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  1. jb5

    The Transat CIC 2020

    https://mailchi.mp/tipandshaft.com/tip-shaft-205-herv-favre-pour-the-transat-cic-nous-travaillons-sur-un-vnement-cet-t-podcast-yves-le-blevec?e=9a497c6fa7 In French. Some extracts of an interview with Hervé Favre (OC Sport Pen Duick): We are in the middle of a consultation period with the city of Brest, CIC, and the classes. In principle, we have the support of CIC and Brest to make an event in the best possible conditions this summer or next year. We sent a survey to our four classes [Ultimes, Multi50, Imoca, Class40] to find out what their preference would be. I think that is the best way to proceed, we cannot go forward on our own. Today, we need at least about six weeks of preparation before being able to launch an event, the minimum duration. But it's not just us, there are also the technical services of the city of Brest, we don't know how quickly they will be able to re-mobilize. ...So today we are working on an event in summer. We are moving towards courses with islands or a virtual way-points to bypass, knowing that we promised the classes that the arrivals would not be spread over two or three weeks. This means that we would do different routes according to the different categories. Merging The Transat CIC and the Transat New York-Vendée-Les Sables d'Olonne ? This is something that has been mentioned. Today, we do not exclude it, we even say that the best solution would be to have one big event rather than doing two. But Imoca tells us that this would be a very complicated solution to implement.
  2. https://vimeo.com/224623515 Bilou video.
  3. https://mailchi.mp/tipandshaft.com/tip-shaft-204-comment-teams-et-marins-sorganisent-face-au-confinement-podcast-jeanne-grgoire?e=9a497c6fa7 A few excerpts below concerning the shutdown. Jérémie Beyou " We have a work schedule on the weather and on performance . We are coming out of a week of weather with the Pole (of Port-la-Forêt), I will have time to put my notes in the clean and assimilate all that. We also take advantage of the period to focus on our organization and our working methods. " But also to think about the rest of the season , hence a frequent exchange with race organizers and class representatives. Conference calls took place this Friday between classes and OC Sport Pen Duick, about The Transat CIC , the idea being to study "different hypotheses" in terms of dates and routes. " The United States option seems closed , they would like to keep the same partners, namely Brest and the CIC, to set up an alternative project. Herve Favre , general manager of OC Sport Pen Duick, told us: "The various scenarios envisaged have different advantages and disadvantages depending on the classes, so much so that we don't have today. But everyone is in the spirit of finding a solution for an event to take place in 2020, especially since we do not know what will happen in 2021. So we will continue to work to reconcile the positions " For Jérémie Beyou, who was not to participate in The Transat CIC but had planned to run the Transat New York-Vendée-Les Sables d'Olonne , " this is not the end date of the blockade what to look at is the gap between this date and the start of a race. You have to take into account the general condition of the fleet, with boats ready and others still under work or even under construction for Corum, you have to be careful to allow everyone time to prepare. For our part, the objective is really to do a whole protocol of tests before going to race, we don't want to shorten it because it has an enormous added value. If we don't have that time, will we start a race or not? I do not have the answer. " Organizing authority for the Transat New York Vendée-Les Sables d'Olonne, Imoca has no immediate need to decide on a race whose start must be given in three month. "Today, we are all taking the shock in the face and digesting it, I hope that within one, two or three weeks, we will be able to project ourselves towards the exit of the tunnel and initiate a reconstruction,confirms its president, Antoine Mermod. What is certain is that we have a city of arrival, maybe we will have to change the city of departure, but to do a sailing race between June 15 and 30 with 27 boats is not unthinkable . "
  4. Complaining has no place in this. It's about social responsibility. It should not just be individual skippers demonstrating it, it also should be about the class showing it means something on the highest level like so many other sports already have.
  5. Complaining? What's that got to do with it?
  6. Seems to be little reason to me why a similar scheme could not have been used in IMOCA especially at times like these. Too late of course anyway but F1 has played it well in this area after a somewhat slow start to the crisis. Budget caps are absent from both sports this year. Both sports also have teams that are based in full and in part in several countries with differing approaches to the situation. Not sure what difference those things make anyway in this situation.
  7. https://www.scanvoile.com/2020/03/alex-thomson-en-grande-bretagne-met-a-leau-hugo-boss.html#.XnOshVfYqbg Further to the post above, HB supposedly going back into the water this week. Interesting how they and maybe some others (?) are still working on the boats while others have stopped. Not sure if any of the French teams are still working on site. Possibly not. The workers in the photo below also look to be a bit too close together to my mind, at least compared to how people are dealing with it around here for the most part. Maybe IMOCA could do with a rule similar to the F1 rule concerning mandatory factory closures. The 'summer break', which has been brought forward and extended in F1 to start shortly to reduce risk and maintain a more or less level playing field. Credit HB
  8. Yes agree. The reason for my comment on the flu was another tweet I saw from him that seemed to suggest he didn't have the test or perhaps test results yet. Either way hopefully he will get over it quickly.
  9. Pictures of Boris' new foils on the link. https://instagram.com/stories/borisherrmannracing/2267542143778168068?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=80ad2xz6yfd2
  10. https://nantes.maville.com/sport/detail_-voile.-armel-tripon-touche-par-le-coronavirus-comme-en-mer-toujours-faire-face-a-l-imprevu-_fil-4043720_actu.Htm Armel Tripon tested positive for the virus along with some of his team. Or so the article suggests. Possibly just the flu? Couple of experts of a longer interview on the link. Armel Tripon:"We must not panic either because we are in good health. We must be vigilant about the progress of the disease, of the symptoms, but there are people who are really in danger, much more exposed than us. Me and my team, we are all sportsmen, in good health, there is no immediate danger. For now, I just have the symptoms of a normal flu. " " The project is a stand-by, like life in general. Like everyone. Today, there are collective and social interests that take precedence over individual projects. » Does this forced break jeopardize your race around the world?“No, my participation is in no way called into question unless the Vendée Globe is also postponed.
  11. Another launch delayed. Really like this cockpit. Not a new boat of course. Prysmian Ocean Racing. https://twitter.com/PrysmianOcean/status/1240325640026546182?s=19