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  1. Cyclone Anarchy - debbie

    I've taken screenshots but can't figure out how to load them on my mobile. Photos from a friend's personal FB page
  2. Cyclone Anarchy - debbie

    Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has just spoken. If I may briefly associate the Opposition with the Government's remarks. Right now, the Prime Minister's words may not be able to be heard by people in the brunt of the noise at their cocktail party of choice on Hamilton Is, There are perhaps people there without anything to do, perhaps, people trying to ensure their Italian leather luggage doesn't get damp. Perhaps the only thing they can hear is cyclonic winds on the TV. It must be very harrowing for those going through this. We're very fortunate to have the catering and bar staff serving exotic morsels and coloured drinks to those in desperate need. I think that all Australians are thinking, hoping and praying for the best possible outcome for these poor souls. Didn't Shorten also say the the CFEMU are arriving on the island to ensure things run smoothly and its the only opportunity those members will be welcome on the island. Nah the unions were at a mining giant today. Had us all under lockdown. Thoughts to those in Airlie. I've seen photos of Shute Harbour.. Might need to rename it to Shite Harbour. Sad sights to come in the next few days I fear.
  3. Thanks Sailor Girl

    I'm a bit late to this post but being able to watch Comanche sail over the line was bloody sensational! I don't think any of us would have minded if the light had gone altogether so long as the commentary kept coming. Thank you!!
  4. 2015 Sydney to Hobart

    If you believe that, you'll believe anything... and I'm pretty sure that was not what the newspaper reported.. Geez you blokes come up with some whoppers!!
  5. Aussie pocket maxis

    Not on charter - not racing so the owner is enjoying her.. Simple really..
  6. Aussie pocket maxis

    Wharro?? You've talked to him then in say, the last 24 hours? If it makes a shred of difference - I actually have.. What else do you have?
  7. Aussie pocket maxis

    You blokes are on some good meds if you think Wild Thing is going to Airlie... Seriously - who makes this shit up??