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  1. He knew what he signed up for

    Trump intentionally uses lies as a strategic weapon like the Nazis did: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/19/opinion/trump-isnt-hitler-but-the-lying.html?ref=topics
  2. He knew what he signed up for

    "Put up or shut up." Shut the fuck up moron.
  3. He knew what he signed up for

    Trump began politicizing this issue by claiming Obama did not make a practice of calling the families of soldiers and sailors killed in action. It is always difficult to comfort people who have just lost someone. Trump is not capable of telling the truth or admitting the smallest mistake. Mr. Trump doesn't get pass for this because he is mentally challenged.
  4. Wow, Trump defeats ISIS

    Yeah nothing happened until the orange one took over. He invented the military.
  5. Thank you John McCain

    Mr. Trump, we need to see the x-rays of those bone spurs. You know, the ones that kept you out of the draft. You know, the fake ones you showed the draft board. Show us the X-rays or we'll send our crack team of private investigators to find them. We want a DNA sample too. Many people are saying this is a tremendous problem is being swept under the table.
  6. Maybe J Edgar Hoover and Trump' s mentor Roy Cohn aren't really dead.
  7. http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/10/prweb14775926.htm
  8. Moron

    Trump is thug. A person of lesser means would have been incarcerated years ago.
  9. Moron

    Trump is a moron. The international community understands this. Did flouride in the US water supply really make everyone stupid?
  10. Oh it's twoo! It's twoo!

    https://goo.gl/images/CCFefj equals https://goo.gl/images/vtxwvb
  11. Trump and the Iran deal

    Tillerson was right the first time.
  12. Trump is Downgraded To Tourist Class

    Many people are saying Buckingham Palace is a dump.
  13. Hillsy and rapists

    Yes it's in the Democratic party platform similar to the Republican party requirement to recruit congressmen who have wide stances , a penchant for private jet travel a public expense, and a desire to sexually abuse adolescent wrestlers.
  14. Good God, but he is sad.

    What's worse than sad? Words fail me. "Fucking Moron" just isn't sufficient.
  15. Twitter Toddler in Chief back at it

    Circular firing squad?