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  1. Senator Collins is an unprincipled whoha.
  2. saxdog

    Should Trump go to jail?

    Who says he can?
  3. Portland Maine Resident Takes Out Full Page Ad in Portland Press Herald To School Susan Collins. durrati Community (This content is not subject to review by Daily Kos staff prior to publication.) Sunday October 13, 2019 · 10:27 AM Eastern Daylight Time Recommend 724 Share Tweet 222 Comments 222 New I find this ad is very concerning.... RSS PUBLISHED TO durrati trending TAGS 2020 Maine ME-Sen Recommended SusanCollins Share this article Portland, Maine resident Erik Mercer ran into his one of his Senators, Susan Collins, at the airport in D.C. and politely inquired if he could ask her a few questions - which she refused to answer forthrightly. Big surprise. It probably would have ended there but as they were boarding their flight, Erik overheard Collins tell another passenger that a constituent had just been rude to her. So Erik pulled a boss move. 3,335 people are talking about this I am sure Sen. Collins finds the ad to be very….concerning.
  4. saxdog

    Two Rudy associates arrested

    Yes, Moscow MItch will throw Trump under the bus when he becomes too costly to keep around. This will not be personal - just business.
  5. saxdog

    Two Rudy associates arrested

    I'm very tired of winning so much today. Maybe tomorrow I'll like it better.
  8. saxdog


    Yappy Jack materializes from under the dung heap. Who rubbed the magic lamp?
  9. saxdog

    Hey Nancy

    Why not just cut off funding for the White House ?
  10. saxdog

    VP Pence, Mac Island

    Princess Mike, Moscow Mitch, : Republicans putting on quite a show. When's the GOP drag contest?
  11. saxdog

    Stonewall Lewandowski

    How does Cory drink Kool Aide with his head so far up his rear?
  12. I read this by chance in the paper. Personal courage and greatness are often quiet.
  13. saxdog

    A Solution to Rid Ourselves of Antifa

    Can you do it with a Sharpie?
  14. Donald can fix this problem easily with one of these fine instruments
  15. This is my favorite Sinatra recording. I really didn't get how well Sinatra understood jazz until I heard this recording with Basie.