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  1. THIS! It should be printed out in bold and posted on notice board at every Laser regatta.
  2. The objects of Laser class association are outlined in ILCA constitution: https://www.laserinternational.org/rules-and-regulations/ilca-constitution/ One of them are: (3) to encourage and foster the enjoyment of the sporting and recreational aspects of sailing So, the leadership of the class should not be sitting on their fat asses and asking: "What is it that you want us to do?" Instead, they shold be generating ideas how to accomplish the goals set in ILCA constitution and running around and implementing them. That's why they are elected there. Laser is the only Olympic equipment that, besides being in Olympics, is a recreational dinghy and is also sold to general public. I think ILCA constitution covers (or should cover) the needs of those sailors as well.
  3. This is what I would call "chick [en] ed out".
  4. That's a lead dragger. Ever sailed old school windsurfer directly downwind? Where does the mast tip go? Hint - windsurfer goes straight whan all forces are in balance,
  5. No, Gouv, you are absolutely right ! As I see it, ILCA have just hijacked the whole process and is ignoring the Class Constitution and By-Laws. Talk about double standards..
  6. Their choice? Not really. It's quite simple, Bill5 - it is required by the Class rules. Otherwise they can't race in any regatta.
  7. Hey Wess, you sound just like one of those ignorant muricans... Check the nationality stats of NHL https://www.quanthockey.com/nhl/nationality-totals/active-nhl-players-career-stats.html
  8. It sounds like LPE has got their hands on some European Union funds. They (LPE) might be a part of a bigger package. Something to do with region developement or similar.
  9. What's wrong with that? Consumers should be happy. It is also an indication on how much overhead there might be.
  10. What I was hinting at, tillerman, is that neither PSA nor any other of "selected" builders will be allowed to sell Laser branded boats to grass roots sailors in LPE territories based on FRAND, only Olympic equipment (at elevated prices).
  11. And, if I'm not mistaken: FRAND applies to ILCA FRAND does not apply to Laser
  12. Guys, why don't you put this tool on ignore and stop responding to his posts? It's so easy. I had him on ignore for several years and wasn't even aware that he's posting here. Only when some of you started quoting him I realized that he's alive.
  13. Paris 2024 is too far away. IIRC, there was something in the Olympic boat selection process (WS Constitution?) which allows WS to make last minute changes, including selecting different boat. We have to wait and see how all this fustercluck unfolds before talking about Paris.