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  1. Don Byron plays the music of Junior Walker
  2. saxdog

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Karma's a bitch even for a little bitch like Mizz Lenszee.
  3. saxdog

    Is Trump dropping the dumb uncle act?

    I suspect he was medicated for the debate and someone has hidden his phone.
  4. saxdog

    McConnell's Hands.. WTF??

    Mitch touched Donald with those hands. The infection is still raging.
  5. saxdog

    Why America can’t have 5G

    I frequently use my phone as a mobile wifi hotspot with a tablet. Faster data would be helpful sometimes.
  6. saxdog

    Why America can’t have 5G

    One of the laughably disturbing things about this story, and there are many, is the "Newt Gingrich is lobbying pro bono". Yeah sure.
  7. saxdog

    Lock him up!

    At least Mussolini made the trains run on time.
  8. saxdog

    Please Vote!

    Done Ask three more people to vote.
  9. saxdog

    An impending crisis for PA

  10. saxdog

    Boils down to more or less taxes

    Who threw water on the trolls?