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  1. jonsailor


    what everyone fails to see, is that AR2 was built and completed and ready to go a few days after the break-up. From the precise time of the break-up, designers, lawyers, CEO's, crews and grandmothers are going to say what the fuck!! It is a huge problem cause boat 2 carries the same engineering structure as boat 1. As a "duty of care" no designer is going to send boat 2 out there without changes...(I've been there...done that) The boss goes to IM and states our COR boat is fucked unless we can reinforce which will add about 100kg or there abouts. This is where the safety rule comes in......only because they have already used up the total displacement quota already. Other teams have managed safe boats under the original rule. Now should there be a maximum a designer, I say no but that is how it happened!!
  2. jonsailor


    Quote of the day from NO "that is the first time I have driven a boat with a wheel"! These guys deserve to be there. Funny thing, I built two sisterships, one with wheel, one with tiller. After sitting out wide and steering the first boat for 8 months with a tiller....When I got to the wheel, I wanted to hunt up a little....I pushed the wheel away slightly (DOH) Not the sort of instant reaction you want to do at 35knts. After a few minutes it all clicked in natural but I had a chuckle to myself....the crew never noticed
  3. jonsailor


    Hahaha....go to the back of the class with Swallower.
  4. jonsailor


    got me beat as well?? It sounds to me like most people on this forum are far better sailors than this "PC fellow"
  5. jonsailor


    quit while you are in front Doug. Anyone with credibility to do with yacht design and or engineering is not welcome in this sight. You nailed it, but no body is listening
  6. thanks for the Rant.....

  7. has not set their status

  8. Nice to see you looking in......

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    you go girl, they are sensational
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    NOOOOooooooo!! MY eyes, my eyes.....