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  1. dvx

    Wanda down

    Hey- I saw what looked like Wanda sold at insurance auction. I just missed bidding on it by a few hours. It got sold. I bet someone will fix it and it will sail again.
  2. dvx

    US Watercraft goes to Auction!

  3. dvx

    J-34 Project Boat Available

    I once got offered a J34, pretty nice boat that was sitting for a while because the owner passed away. I could have got it for about nothing, and I turned it down because it was an IOR boat. Marina fees and cost of ownership for an IOR boat is something that requires a lot of thought before diving into it. Then when it comes time to sell it, you'd have to give it away else you'd be stuck paying marina fee's for the years that it would be for sale. Unless you are prepared to donate it or auction it.
  4. dvx

    Flying Tiger

    Saw the 2 on SA, The one in MI is one I'm looking at.
  5. dvx

    Flying Tiger

    Raising up the keel would be important in my area. There is a lot of shoaling in and around the Westbrook area, dredging seems to be a problem. August tides I'd be sitting in the mud. It seems that some of the boats have different methods of being able to conveniently raising the keel while motoring. How do you feel the rating is for LIS? I'm told that its fairly aggressive for the area.
  6. dvx

    Flying Tiger

    Westbrook area- I thought my old J35 drew a bit at 7ft for the area. Is there any way the keel can be raised a bit while in the slip? or under power in a shallow area?
  7. dvx

    Flying Tiger

    Thinking about an FT10 for LIS. Any concerns about the draft on these boats? 7+ feel could be a problem in my area.