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  1. boyscout

    Cableless code 0 design

    Here is the North Versions 3Di and Paneled
  2. boyscout

    RS 21 Update

    to be honest hard to tell which was faster, the J70 started 12 min before the RS21so we never overlapped on the course. But having sailed the J70 a lot, they have the same upwind target (5.5-6.0) and same VMG target (5.8-6.0) where the RS kicked ass was we had one or 2 races of downwind planing and the J70 fleet never thought about planing at all! And the RS builds speed out of a tack much faster. It's a smaller boat that goes the same speed.
  3. boyscout

    Adding 2nd Spin Halyard on Melges 32

    Not at all. The rigs already have the upper halyard box built in. All you need is a Harken wire shive box. I can't remember the exact part number. The mast should already have the exit at the bottom of the mast. Then add a tuning block at the deck and another halyard clutch.
  4. boyscout

    Graphics on sails?

    Stickyback dacron works best. You can have it printed onto a white field or die cut. here are the best out there:
  5. 5 axis milling with someone who knows how to build grand prix boats keeping weight in mind.
  6. I know of a place there that also has the talent. And only a few blocks from the water and 1/2 mile from a boat yard
  7. boyscout

    Flying Tiger

    Had a rigger cut in a new shive at the top of the rig, cut a new exit down low. Add turning block at the base of the mast and a clutch in the pit.
  8. boyscout

    Flying Tiger

    Sure you can We mouse out the second halyard. We had put a second halyard on USA 11 10 years ago and that's when there was a real OD fleet in San Diego with 11 boats racing.
  9. boyscout

    Flying Tiger

    Yes we have on the A4. Works great.
  10. boyscout

    North 3Di vs Quantum Fusion M 9000

    It works great as an in-between sail. It's the price of a dacron sail with the construction of a race sail. I've seen 3Di Nordac on small boats where the sail is light and pliable (been tested on J22's and 5o5's), and I've seen mainsails for 50-foot cruising boats where the sail is stiffer. The stiffness depends on the size and avg windspeed you are using the sail in. And yes go sit down and talk, the 3Di Nordac is an excellent thing.
  11. boyscout

    Jib up with assym on sportboat?

    The boats you see doing it are using the Jib as a staysail. most are sport boats that only have 1 jib on board. You only trim it hard enough to just stop the head from luffing. How this helps is the same way a Spinnaker staysail works, it will help keep more flow attached to the lower/back side of the main. When you see big boats like TP52's keeping the jibs up it is because it is too windy to keep a guy forward to take the jib down and hoist the Spinnaker staysail. It's just faster to keep the J3 up and get the boat planning and locked in than deal with a "sail change"
  12. boyscout

    Flying Tiger

    Getting the bobstay lower is better...but you will need some help with boat building
  13. boyscout


    what company is it from? and what type of boat?
  14. boyscout

    how fast is it?

    How can you tell the jib car is too far aft? No jib leech shots.
  15. boyscout

    how fast is it?

    At the top of any sport, nothing is family friendly