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  1. sawmaster

    Texas Centerboard Circuit 2016

    Hey Ortega,what are you sailing at Conroe?---The AC,laser 2,or laser? Cant imagine I could keep up with the AC but might be able to keep close to a std laser.Also couldn't find a pay link on the cyc website.Could I just pay when I get there?
  2. sawmaster

    Texas Centerboard Circuit 2016

    hey.texas centerboarders,Ecat here. Been following the conversation and am thinking of joining up for a couple of races.Just bought an old but good force five and hoping they're some lasers or other small boats with similar portsmouth #s I can maybe be competitve with.I will probably be dead last but it would be fun to get together with some other dinghy sailors anyway.Not that much small boat sailing going on in my part of texas.Also would really like to see the canoes and wetas in action.Can someone tell me how much it will cost to participate in the race at conroe? Any other fees besides the 20 dollars to join TCC?