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  1. AussieSailorChick

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    That boat was the most fun ever full stop. Equal parts exhilarating and terrifying. I will always always always be grateful for those years of yachting on the Xena girl!
  2. AussieSailorChick

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    Dry White and Not a Diamond had Chinese for lunch. Crew members dropped off in Mooloolaba with injuries. Apparently continuing on sans crew.
  3. AussieSailorChick

    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    I think there’s some assumptions being published. Until Volvo or Scallywag announce anything I think we need to remain hopeful and support the boys and girls who are out there fighting for him. My two cents, but I think it’s important to wait for the real information.
  4. AussieSailorChick

    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Hang on, have I missed something? I haven’t read anywhere that he has been confirmed as lost, though I know the odds are stacked against him. Keep it classy SA, families are likely in here looking for information too. Hang on in there Fish and Team Scallywag. If only our good wishes and hopes could save him.
  5. AussieSailorChick

    2018 Sydney Gold Coast Race

    Going for a yacht Jono??
  6. AussieSailorChick

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Can't say I'm particularly sad.. Listening to Ricko - talking about the jury's position on safety "or whatever they were going on about".. I feel for the rest of the team that didn't get a say in circles vs no circles..