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  1. If it's what they're saying it is; I love it.
  2. This is bone chilling.
  3. saxdog

    The Sedition Problem

    Look --- a thread for trolls.
  4. Are you fucking kidding us?
  5. Don't insult dalmatians like that.
  6. saxdog

    McConnell favors impeachment

    The book on Robert Moses is an eye opener. I recommend it highly. Georgia had Jim Gillis, the unelected head of the DOT, for decades. He wielded more power than the governor.
  7. saxdog

    McConnell favors impeachment

    The people in charge are probably Don Jr, Ivanka, Jared and Miller - none confirmed by normal process. Good luck with that.
  8. saxdog

    McConnell favors impeachment

    Another excellent way to understand how power is used in the Senate, is Robert Caro's biography of Lyndon Johnson. A briefer version about Johnson is in a recent title Working. So far I haven't mustered the patience for the four volume Johnson bios. I recall the last volume is not yet finished.
  9. saxdog

    McConnell favors impeachment

    This is spot on. Trump has no remaining value to McConnell . McConnell has done the math. My bet is he'll vote to convict him in the Senate.
  10. saxdog

    McConnell favors impeachment

    Mitch sees big GOP donors saying they will not fund this anymore. Some big donors are asking for their money to be returned. Drain the money away and Donnie quickly becomes roadkill under McConnell's SUV. Mitch's power comes from his ability to funnel money into Senate campaigns. I predict more GOP defectors by tomorrow afternoon. Money talks and Bullshit walks. McConnell has seen the future.