (and for your purposes I would say the 6.9 would be a better choice, but I digress)... you can find them here: http://www.s279.org/boatsforsal.html Lots of different boats thrown at you... I'd say that a cat boat is at one end, and the S2 7.9 is nearly at the other. Interesting boats in between? Oday 222, Oday 192, Oday 22, Oday 23, Precision 23, 21, 18, Catalina Capri 18, 22, Compac 19, 23, Cal 22, Rhodes 22, Hunter 22 (swing keel), Hunter 23 (wing keel), Hunter 25 (wing keel), Oday 26 (centerboard), S2 6.7, 6.9... Lets say for trailer day sails, that J boats and most fixed fin keels are out. Lots of options, but you have to find the deal that works best for your Northern dollar.
  13. quick windows 10 question

    Yep remove all the passwords, and logins... Then bitch about how MS is insecure... My suggestion short of removing all passwords and logins, is to consider either facial recognition login (built into windows 10) or swipe (touchscreen required) login. Edge is a lite browser, with plugins mostly disabled. For most surfing with embedded flash and such you might need Chrome or Firefox. If you want stable light surfing without the bloat, try Opera.
  14. SA Seized!

    Woah, again?