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  1. I agree kenny, It is onerous to clip / unclip every feet. But when there is green water washing over the deck regularly then being clipped on to the jackstay when moving provides a false sense of safety. When the jackstay isn't there in the first place you have no alternative but to clip / unclip when moving if you want to be safe. Off course you can choose to rely on your hands holding on to deck gear and handholds when moving which is less safe but at least you will know it and be extra alert.
  2. Sorry for the typo's. Tipic should be topic and pint should be point. But why these offensive replies about purple shit and rainbow sherbert ? Totally uncalled for. If this is the only way you can respond to a very seriously posted topic, for whatever reason, then please stop it. Somehow I'm sure you won't or can't. Prove me wrong.
  3. You are wrong my friend. I started this tipic because i truly believe that the use of jackstays in stead of using point to pint clipping is very dangerous.
  4. Simon Speirs lost his life due to him depending on the jackstay. Jackstays are a mandatory "safety feature" according to the special regulations (4.04). Whenever a safety feature is mandatory we, off-shore sailors, are supposed to feel safe whenever adhering to it. I, for one, have always felt that the jackstay is a death trap. Whenever I am, by "law (4.04)" obligated to have these on my deck I remove these right after the starting gun of the race has fired. For the sake of the safety of my crewmembers ! Why ?? The formula F equals M times A. Force equals mass times acceleration. If the weather is so bad that crewmembers have to rely on their safety harnesses for their safety then they should keep the distance between them and their clipping point to an absolute minimum. Go from one clipping point to next ( there should be many of these on a truly seaworthy boat) or else stay inside the cabin ! I don't know who ever dreamed up this 4.04 regulation, and a great many other stupid ones along with it, but the fact is that Simon Speirs lost his life due to it. Don't blame the tether or the hook. Don't blame Simon Speirs ! Let's learn from this and scrap this very dangerous 4.04 regulation.
  5. justice

    Aha !!...... So I'm not alone !! Nice to meet you Recidivist. I think you hit the nail on the head.
  6. justice

    Maybe you are right. I thought I saw it but I agree that if I did it was quite subtle. But sometimes just a little bit can make all the difference. What is undisputable however is that Spithill didn't take any evasive action until the very last moment. I count at least 10 seconds between WO starting to tack and Comanche luffing up. And that's perfectly okay with me. Like I said, I'm sure Spithill knew what he was doing and there was no real danger. This is how boats should be raced and I am sure that no professional crewmember on neither Comanche nor WO XI ever feared for his life during this incident.
  7. justice

    What an utter nonsense is this David !! " a significant rule breach that could have cost lives " ???? Are you kidding me ???? Sure, Mark Richards tacked a little late. But didn't anyone see the (match racing) move executed by Jimmy Spithill ? He bore down a bit on WO XI and luffed to avoid a collision and to make sure WO XI was penalized. Check the video. Comanche wasn't even pinching when WO XI finished her tack. The jib was still fully pressured. Mark Richards should have known better and have done his 720 but if anyone put "lives at risk" it was James Spithill. But the fact is that he didn't. He knew exactly what he was doing and there was no risk at all. "If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen"! I see this all the time in regatta's and it bothers me. People who lack the ability to time speed and distance and stuff like that and freak out when other boats come to close for their comfort. Again, WO XI took a risk, Spithill nailed them and Richards should have taken his medicine (720) but the notion that there was any risk of damage or people could have lost their lives is complete nonsense.
  8. "the 18 year old missing person is found..." Tell me fastyacht, ... which word in that sentence is in Dutch ?
  9. Hi Daan, As you no doubt noticed, the "techies" drawn to this thread are not the least interested is your very significant post. Sad....
  10. Dear SailBlueH20, Why do you persist in your conviction that the sheared off keel bolts are all in the same plane ? They are not ! I know this for a fact. Trust me. Zoom in on the picture please. Sure, it will become pixilated but you will be able to see that you are wrong. And why are you talking about gel coat ? Capella has a woodcore Hull so there is no gel coat. I don't care which famous designer is reportedly hiding behind the H20 Pseudonym. I just wished you would stick to the facts and if you don't know any then please don't comment or speculate. I do appreciate the fact that you expressed you condolences. Thank you for that. There is going to be an official investigation conducted by FOSO and the results of that will be made public. Let's just hope that important lessons will be learned so that at least something positive will emerge from this otherwise very sad story.
  11. Again, doesn't look that way. Not only is sailblueh2o dead wrong, he also basically says the person who designed and built the keel structure of this particular boat is a fool. But that person happens to be one of the three sailors who lost their lives in this accident. And that person was a very knowledgeable and wordlwide respected yacht designer, yacht builder and sailor and, what's more, a very nice guy. So forgive me for defending him. Have some respect !
  12. SailblueH2O, If you are not familiair with the ins and outs of keel structures then you had better not comment. First of all, not all keel bolts on Capella are in line. Secondly, it's quite okay to use keel bolts in line. They just have to be bigger or there have to be more of them. Plenty of keels are constructed that way.
  13. Team Vestas grounded

    I spent half an hour preparing a reply to this topic but decided to erase it all. Thank you alcoholfunnycar (?) for doing the job for me ;-)