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  1. When Trump sacks Mueller - what will you do?

    Maybe John McCain, if the Coors family doesn't put out a hit on him.
  2. When Trump sacks Mueller - what will you do?

    Don't mess up my daydream.
  3. When Trump sacks Mueller - what will you do?

    I think we'll see criminal charges filed by one or more of the state attorney generals.
  4. So Waht is Al Franken going to tell us today?

    David Brooks, a conservative, has a timely column in today's paper about the rot in the GOP. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/07/opinion/the-gop-is-rotting.html
  5. Trump slur

    Loss of mental ability...
  6. So Waht is Al Franken going to tell us today?

    As much as I hated the SOB, I'd trade him for Trump in second.
  7. Jerusalem

    How many people will be killed or injured because of this deal ? What did the US get in trade for this move? This brilliant negotiating is brought to you by the genius in the West Wing. We are winning so bigly.
  8. So Waht is Al Franken going to tell us today?

    Franken just manned-up and took responsibility for his behavior. What member of the GOP has ever done that?
  9. Will the GOP throw Donald under the bus once he signs their big donor's tax bill?
  10. Tax “Reform”

    There's that math problem again. Only the leftists believe it.
  11. Head on over to 8:25 to meet Oedipus Tex
  12. Pompeo may be better than Oedipus Rex. At least he has CIA experience.
  13. Drip Drip Drip

    Behold the virile warrior:
  14. Tax “Reform”

    A tax holiday is included in the bill for the best people.
  15. US votes against anti Nazi resolution

    I've heard there are some very fine people on both sides of this issue.