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  1. boyscout

    Jib up with assym on sportboat?

    The boats you see doing it are using the Jib as a staysail. most are sport boats that only have 1 jib on board. You only trim it hard enough to just stop the head from luffing. How this helps is the same way a Spinnaker staysail works, it will help keep more flow attached to the lower/back side of the main. When you see big boats like TP52's keeping the jibs up it is because it is too windy to keep a guy forward to take the jib down and hoist the Spinnaker staysail. It's just faster to keep the J3 up and get the boat planning and locked in than deal with a "sail change"
  2. boyscout

    Flying Tiger

    Getting the bobstay lower is better...but you will need some help with boat building
  3. boyscout


    what company is it from? and what type of boat?
  4. boyscout

    how fast is it?

    How can you tell the jib car is too far aft? No jib leech shots.
  5. boyscout

    how fast is it?

    At the top of any sport, nothing is family friendly
  6. boyscout

    North sails ,pricing, discounts

    The big difference you will see is a little weight (not much) but mainly you will notice the feel of the sail is different and the Endurance seems stiffer. The stiffness comes from the "non-woven" exterior that the endurance has on it. Nowadays most race sails are Raw and the boats that do offshore order the endurance... unless you are Comanche or wild oats who don't care and want a lighter sail you can replace sooner. I was on a boat that did many offshore races and used the same main for 4 years before we noticed the shape starting to change.
  7. boyscout

    PV Race

    I see the issue, its the other guys have the tools and we don't syndrome. That's like complaining that a different boat has a spinnaker we don't have.
  8. boyscout

    PV Race

    Ah you are missing the key point, respect to a specific boat This means a boat cannot be receiving weather that others do not have access to. Everyone has access to the same Perdictwind and Sailflow GRIBS if they pay the fee. Perdictwind isn't writing a GRIB for just one boat, i.e. having a weather team. If Predict Wind was sending one GRIB to a boat then issuing a different GRIB to everyone else there would be a big issue. I know for a fact that fan's boat will receive a pre-dock out report from commanders weather, then you can call commanders before the start to get an update... why is this ok but a GRIB is not?
  9. I'm helping with the video so I'll make sure we add the helm shots to the list. It helps to know what you want.
  10. boyscout

    moving up from a 420

    Where you live there are great Scow fleets as well as a great J22 fleet at Lake Minnetonka
  11. boyscout

    How Fast can a Snipe go?

    I have raced snipes for years, even in the gorge. Because of the flat bottom chines, the spray seems larger than normal. I'll but good money on 12-14 knots max, you are lucky that with the pole up and stuffing the bow you didn't invert and break the mast! see the pic of us in 2002 on a reach and how big the spray is
  12. boyscout

    Flying Tiger

    I think if people have added a Frac they did it as an external Halyard. The West Coast USA boats only used it for Distance Races.
  13. boyscout

    Physical Training

    Crossfit, We started doing it with Pegasus Racing back in 2001 before anyone knew what crossfit was. Go check it out. since you are using it to train for another sport, don't feel like you need to compete while training.